Abdominal Etching Before and After

February 17, 2012

Abdominal etching (also known as ab etching or the six pack shortcut) is a plastic surgery operation invented by Henry Mentz which uses a cannula to shape and contour stored abdominal fat. This procedure provides patients with a much flatter sexier stomach often giving a more athletic looking six pack. It may even be for those who can’t experience weight loss in this area. Before the operation the surgeon marks detailed marking of a patient’s ab muscles (usually flexed) and uses these markings to later remove fat deposits highlighted.

This operation suits patients who are already pretty much in shape and want a six pack; it is not suitable for obese persons where traditional liposuction would be a better option. Abdominal etching is an advanced form of lipo only removing fat between the ab muscles themselves creating that six pack look. A tummy tuck and traditional liposuction are less effective because they don’t fine tune and sculpt your ab muscles as well. If your body fat is at 19% or over then abdominal etching is probably not for you and you should look at liposuction however the surgeon will determine this for the best results possible.

Before and after photo

Photo #1

Clinton gets ab etching surgery performed on his six pack. Following the surgery you can easily see his defined six pack. The surgery is a success and Clinton is very happy. The after photo was taken a month following surgery.

Before the surgery

Prior to ab etching surgery you may have had a normal looking stomach where your ab muscles were not clearly defined and it always seemed like you had that bit of baby fat you just couldn’t shake. You may have tried absolutely everything in your power to get that six pack you’ve always wanted but to no avail. You may have done hundreds of crunches every day, your stomach would have looked that bit bigger but there were no muscles to be seen even though when you poke your finger at them they are rock hard and clearly defined. The liposuction procedure may be your final step or transformation after you have become fit and lost a lot of weight.

After the procedure

After abdominal etching your body will look sculpt and you can finally show off those wonderful abs. Everyone will be jealous of you and the trick is to tell them you did it naturally so you don’t look fake. Your doctor will advise you of ways of preventing those ab fat deposits from coming back and will probably give you a guide to follow and stick to. After the treatment you should expect some moderate amounts of pain, bruising and swelling which will most likely be managed by pain medication and proper after care.

Recovery time

Your doctor will fit you with a garment which is designed to medically press your abs so you get maximum results and don’t feel as much pain. You will be expected to wear this garment for roughly a month and a half. The garment will reduce the amount of swelling. You should avoid lifting anything heavy for a couple weeks until your abs heal. You can shower within two days following the surgery minimizing any risks of complications. Normal activities can be resumed generally after two weeks to a month. Results of ab etching will be visible within half a year but you should start seeing some changes much earlier than that.

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Risks, complications & side effects

Usually the most serious complications which can come with abdominal etching include bleeding, excessive scarring and infections. Risks are also associated with anesthesia. You should and will probably discuss all of these with the surgeon who will be operating on you. Whatever you do don’t have this procedure done during holiday surgery as the likelihood of complications multiply ten-fold. Recovering in great pain does not make your holiday so great, it’s much wiser to take the time off work to rest and recover at home and if there are any complications your surgeon will be nearby and ready to take your call to assist you.


Abdominal etching is not a very popular plastic surgery procedure worldwide and it is very difficult trying to find statistics on the Internet for.

Abdominal etching versus traditional liposuction

Abdominal etching is an advanced form of liposuction because it consists of a different technique being used. Liposuction is used for removing fat deposits in general whereas abdominal etching is specifically targeted to remove fat between muscles (ab muscles) producing that six pack look on your stomach making it look firmer, tighter and more muscular.

What’s the best way of getting a natural six pack before the op?

The best way of gaining a natural muscular looking abs is to have an extremely strict diet and performing regular long intervals of cardiovascular (increased heart rate) exercise such as swimming, running or bike cycling. The diet is the main thing as doing a thousand sit ups will not give you a six pack all by themselves. You should aim at having 85% fruit and vegetables, 5% meats, 5% carbs such as pasta, bread and rice and 5% dairy such as milk, cheese etc.

Performing ab exercises will also help but the technique used is very important as performing standard crunches won’t deliver best results. You should focus on several ab focused exercises and when doing sit ups do roman ab crunches. To get an idea of what roman sit ups look like you should look up a couple of streaming videos on YouTube. Make sure your diet is balanced and try to eat as little as possible but still eat enough so that you don’t eventually exhaust yourself and run out of energy to perform daily tasks like driving.

Will my six pack look last afterwards?

Your six pack should last you even if you gain a little fat but not too much. If you get fat again but loose it the six pack should come back because your abs have been surgically defined but don’t let the fat stay on there too long or it will spread and start to build in the wrong area. Basically you are expected to stay fit for as long as possible. This is the only negative with getting this surgery done but if you are determined it should be quite easy.


Between $3,500 and $11,000 is the average cost of an abdominal etching procedure. This includes surgeon fees, anesthesia, perhaps a hospital stay and everything else. The resulting price varies based on the technique used in the operation and whether you require any other treatment to remove excess fat prior to the actual ab etching


I haven’t had this procedure personally but I’m strongly considering getting it done. I’ve been going to the gym relentlessly for the past two years. I’m at my ideal weight but would really like a six pack. A friend had hers done a few months ago and her abs look natural yet muscly. I just seems no matter how many sit ups I do, there’s no luck of getting the abs I want.

Submitted by Sam on March 21, 2012

YouTube video

This is an introduction YouTube video to the Dr. Mentz ab etching procedure. Dr. Mentz was the person who invented the ab etching procedure which gives you an instant six pack under an hour. It is impossible for some people to get a six pack in their entire lives and Dr.Mentz can make this possible quite easily if you are not morbidly obese.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Ab Etching #2

Photo #2

Christian has ab etching surgery. A day and a half following surgery the swelling goes away and you can see his six pack. The photo was taken three weeks post ab liposuction surgery.

Before and After Photo: Ab Etching #3

Photo #3

Max’s ab liposuction procedure is a success giving him a defined six pack that he’s always wanted. He didn’t expect the results to be as good as they are but says he’s extremely satisfied going through the operation.

Before and After Photo: Ab Etching #4

Photo #4

Cody found it almost impossible trying to get a natural six pack by doing daily bodybuilding so he decided to go see a plastic surgeon about it. The operation was successful and now Cody has a full blown six pack without even tensing his six pack muscles.

Before and After Photo: Ab Etching #5

Photo #5

Ted tried all his life and was unable to get a six pack naturally. He also sought the help of a plastic surgeon to help him in his quest. Within 45 minutes he had a six pack after the swelling subsided.

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Comment from Steve
Time April 26, 2012 at 2:24 pm

I’ve been struggling to build a six pack ever since i started at the gym 18 months ago. At that stage, I was a tad flabby and didn’t have any muscle tone. I’ve been doing cardio, weights and ab training. I’m in much better shape and actually have some muscles in my arms and shoulders. I just can’t seem to tone those abs. You can faintly see a four pack but not nearly as enough of what i’d like. I’m booked in for a consult next week so i’m hoping to hear some good news about my options.

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