Aging Skin Before and After

March 15, 2012

Aging skin is evident from unpleasant changes such as sagging skin, wrinkles, lines, folds and age spots. After reaching your twenties, you will find the condition of your skin tone and text_imageure starts to deteriorate. This process happens faster in some people than others, depending on the skin type, your lifestyle and how well you look after this precious organ. For example if you smoke, constantly fluctuate your weight, submit your body to extreme weather (wind, sun damage, surf) these factors will accelerate the pace at which your skin will age.

Lots of people turn to cosmetic and plastic surgery to take back the signs of aging. Botox is a very popular treatment to reduce forehead lines, crow’s feet and even frown lines between the eyebrows. This can definitely make the patient look years younger. Before you need these treatments, you should be taking preventative action. Help keep your skin young by keeping it hydrated and daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Treatments for reversing aging skin include dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and laser skin resurfacing.

Before and after photo

Aging Skin Before and After Neck Lift #1

Photo #1

Kathrine by the age of 50 suffered from a turkey neck due to her years of yo-yo dieting. Her body eventually left sagging skin on her leaving her with little choice but to get a neck lift if she wanted to rid herself of it. She decided to go ahead with the treatment after she saved up for it. The end result isn’t absolutely spectacular but is a great improvement. The after photo was taken several months later.

Causes of aging skin

Aging skin is caused by well of course age itself. There are numerous signs to look out for in noticing your skin is starting to age. Don’t be too alarmed as we all go through this process and it’s something which we can’t stop but we can help prevent as much as possible without going through invasive surgery. Usually the aging look is accelerated when the skin on our bodies slow down their production of fresh collagen cells, this is where things start looking downhill literally. If we don’t look after our bodies well during our life our skin will not look too healthy when we start to mature.

Signs your skin is starting to age

Wrinkles – Basically located anywhere but they usually start developing on the facial area as fine lines and then as we get even older pretty much everything starts to wrinkle once we reach a ripe mature age. Facial wrinkles include but are not limited to the forehead, frown lines and crow’s feet. When the majority of your skin starts to wrinkle all over your body there is very little you will be able to do to stop it.

Sagging skin – Sagging skin is not only a sign of quick weight loss but of aging, a very prominent area where many peoples’ skin starts to say is under the eyes, usually blepharoplasty or lower eyelid surgery is required to correct this problem. The next area many people’s skin starts to sag is on the neck otherwise known to be a turkey neck.

Age spots – This is the result of over exposure to the sun for prolonged periods of time during your youth. Your body’s natural defenses to the sun diminish over time and you start developing age spots eventually, only peels and laser skin resurfacing treatments are used to correct this however it does become a problem when the age spots are all over the body making it costly to treat everything especially at once.

Dry skin – Smoking especially dries our skin and produces wrinkles. It’s very wise to stay well hydrated all of the time. Using creams and moisturizers helps the skin stay smooth and hydrates it. If you’re a male and think cream is for women then you always have the option of applying moisturizers late at night before you go to bed so no one sees you apply it and starts spreading rumors, trust me when we are young we all want to look old so we are respected but when we reach an age late during our life we all want to look (and be) young again so don’t play with your skin and take care of it.

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Hair loss – Some men go bald some point in their lives, this problem is mostly genetic and isn’t really a symptom all men suffer from.

Problems sweating – If you have problems sweating then your skin is surely showing signs of aging making problems for you by not being able to sufficiently cool  your body when is needed.

Graying hair – If you hair is starting to gray then you definitely will be hit with the fact that your starting to age. But know this it’s a great phase to go through in life knowing you survived it this long and have matured so in a way be proud of yourself for still being around. Obviously the only and best way to remedy this issue is to dye your hair, it’s advised that you look in to how to do this properly before you do something wrong and could quite possibly lose hair if you use bad products so don’t try save money in this department.

Before undergoing treatments

The best thing to do early in life is to take care of your skin and take it seriously as we all like to look good. There’s nothing wrong with looking younger than you are, people who may ridicule you now about it of the same age will end up envying you later in life when it matters. Preventing the signs of aging skin is quite simple and all it takes is precaution and to be careful which we all should do in life. Basically stay well hydrated, stay out of the sun because you will regret it when you get older, have a balanced diet and take multi-vitamins, use creams or moisturizers especially on your face as it matters the most, avoid putting bad chemicals on it like petrol or acetone which dry out and may damage the skin’s layers and exercise regularly especially if you have a desk job. If you must be in the sun try not staying exposed for longer than 10-15 minutes. Before having treatments done on your aging skin you should do research on anything associated with your problem. We have listed many procedures related to aging skin in our “related procedures” section further down the page, please feel free to check any of them out to do some research and become informed of your choices; there is quite a lot of information on all of them and we’ve tried to be as helpful as possible.

Risks, complications and side effects

There are many aging skin treatments for your body and we’ll list a few generalized complications which may occur below. For further resources on aging skin treatments be sure to visit some of the links in our “Related procedures” section further down the page, there you will find detailed information about every single procedure listed there so feel free to navigate back to this page and check out some more.

Peels – With peels it really depends on how deep it’s supposed to treat the skin, the deeper the treatment the more complications may arise afterwards with extended downtimes. There are superficial, medium and deep types of peels. Color discoloration may occur between where the peel was applied and where close to the edge of the treating area. Your skin may swell in the treated are for up to a week and maximum of two. If you are about to have a very deep peel your physician has the option of applying general anesthesia to minimalize the amount of pain inflicted during the treatment. A very deep peel has the ability to cause second-degree burns in the applied area which is very painful for a few weeks and you may even regret having it done until you see the finishing results.

Anti-wrinkle injections – There are different risks associated with each type of injection administered. A lot depends on the experience of your surgeon or treating physician as a simple mistake can cause bad problems for you that will make you regret having it done. With ArteFill injections it’s possible for lumps to develop on your skin afterward which are in fact permanent. Generally there isn’t much risks with wrinkle injections because the injection has been approved by the FDA and every physician who gives the injections should have training on how to do it. If Botox is not applied properly around the eyes area treating crow’s feet the area may become so swollen your eyes will weep a sort of fluid for days.

Lasers – Some lasers pose absolutely no risks at all and these are usually the ones with no downtime whatsoever. But ablative and Co2 lasers can be quite risky especially if not in the right hands. As with all procedures there are risks involved but the majority of people report positive results. Strong lasers have the ability of scarring skin permanently. Itching, tenderness, crusting and swelling is also possible and should be expected. There will most likely be redness. Color changes may occur differentiating between the treated and untreated areas.

Lifts – Lists could be the most disastrous if the surgeon is not experienced. There could be permanent scars. The skin can possibly look uneven when it’s sown together. There is risk of infection, swelling and bruising. It’s advised you have a very good surgeon perform the job and stay away from holiday surgery destinations such as Thailand even though they claim they have state of the art clinics, tools and surgeons there as it could end up being the worst holiday of your life.

Recovery time

Every procedure we have listed in the “Related procedures” section outlined below has a different recovery time but we will try and generalize anti-aging procedures below with average recovery times. Be aware that the more powerful the treatment the more downtime there is.

Peels – Between 3 days up to a few months if you include general redness of the area

Anti-wrinkle injections – Generally there is very little downtime, at worst an hour if all goes well

Lasers – 5 minutes to a few months at worst if you include general redness

Lifts – Several weeks up to a few months, maybe longer if the scar gets infections but this is unlikely if the area is well taken care of

After treatments

Hopefully all went well and you got your desired results.


For the cost of any procedure treating aging skin please visit the “Related procedures” section below and navigate to each pages cost section.


Hi! I’m a 43 year old female from Compton, New York. I’ve always had a bit of a tummy since I was young and was never unable to shake it even with exercise and dieting. As I got older it began to sag a little and I developed cellulite in the area. I was always thinking about what to do about it but I was very afraid of tummy tucks and liposuction because I’ve seen too many nip and tuck episodes that made me sick and I didn’t want someone poking and probing a liposuction thing inside me or cutting me up and removing flesh. A few weeks ago I was watching “The Doctors” television show and they featured a treatment which reduces cellulite via a laser with very little pain, no downtime and instant results. I instantly started calling around locally but was unable to find anyone with such advanced equipment so I decided to look into the city and was able to find someone after many phone calls. The treatment almost 20 minutes and I was a little rude to the surgeon and asked if he could quickly go over the area again, I know that was rude but I just wanted to get the best results I could. I paid $2,300 and I couldn’t believe the results, now my stomach almost doesn’t sag at all and the cellulite is completely gone. I’m going to do a little research online and see just how much this brilliant machine costs to buy privately, I’m just interested in how much the cosmetic surgeon paid for it if they are charging so much money for a 20 minute treatment. I would definitely recommend having an accent laser treatment, there is virtually no pain at all. Hope you post my review!

Submitted by Kayla on 26th of April, 2012

YouTube video

This is a YouTube video by Holly from Studio Village about firming and lifting the facial skin. It starts with toning exercises like doing biting motions in the air. Then, it moves onto electric current machines available at beauty clinics which can help contract facial muscles for you. An example is the ultrasonic dermabrasion facial and other forms of non-surgical face lifting.

More before and after photos

Aging Skin Before and After Treatment #2

Photo #2

Penelope’s skin after aging produced age spots all over. She didn’t have much funds ultimately deciding to have a glycolic peel treatment. She wanted to see the results on one hand first before she had other parts of her body done. The image above shows a great comparison and now she wants to have it done all over her body. The after picture was taken just over a week later.

Aging Skin Before and After Sun Damage #3

Photo #3

Donna wanted to rejuvenate the skin on her face but wasn’t sure what would produce the best results. Her physician advised a Blue peel isn’t too expensive and give great results. As you can see on the after shot her skin looks more youthful and less wrinkly. She says she’s considering having it done again in a few years time.

Aging Skin Before and After Botox #4

Photo #4

Cindy suffered from frown lines and had Botox injections to fix the problem. Even though the results aren’t permanent she says she will save up when they wear off to have it done again because she considers her face makes her more successful with clients in her profession. The effects of Botox usually last around nine months.

Aging Skin Before and After Forehead Lines #5

Photo #5

Julie had Dysport injections treat her forehead wrinkles. The results seemed to have helped a great deal. There is very little downtime with injections compared to invasive surgery which he says she’s afraid of.

Aging Skin Before and After Crows Feet #7

Photo #6

Luke decided to be adventurous and try something new, he wanted to be someone who has tried Botox so he chose to treat his crow’s feet with it. Luke is amazed at how effective the injections were and states he will use it wen he gets older.

Aging Skin Before and After Anti Wrinkle Injections #9

Photo #7

Tanisha had a peel done on the wrinkles around her mouth, she didn’t say which one. The peel worked wonders and proved to be an effective way to reduce wrinkles around the mouth. The after pictures were shot a week later.

Aging Skin Before and After Laser Resurfacing #10

Photo #8

Harriett’s skin had aged considerably by her mid 50’s due to tanning and she wanted help from a cosmetic surgeon. Her physician recommended the Pearl laser to reduce the wrinkles and to rejuvenate her skin. The laser was very effective in treating her facial skin making Harriett’s appearance many years younger. The after photo was taken a month later.

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Comment from Andrew
Time April 18, 2012 at 2:30 pm

Having my skin and face age never really bothered me until a female coworker had a facelift. I then really thought about my looks. I am recently divorced and I’m wondering how I could even find someone my age. I have lots of wrinkles and I think I look older than I really am. Do women like older men? I know I’ll never look like i’m in my prime again but I’m wondering whether plastic surgery is the way to go.

Comment from Amber
Time May 16, 2012 at 10:29 am

I could really tell my skin was starting to age at around 28. It’s held off pretty well considering my other friends had already started to get lines on their forehead and deep crow’s feet. For some reason, the area around my mouth started to go first. I doesn’t look like it used to. I used to look in the mirror with sunnies on so i could just see the bottom half of my face and i thought it looked really good but now it just looks like an old woman’s face. The top part of my face (the eye area and forehead) seems much younger. I wonder if it’s because i’ve spent years chewing on the inside of my cheeks. Anyways, i’m very avid with the daily upkeep of my skin so i’m hoping to fight off the aging process as much as i can.

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