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March 9, 2012

ActiveFX is a form of Co2 Laser which can help tighten the skin and improve tone and text_imageure. Like most laser treatments, it can be used for multiple problems. If you’re starting to feel your age and the skin on your face is showing wrinkles, sagging and other signs of aging then ActiveFX is great for rejuvenating facial skin. The ugly truth is that looking old, makes you feel even older. When you gawk into the mirror each morning and you have a tired face staring back at you, you just want to yawn and crawl back into bed. This is where the treatment can help. If you lose some of those wrinkles and put firmness back into the skin, you may find yourself with more energy, loving life again and wanting to show your face to the world. Isn’t it amazing how looks can affect how you feel about yourself? Apart from taking back some years, the procedure can also be used to target specific problems and skin damage such as acne scarring, age spots and crow’s feet. If you don’t really trust lasers, then you can use other treatments like Botox to get rid of those pesky dynamic wrinkles. ActiveFX is a form of laser skin resurfacing so you will lose some skin layers. You may be sore and your skin will be pink after the treatment. The depth of the laser can be adjusted to suit the problem area.

Before and after photo

Before and After Photo: AciveFX on the Face

Photo #1

Annabelle had an ActiveFX treatment done on her face. Her goal was to remove blotchy skin and some pigmentation and acne scars. The after photo is a dramatic change compared to the before photo. The after photo was taken a week and a half following the treatment.

ActiveFX uses

A complete list of uses an ActiveFX machine has are outlined below.

Before treatment

The treating physician will most likely review your medical history, do a physical exam and discuss your expectations with you. Prepare yourself to answer questions he may ask you about any medical conditions whether in the past or recently, be sure to advise them of any cosmetic surgery procedures you have had done. They will certainly inspect the area on your body to be treated to determine any changes that can be made to physical features as something as simple as the text_imageure or tone of your skin may affect results. Raise expectations with your doctor and ask if you are being realistic, he will no doubt go through all the risks associated with ActiveFX and anything that could arise as a problem. Be sure to understand exactly how long the downtime is and plan for recovery, perhaps even taking time off work. Prior to having an ActiveFX treatment you may be advised to take medication, avoid sun exposure and arrange for a lift home. You may be asked to take meds if you have a history of herpes infections especially surrounding your mouth, the doctor should prescribe an antiviral med to prevent any sort of infection. You may also be asked to take antibiotics before and post treatment preventing bacterial infection. Your surgeon will also recommend Tretinoin (a topical retinoid) for your skin a month before the procedure. Avoid heavy sun exposure for 2 months before the procedure because permanent irregular pigmentation may occur in the treated area.

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Risks, complications and side effects

ActiveFX is one of the best fractional lasers on the market and there are virtually no side effects and risks associated with it besides the downtime. The average downtime is around 4 days as opposed to two weeks with other lasers like the Co2 laser. Some patients experience brown dots on their skin soon after the treatment and this can be one of two things, either there is not enough Vaseline being applied to drying skin or it can be severely damaged skin where you should apply more Vaseline.

Recovery time

ActiveFX recovery time is usually between 4 days to a week. If you are experiencing side effects or complications after a week’s recovery be sure to call your cosmetic physician to see what you can do about it.

After the procedure

Within 30 minutes of the treatment you should notice an improvement in skin tightness and fine lines being reduced or completely disappear. Within a week you should notice its full effects. It would be wise to take a before and after photo of the treatment so you can see the improvements it’s made to your facial skin. The promotion of collagen under the skin will work for months after the treatment and you should still see improvements over this time but not as drastic as the week following the treatment. You should avoid having the treatment done again for at least a month if you are thinking about it, this will let your skin heal before further treatment.


The cost of an ActiveFX treatment for the entire facial area may cost anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000. Do not pay more than $3,000 though. Depending on where you get it done and the experience of your surgeon the results may vary. It’s best to seek out someone who is qualified and experienced and can provide before and after photos of their work.


I had the ActiveFX done in Ireland for $1,300 on my entire face. It definitely reduced the amount of fine lines and brought out fresh youthful looking skin. My facial complexion looks great now. It surely gave me a few years back on my face. I would recommend it for someone but don’t expect miracles. Submitted by Jody on 23rd March, 2012.

YouTube video

This two and a half minute YouTube video is from Zimmet Vein and Dermatology and they show how the ActiveFX Laser is used, it’s dramatic results and how it burns the skin to bring new smooth skin to the surface. It is used to treat splotchy sun damaged skin, deep pores, fine lines and where people need a little bit of tightening. The ActiveFX is a brand of fractionated Co2 laser. Patients notice a smoother text_imageure to the skin and pigmentation is greatly improved, also wrinkles are treated such as crow’s feet and wrinkles around the mouth.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: ActiveFX Laser Under the Lower Eyelids for Wrinkles

Photo #2

Naomi decided to have an ActiveFX Laser treatment to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles under her lower eyelids. The after photo shows a positive effect of the ActiveFX Laser. The after shot was taken two weeks after the procedure.

Before and After Photo: ActiveFX for Blotchy Skin Types

Photo #3

Darcy’s ActiveFX treatment was also a complete success. She aimed at having the discolored skin fixed as it was blotchy before and now her skin has rejuvenated after a week and it has made her look years younger thanks to the laser technology and the surgeon who provided the treatment.

Before and After Photo: ActiveFX to Rejuvenate the Skin

Photo #4

Delilah chose to undertake ActiveFX to rejuvenate her skin and make her look younger. As you can see from the after photo it has made her look several years younger. The ActiveFX Laser treatment is wonderful for rejuvenating the skin, especially on the face.

Before and After Photo: ActiveFX for Sun Damaged Skin and Age Spots

Photo #5

Lidia was recommended ActiveFX by her cosmetic surgeon to help heal the discolored skin on her face. From the after photo taken a week later you can see there is a dramatic difference in skin tone and sun damaged skin.

Before and After Photo: ActiveFX for Skin Rejuvenation

Photo #6

Lonnie a week after having ActiveFX has newer youthful looking skin compared to the before photo.

Before and After Photo: ActiveFX for Wrinkles

Photo #7

Louis wanted ActiveFX to reduce the amount of wrinkles on her face. It surely help remove the fine lines but was unable to help her with deep set wrinkles. The after photo was taken a week and a half following the treatment.

Before and After Photo: ActiveFX for Dead Skin

Photo #8

Tabitha chose to have ActiveFX to get rid of the dead skin on her face and bring out fresh skin which was trapped underneath.

Before and After Photo: ActiveFX for Skin Blemishes

Photo #9

Nancy wanted the skin blemishes on her face and cheeks gone so she was recommended the ActiveFX Laser by her surgeon. The treatment looks like it did the job and now Nancy has fresher youthful looking skin again. The after shot was taken two weeks after ActiveFX.

Before and After Photo: ActiveFX for Lower Face Wrinkles

Photo #10

Krishna had an ActiveFX treatment done on her lower face in hopes that it would get rid of some deep set wrinkles and fine lines.

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Comment from Sky
Time April 18, 2012 at 2:19 pm

I thought that since I’m going to use the treatment for age spots, I might as well get my whole face done and get rid of some wrinkles while I’m at it. I went to the doctor on my holidays so I wouldn’t have to suffer too much at work and I picked winter to because I just couldn’t imagine staying away from the sun in summer.
Active FX did exactly what the doctor said it would do. The brown pigments are gone and I look younger!

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