Calf Implants Before and After

May 16, 2012

Calf implants can increase or correct the size of calves in men and women. Sometimes the lower legs can look disproportionate on a person. If they are too small, this can make men look weak. Since the calf muscles are really hard to bulk up at the gym, men turn to implants. This can give them that bulky look and let those gym junkies focus on building other parts of the body. As for women, getting more defined calves can add proportion to the legs by making the thighs look smaller. A woman can get liposuction to the thighs and calf implants to get perfectly contoured legs.

If you’re worried about looking like a lumberjack after the surgery, you don’t need to fret. The plastic surgeon can sculpt the implants according to your specifications and desires. If you want wonderful slender legs, then you can just get a slim implant put in. For defined calf muscles, a bulkier implant will be used. Body contouring is very much a fine art. It’s not about just making one area bigger, the surgeon also needs to see how this will affect the rest of your body. After having your augmentation procedure, you won’t need to wear long jeans or pants to hide your skinny legs anymore.

Before and after photo

Before and After Photo: Calf Implants #1

Photo #1

Sebastian from San Antonio always wanted to have those sporty legs but his genetics simply didn’t want to give him a hand. He tried biking, running and working his calves out at the gym for several months but nothing happened so he decided to fasttrack the progress and get implants. He now has more muscular calves. The operation was a success and the after photo was taken a week and a half later.

 Before and After Photo: Calf Implants #2

Photo #2

Tony from Idaho just couldn’t make his calves any bigger through exercise. His wife suggested implants and he looked into it and took it into consideration. Tony no longer works his legs out at the gym and only walks long distance every few days to maintain their tone and structure. The operation turned out great and the after photo was taken 3 days later.

Why people want better calves

Calves are sexy all on it’s own. Even a woman needs to have some sort of calves to give shapes to her legs. Men seek large calves because it makes them look athletic and sporty. Having large calves makes you look fit and healthy and not a couch potato chewing on hamburgers and pizza every day. The thing about large calves is they are hard to get (or make bigger) and whether you get them from genetics or not the majority of people like calves and find them attractive so the bigger the better. Anything that’s hard to get is sought after. Of course it’s slightly unsightly for a woman to have extremely muscular calves for most men but even then there are some men who are very attracted to them.

Before the procedure

If you are of a young age then you definitely have an advantage if you’re considering bulking your calves because they take a long time to get and with the right exercises you can easily get there. Considering that exercise is not only good for you, it’s great to shape your body depending on what you do. There are many exercises that work the calves.

Bike riding is one of the best if you are pushing very hard at least some of the time and using or flexing your calves as much as possible. They say that bike riders have one of the largest calves out there. If you ride a bike daily for many years you are sure to get huge calves if you use them often while riding. If you’re a member of a gym and don’t have a bike you can easily join a spin class designed to help you lose weight via cardiovascular exercise while sculpting your legs especially calves.

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When working out your calves you’ll realize at first how weak they actually are if you’re not in the best of shape. Quite quickly you will see results if you dedicate a portion of your day to your calves, just like anything else. Exercising them the proper way is important so you’re not wasting time.

A good exercise to strengthen your calves is standing on your tippy toes and flexing your calves as much as possible. Try holding this for as long as possible and then give your legs a rest for at least 30 to 40 seconds and then do it again, repeat this at least 10 times several times a day for a good result. You’ll realize your calves get stronger and you can hold it for longer, it’s recommended that you put some weight in your hands to increase the amount of weight your calves have to lift. You can do this exercise in the gym with a machine but the sad thing is you’d want one at home. When walking push off with your tippy toes and flex those calves to make the blood rush into them, you’ll realize if you do enough walking and do it the right way your calves will grow. Walking the wrong way like pushing off with a flat foot and not flexing those calves won’t give any results. When sitting down at your office job, at school or anywhere else you can flex your calves too, just flex them as hard as possible.

The bad thing about having calf implants is that the calves are not completely muscle and the appearance is cosmetic. To the trained eye this can make you look ridiculous if you do some calve exercises at the gym and have huge calves but unable to lift that much but the chances of someone noticing is slim.


As with any other surgery there are risks associated with getting calf implants. The good thing is that surgeons are well trained and risks are not very high for this type of operation unless you are unlucky. One risk is symmetry and you’ll want your plastic surgeon to get this right or you’re legs might look a little funny to someone who notices. Another issue is overcorrection and undercorrection, this is where the size of the implant isn’t what you expected and you can either have smaller or larger than you wanted results. Because there are incisions with this type of surgery there is a risk of infection at the incision site and worst case scenario, under your skin. You will be given antibiotics to take a week or two before and after treatment to minimalize any risk of infection. There may possibly be bruising and swelling of your calves following the procedure but this goes away, at worst swelling could take a month or two and bruises a few weeks.

Recovery time

Although everyone heals differently because we have different anatomy the average recovery time for calf implants is 2 weeks. After this the patient is encouraged to walk more and more to improve blood circulation and promote healing.

After the procedure

Following treatment you will be moved into a recovery room where a nurse will monitor your condition and things such as your heart beat, blood pressure and recovery. Your legs will be raised above the level of the bed, usually on several pillows to reduce the amount of swelling that can arise. You will most likely still not be able to feel your legs from the anesthetic used but if not that then you should feel something very similar to leg cramps. Upon being discharged from the hospital or clinic you or your carer will be given instructions on how to take care of you for several weeks. You must have someone drive you home when you are free to leave as you may be feeling exhausted or giddy from the pain medication you’ve been given. You should avoid tanning your legs for up to a month. You will have a small incision in each legs that will become faint and almost disappear over the course of a year. You might feel numbness in some areas of your legs for up to two months but this too goes away. Before leaving the clinic a compression garment will be placed over your legs to help the recovery and reduce swelling giving your legs a smooth look when it’s taken off (your surgeon will tell you when it’s safe to do so). You should be right to shower after 2 days, sutures are OK to get wet but you should blow dry them once you get out and have wiped yourself off as much as possible. Avoid massaging your calves at all costs for at least a month and a half. It’s quite normal to have a little bruising or swelling on your legs post-op but if these don’t go away after two months be sure to contact your plastic surgeon so he can check you out. Going for light walks is recommended as this helps blood circulate through your calves but avoid exercising your calve muscles when walking until your doctor says it’s safe to do so. You will be prescribed pain medication or given some before you leave the clinic to reduce the pain of cramps, tightness and pressure you might get over the next few days to a few weeks. Drink plenty of fluids (not alcohol) when recovering to assist the healing process and always have some beverages and snacks on your bedside table when resting. When you first get home and wish to lay down you would be wise to elevate your legs on a single pillow so that your calves don’t swell as much. Have your carer feel for numbness and circulation on both your legs so that if there are blood clots you can contact your surgeon on what to do. Your surgeon will instruct you on how your legs should and shouldn’t feel afterwards. Be sure to contact your surgeon immediately if something doesn’t seem right because it could get worse. If you see yourself running out of pain medication soon have your carer or caregiver organize to get some for you from your surgeon, they will be more than happy to help.


The average cost of calf implants is $5,000. The price includes surgeon fees, a hospital/clinic stay, anesthesia, compression garment, the surgery and pain medication.


I found this page on a Google search because I absolutely love calve muscles. I can totally see why someone would want to get a calve augmentation. I’ve been luck because I’ve been riding a bike all my life, since I was 10 and I’m now 38 and I still ride it. I have huge calves and fell in love with them even more when my girlfriend said one reason why she went out with me was because I had nice calves. She said when we first met at a party she noticed me by my calves compared to all the other men. Now I’m going to keep working them out even harder. I know for a fact it’s hard to get nice calves unless you put the hard work in. I go to the gym 6 days a week doing sculpting exercises, each day I do a different body part, I do the chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs and then abs. Every day at the gym I work out my calves for 10 minutes because it makes me stand out at the gym because they just look unnatural when you look at my thighs. Trust me chicks dig nice legs on a bloke and not hairy ones too hahahahah.

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YouTube video

This YouTube video is a feature by Dr. Manuel Gutierrez Romano from Cosmetic Surgery Mexico and is about calf implants. The video shows a male posing his calves before the surgery. The unfortunate thing about this video is there is no after shot but you can tell but the size of the implants shown during the operation that his calves would be a lot bigger. This video shows actual footage of the procedure in the operating room so if you aren’t into looking at that sort of thing then please don’t play the video. Thank you so much Doctor Manuel for posting this informative video on YouTube.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Calf Implants #3

Photo #3

Belinda from the Gold Coast, Australia worked as a cleaner at a local 5 star hotel. She has always had a fascination about women and big calves and wanted hers to look bigger. She was researching calf implants online and decided to have them done. She only wanted a slight increase because she didn’t want to have too bulky legs. The operation turned out great and Belinda absolutely loves her calves now. The after picture was taken a year and a half later.

 Before and After Photo: Calf Implants #4

Photo #4

Anthony from Norfolk, Nebraska believes women are attracted to guys with bigger calves so he decided to get implants. He works them out regularly at the gym still always wanting to bulk them up more. The surgery went smoothly and Anthony recovered very quickly. The after photo was taken a week after the operation.

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