Acne Before and After

February 10, 2012

Acne, a condition or disease of the skin causes blackheads, whiteheads and inflamed reddish growths like cysts, pustules and papules to form. Most people call these growths zits or pimples. It is a common condition of humans and some animals. The face is the most prone area to contracting acne with some people’s conditions being much more severe than others. The true fact is that acne affects most teenagers no matter what race or gender and it’s something you can’t help but wait till you’ve passed puberty and most people’s acne goes away. Severe acne can spread because it is basically an infection and if the surrounding skin isn’t washed regularly this is sure to happen. In adolescence the increase in acne is mainly due to an increase in testosterone blood level production.

If you have zits on your face, chest back or anywhere on your body, there are many different types of acne treatment options available. First off you can try over the counter products like Proactive and Clearasil. If they don’t work on you like they worked on Katy Perry, then you can go to a dermatologist or physician to get prescription strength lotions or medication. If you have some money to spend you could try a laser treatment like Isolaz or even a glycolic peel may help. The unfortunate part of getting pimples is that they can leave bad acne scarring. There’s no meds that will make those go away, but there are cosmetic treatments like ProFractional laser.

Before and after photo

 Before and After Photo: Malinda Shoopman has acne treatment with success.

Photo #1

Malinda has acne treatment. The after photo is taken a month later.

Why does acne occur?

If you are in your teens and you just started to get acne then never fear because there is a 90% chance that when you grow into an adulthood these will completely disappear and you may end up only getting one or two small pimples on your face a week. Just hope that your acne isn’t so bad that it leaves scarring or really deep pores. Acne may occur if you have really oily skin and in that case you should try keeping it as clean as possible and not by using any harsh chemicals that may dissolve the oil. If you wish you may want to see a local doctor to check whether your hormonal blood levels are in balance as these can easily upset your skin condition.

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How can I reduce the amount I have?

Whatever you do don’t try and pop the pimples as this will make the pimple itself leak out and the infection could spread to further parts of the skin. This is a common misconception most people make because they just can’t stand having a blackhead or a white looking pimple on their face because it makes them sick. Don’t believe that stress promotes acne growth. It’s a common myth. If you suffer from severe acne try having a swim in the ocean regularly as the salt cleans your pores and skin very well and there is nothing quite like it. Below are a few treatments and descriptions to go along with them.

Before acne

Before you get acne you would have never imagined that you will be unlikely to get as bad a case of acne and you will feel down. If you are lucky enough to never had bad acne than you are one of the very few out there. The best thing to do before you get acne is to have a good diet and avoid really oily foods as this will increase the amount of oil you sweat out. Be sure to ask your doctor if he prescribes you any medication prior to taking it if it can cause an outbreak of acne.

Some types of medications which may cause an outbreak of bad acne are steroids, birth control pills and hormonal therapies. You should also be aware that acne is hereditary and runs in the family. If your parents have excessively oily skin then there’s a high chance that one day you will develop acne and there is nothing that can stop it.


It is possible to have acne treatments (there are many out there) and we have included a list of procedures and links down the bottom of the page so you may consult a doctor/surgeon. If you are a person lucky enough to have treatment then you will be surprised at how powerful some of today’s tools have become and advanced. You should expect your acne to dissipate by up to 90%with some treatments available at beauty clinics and day spas. You should see a cosmetic or plastic surgeon if you have major acne scarring as they are the only people who will be able to help you


Having angry zits on your face can cost you a lot – your self confidence, friends, respect and even a date. These are priceless assets which you need to protect. Whether you are financially able to deal with your acne or not, you should never let go of your self worth; this comes from the inside.


I always believed in exfoliating the skin to get rid of blemishes, clogged up pores and acne. My skin was getting so bad that I felt like a pizza face most of the time. I didn’t really want to try medication because I’m already on the pill and the less meds I take the better I think. I also don’t have enough money for expensive laser resurfacing, plus there can be bad side effects with those. So, my mom suggested I try hydrodermabrasion. My face is looking a lot better. It hasn’t completely gone away but I can definitely see an improvement.

Submitted by Tia on March 21, 2012

YouTube video

This YouTube video shows a 15 year old female’s Accutane journey over the course of four months. Her face, cheeks, forehead are riddled with active acne and whiteheads, making her clinically depressed. The slideshow shows a gradual step-by-step improvement, until she had pimple free skin (with some residual acne scars).

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Saundra Bozek gets Isolaz to treat her acne. The treatment was a success. The after photo was taken a month later.

Photo #2

Saundra gets Isolaz acne treatment. The treatment was an overall success. The after photo was taken a month after the procedure was done.

Before and After Photo: Roxie Pal after Acne Treatment.

Photo #3

Roxie decides to have acne treatment. The treatment was an overall success and the after photo was taken a month later.

Before and After Photo: Jessie Strack decides to get acne treatment.

Photo #4

Jessie decides it was time to finally get an acne treatment. The after photo was taken two and a half months after. As you can see the treatment was a success and Jessie is very happy.

Before and After Photo: Tanisha Mangino gets acne treatment with success.

Photo #5

Tanisha decided to have acne treatment. The treatment reduced her acne by at least 50%. The after photo was taken two weeks later. She plans to have more treatments to completely get rid of her acne.

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4 Responses to “Acne Before and After”

Comment from Tamara
Time February 10, 2012 at 5:31 pm

I had really bad acne when I was a teenager. It was very red and raw and I was so embarrassed about it. Now I’m 23 and it’s mostly disappeared thanks to a lot of skin treatments. I still get the occasional zit or two but I try to manage my oily skin through my diet and frequently exfoliating. It is unfortunate that teenagers have to be slugged with this burden on top of all the other things they face during this period in their lives.

Comment from Kye
Time February 10, 2012 at 5:31 pm

I’ve been very lucky not to have had acne most of my life. However, now I’m finding whiteheads on my back and my face. I’m not sure where they’re coming from or why I’m starting to get them now (I’m 26). Maybe it’s because I’m doing too much sport and sweating too much.

Comment from Katie
Time February 10, 2012 at 5:31 pm

I find that I get a lot of acne just before my period. I have tried so many different contraceptive pills but even they don’t work to eliminate the pimples. Some even make the problem worse. I’ve also tried facials and even cosmetic peels. I guess it will just work its way out one day but it’s just so hard trying to find the right treatment. Why does one thing work on some people’s zits and not mine?

Comment from Barry
Time May 14, 2012 at 3:23 pm

I suffer from a worse form of acne that is triggered by the sun. I have to take pills for it and need to wear sunscreen all the time when in the sun. I just wish I had normal acne. The doctors don’t know how long I’m going to suffer from this but it seem like for the rest of my lift.

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