Affirm Laser Before and After

March 9, 2012

Affirm laser is effective laser skin resurfacing which has multiple benefits such as tightening the skin, shrinking enlarged pores, and improving wrinkles. It doesn’t work that well on sun damage and acne scars, where the stronger Co2 laser is the better option. Since affirm does not cut the skin, there’s no downtime with this procedure, which is great if you need to apply makeup straight away or even the next day following your treatment. You may have some redness immediately after walking out of the clinic and this can last up to 24 hours. The good thing is, you can mask the redness behind foundation and no one will ever know.

Another benefit is there’s usually minimal to no pain involved. Some patients do opt for the numbing cream before affirm laser, but most are fine without it. Some clinics will combine this procedure with microdermabrasion to enhance the results. On the downside, you do need multiple sessions (about eight, one per month). So before you start making plans for your first treatment, make sure you have the time to keep coming back. Not really suitable if you’re going away for a couple of months. Each session costs about $400, but some clinics will reduce the cost if you buy the whole package upfront.

Before and after photos

Affirm Laser Before and After Wrinkle Revision #1

Photo #1

Sam ultimately decided upon the Affirm Laser in hopes that it would reduce the amount of wrinkles in her lower eyelid are. The procedure was 70% successful reducing many of the deeper set wrinkles and just leaving fine lines. The after photo was taken a couple weeks following the treatment.

Affirm laser uses

Before treatment

Before you consider having Affirm laser treatments you should know it generally takes anywhere between two to six to achieve desired results, this can cost quite a bit of money so be prepared to have another if the first session doesn’t give the results you wanted. Bring your medical history along with you to your first consultation with a cosmetic doctor so they will be able to determine if you are a suitable candidate or at least be read to ask any medical questions about your past. Generally if your skin is showing signs of aging then you’re a candidate for laser treatment.

Risks, complications and side effects

After having Affirm laser treatment the majority of individuals experiences a feeling of sunburn on their face or the treated area. The skin may appear bruised, swollen and red. These side effects go away within one to three weeks. It is advised you should stay out of the sun as much as possible after having your treatment, if you are unable to stay out of the sun is sure to wear sunscreen to protect your new skin as skin color discoloration may occur. The downtime of the Affirm laser is very minimal although it is pricier than other laser treatments. You should be warned that Affirm laser results don’t happen straight away and rarely does anyone achieve a 100% response. Be expected to require many treatments to get the results you want. The Affirm laser double cooling systems preventing pain where the laser is fired also promoting recovery.

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Recovery time

Affirm laser recovery time is usually 24 hours. You can be expected to return to normal daily activities after that. Be sure to stay after the sun after the treatment though so you don’t ruin your new skin.

After the procedure

Following the Affirm laser treatment your facial skin will be rejuvenated and you should be looking more youthful. For better results you should consider having another treatment or consult your cosmetic physician if there is a better procedure out there that will achieve the results you are looking for.


The going price on Affirm Laser treatments is between $300 and $1,500. The total cost varies from clinic to clinic and state you have it done and which part of your face (mostly used on) you want to have targeted.


I paid $1,100 for a full facial treatment of the Affirm Laser in Boston. I’m a 53 year old female and I had deep set wrinkles all over my face because I did a lot of sunbathing without sunblock when I was young and damaged my skin severely. The laser wasn’t too painful as my physician had promised and it was all over within 30 minutes. It took a few days for me to see the end result and I must admit I was surprised in the end at how my skin had tightened and wrinkles diminished. The procedure has definitely taken years off my face and I feel much younger because of it. I’ve had compliments at work by my close friends on how good I look. I told my girlfriends that I had used a recommended cream I saw on the news for aging skin because I didn’t want admit that I’d had cosmetic surgery done.

Submitted by Rosie on 28th March, 2012.

YouTube video

This two minute YouTube video filmed in Birmingham, England shows a news story about a new last treatment option for tightening skin and fixing wrinkles like crow’s feet and even acne scars. The Affirm Laser promotes the production of collagen and new skin. It’s been called the 15 minute face lift by some cosmetic surgeon. Patients of the show describe the new laser treatment as making you look younger and that’s all they really want.

More before and after photos

Fixing Wrinkles with Affirm Laser Before and After #2

Photo #2

Susanne was recommended the Affirm Laser by a cosmetic physician for the tightening of her facial skin especially on her cheeks and crow’s feet. The laser managed to do the job well and Susanne’s skin is looking much better now. The after shot was taken three weeks after the laser treatment.

Anti-Age Fix with Affirm Laser Before and After Photo #3

Photo #3

Meredith had Affirm Laser treatment around her mouth and cheeks to reduce the amount of deep set wrinkles. The laser proved to give great results only leaving fine lines 10 days following cosmetic surgery.

Woman Repairs Wrinkles with Affirm Laser Before and After Picture #4

Photo #4

Joni had Affirm Laser treat her entire facial area to tighten out her skin and reduce the amount of overall wrinkles on her face. Joni now looks many years younger thanks to surgery. The after photo was take many weeks after the treatment. Joni is very pleased with the results and is considering having the treatment next year.

Advanced Affirm Laser Treatment Before and After Photo #5

Photo #5

Carolina had a total of three Affirm Laser treatments in the space of a month targeted at her crow’s feet. She has shown great improvement after every treatment.

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