Acne Treatment Before and After

March 9, 2012

Acne treatment involves the management and elimination of active acne on the face, shoulders, back, chest or any part of the body. It’s very prominent in teenagers and young adults who experience an onslaught of pimples during puberty. Those who have severe acne problems can experience bullying and low self-esteem at school and even in the work environment. Let’s face it having massive ready-to-explode whiteheads on your face isn’t a turn on either. Sometimes pimples can even hurt and leave acne scarring (which can permanently damage the skin).

If the problem is bad enough, parents will take their child to a dermatologist for some form of treatment. Most often medication is prescribed to regulate hormone levels and get the acne under control. This can help alleviate those angry looking, inflamed clusters of zits. Whether you’re just having problems with blackheads, oily skin or an outburst you may just need to get a good skin cleaning regimen. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work and more aggressive solutions, like a glycolic peel or hydrodermabrasion, are needed.

Before and after photo

Before and After Photo: Isolaz Acne Treatment

Photo #1

Jennifer decided to have Isolaz to treat her acne problem. As you can see in the after photo it seems to have worked. The after photo was shot a week following the treatment.

Causes of acne

There are many factors which contribute to the production of acne and it is very complex to try figure out exactly what is causing for each person. The main thing to know is that acne prone to effecting teenagers the most especially during and shortly after puberty. Our genetics play a vital role in when and how sever each person’s acne problem is.

Main factors which contribute to the production of acne (especially facial)

Hormones – Acne is considered a hormonal disease. The oil glands on our faces mature via hormones. When our hormones become unbalances during our lives we are much more prone to developing acne especially around puberty. If you have a feeling you may be suffering from an hormonal imbalance you have the option to see a doctor to have a blood check to see which hormones are playing a role in the imbalance. The main times during our lives which contribute to a hormonal imbalance are puberty, pregnancy and menopause. If you are female your doctor may prescribe you low does birth control pills to stop you from getting acne.

Our diets – Dairy products such as milk have hormones in them which may contribute to acne but the evidence and research is not very well studied so it’s hard to judge whether this may be the reason why you’re getting acne. You should keep a watch on your glycemic index and load or blood sugar level when dieting as too much sugar can make your skin produce more oil especially when you sweat increasing bacteria that can give you more acne. Omega 3 fatty acids or fish oil, meat, certain seeds, hemp and other foods help your hormones stay in balance and check stopping you from getting acne. Acne symptoms are closely related to zinc in our bodies which 6% of is stored in our skin, supplementing zinc by regularly taking zinc tablets reduces our risk of contracting acne lesions, it’s advised if you suffer from severe to mild acne you should be supplementing it with tablets to reduce the effects. Consuming more calories than usual increases the male hormone androgen, this leads to extra oil production or sebum in the skin possibly giving you more acne. As a rule of thumb fatty or oily foods that we consume end up increasing our skins oil output consequently increasing acne so steer clear of as much fat as possible if you have an acne problem no matter what stage of your life you’re in. Chocolate is also known to have an effect on acne levels, increasing the amount more than anything. Consuming plenty of antioxidants reduce the amount of inflammation in our bodies effectively reducing the amount of acne. A simple vitamin deficiency can cause an acne blowout and this can be corrected with a proper diet but if you really need to know what vitamins your lacking than get a blood check at your next doctor’s appointment.

Stress – Stress and acne symptoms are closely related but always know you can overcome its effects with the right care if provided. Everyone knows what stress is and if you suffer from a lot of it on a daily basis you should look at minimalizing it as much as possible, even with meditation techniques. There are many forms of stress and we won’t go into these here if you really feel you are helpless talk to someone close to you who will give you an unbiased opinion of what they’d do themselves. Getting proper sleep (8 hours undisturbed) every night reduces your amount of stress by a lot.

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Before treatment

Prior to having any sort of acne treatment you should research the causes of acne and see what you may be doing wrong. You may simply be at a point in your life where you are more prone to getting acne like puberty. Be sure to get a blood check to diagnose your vitamin deficiencies and hormone levels to balance them out. The key is to see a local doctor before you see a cosmetic surgeon. The doctor may have good news for you and hold the answer you are looking for. You may want to go all out at once when you take action by using creams, washing your face more or even getting a facial peel to rid the acne. If you have recently had an bad acne breakout be sure to steer clear of fatty foods, this is a must.

Risks, complications and side effects

If you’re experiencing an acne breakout the main risk is that you will develop scars. All treatments and actions you can take to make it better most likely won’t make your acne any worse as long as you avoid the causes outlined above.

Recovery time

There are a few over fifteen different cosmetic procedures you can try to reduce acne. They basically fall in to two different categories, peels and lasers. With peels the recovery time depends on how deep the peel treatment is, generally it will take between a few days to a fortnight. Lasers are also the same but lasers can take up to three weeks to fully recover and have fresh new looking skin. For more information on cosmetic treatments which treat acne please see the “Related procedures” section down the bottom of the page.

After treatments

After having a cosmetic cane treatment done on your face you should hold off having another for at least a month so you don’t damage your fresh skin. This will also give you the time to see if things will get better. If the treatment ended up producing good results you will now have the job of maintaining your new skin by using creams like Creasil daily face wash and keeping your face as clean as possible washing it perhaps a few times during the face to wash bacteria off.


For cosmetic surgery treatments related to acne please navigate below and fine the “Related procedures” section, choose a procedure and find the cost heading on that page which is usually a little down the bottom. It would be wise to do a little research if you have spare time on each of these procedures so you know what your options are and to be more aware.


Getting acne treatments was probably the best thing I ever done in my let teens. My acne blowout was very bad and I was afraid I’d get scarring because it was that bad. Once I get the Blue Peel done and a Microdermabrasion treatment or two the acne was completely gone. No more need worrying to see if I’d get deep pores from it. I’d recommend having a treatment done if you are in your teens and the breakout is bad and you are able to afford it, or at least borrow some money off your parents to pay for it because it can really ruin the skin on your face forever if your not careful. If it’s not that bad I probably wouldn’t worry about it unless it really bothers you and you want nice smooth skin.

Submitted by Byron on 23rd of March, 2012.

YouTube video

In this sex minute YouTube video Shay shot the top five at home acne treatments that she has found work for her acne blemishes.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Affirm Laser Acne Treatment

Photo #2

Kelly had the Affirm laser treatment to treat her acne breakout. Another great treatment for acne as you can see in the after photo which was taken two weeks following the treatment.

Before and After Photo: ProFractional Laser Acne Treatment

Photo #3

Sofia had the ProFractional laser treatment done on her cheeks. The laser worked and a week and a half later most of the acne on Sofia’s face has vanished. The after photo was taken two weeks later.

Before and After Photo: Jessner Peel Acne Treatment

Photo #4

Malinda had a Jessner peel to get rid of her acne. As you can see in the after photo taken two weeks later, pretty much all of her acne is gone and she has smooth silky skin.

Before and After Photo: Laser Genesis Acne Treatment

Photo #5

Ericka had Laser Genesis treatment on her facial area to treat her acne. It also did the trick and now 95% of the acne is now gone. The after photo was taken two weeks later.

Severe Before and After Acne Treatment of Lady #6

Photo #6

Lilia had a Medium Peel to remove her acne. As you can see in the after photo most of her acne is completely gone now. The after photo was taken a week following the peel.

Before and After Photo: Ematrix Acne Treatment

Photo #7

Guy had Ematrix done to rid him of his acne. It also worked as you can see in the after photo which was taken two weeks after the treatment.

Before and After Photo: Fraxel Laser Acne Treatment

Photo #8

Ginnie has Fraxel Laser as her acne treatment. It got rid of most of the major blemishes on her face but she really should combine it with some sort of peel like the Blue peel for optimum results. The after photo was taken three days afterwards.

Before and After Photo: Microdermabrasion Acne Treatment

Photo #9

Annabelle decided upon getting Microdermabrasion to get rid of her severe acne. She made the right choice as it seems to have worked in her after photo. The after photo was taken a week and a half later.

Before and After Photo: SmartXide Acne Treatment

Photo #10

Samantha decided to get SmartXide to treat her acne. The procedure was a major success as you can see in the after photo which was taken two weeks later.

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