Ankle Liposuction Before and After

March 15, 2012

This is not one of the main liposuction procedures however it’s still quite popular around the globe. The plastic surgeon sucks out extra fat in the lower calf and ankle areas to create nicer looking legs. If you have fat ankle, called “cankles” then you shouldn’t feel ashamed. It’s not a sign of being fat or overweight. Even skinny people or those who have achieved great weight loss can’t seem to shed ankle fat if they have a predisposition to it. It just runs in the family. If your mom or dad had fat ankles, then you are sure to have some problems with them too.

Having cankles can make the legs of both men and women look unattractive. If a woman has nice slender legs, her whole physique can be ruined if you look down and can’t find where her calves end and ankles begin. Wearing high heels doesn’t help the problem either. Rather, it makes it worse because your ankle area is made even smaller by dipping down your toes and lifting your heel. As for men, these days ankle socks look quite sexy on a man, but not if he has fat ankles. Males who work out at the gym to make their calves look bigger are also missing out. Ankle lipo can sometimes be combined with calf augmentation to give the legs a beautiful contour, the way they should be.

Before and after photos

Ankle Liposuction Before and After Surgery #1

Photo #1

Juliette had issues with her body not wanting to lose fat on her ankles with weight loss so she opted for ankle liposuction. She could afford the procedure and was happy with before and after photos her local surgeon provided. She’s happy with the end result leaving her calves looking sexier than before. Her boyfriend also loves her new legs.

Causes of ankle fat

There are lots of reasons why you would end up with excess fat around the ankle area. Firstly, you see this condition in many obese people. Obesity will make any part of your body fat, and that includes your ankles (perhaps only the toes are safe). But why do you see cankles on thin persons? If you sit in a busy street on a summer day, you will notice just how many fit people, women in particular, actually have a disproportionate amount of fat in this area. Ideally, you would like to see the calf taper down in size to present a petite bony looking ankle. What you actually notice in some women is the calf remains approximately the same circumference right down to the foot. This can be very unattractive and isn’t usually hidden by wearing flattering sandals or heels.

These unfortunate individuals have a genetic predisposition to storing fat in the area. If their parents had it, they are sure to have cankles as well, no matter how much they work out at the gym. There are other things which can cause chubby ankles on a less permanent basis. You can get them from edema during pregnancy, swelling associated with injury, tendinitis and abnormal water retention. A podiatrist may be able to resolve these issues without ever touching a cannula. Pregnancy ankles typically reduce in size on their own after giving birth. For others, there are very limited options besides liposuction surgery.

Before treatment

Our fascination with our bodies and disposition to try anything for looks seems ever so significant. This is backed up by our willingness to pay thousands just to change a small, seemingly cosmetically unimportant part of our body, the ankles. But before you take the plunge into plastic surgery, there are some albeit quaint options to try. If you’re overweight, the first step should be losing some of those pounds. If you’ve been heavy for a long time, you may not remember whether you were born with cankles or not. Weight loss through a proper diet and exercise will not only make you feel better overall, but may also get rid of your lower leg fat.

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On the other hand, if you inherited cankles from birth, plenty of personal trainers and gym instructors have developed their own techniques for sculpting the ankles. For example, one exercise for toning the ankles is to stand on stairs with the front portion of your foot, then raise your whole body and lower it back down. Repeat ten times over several times a day. Once you get strong enough, you can try the exercises one foot at a time. You would need to wait at least a few months before noticing any results, if they work at all.

If you don’t have the patience for ‘maybe’ results or if you need thinner ankles now for an event, you have another choice. Although this is a temporary solution, some women have reported remarkable results from this ‘home made remedy’. The recipe involves Preparation H hemorrhoid cream which is applied to the lower leg and wrapped up with an Ace bandage. The personal trainer who thought of this remedy says it can reduce extra water that can build up in the lower leg. You never know, it could just do the job if you’re looking to have nicer legs just for an evening or two.

Risks, complications & side effects

Getting your ankles liposuctioned certainly carries more risks than by trying to exercise the fat away. Where surgery is your last resort, you should be aware of the possible things which can go wrong. Firstly, if you have an incompetent surgeon, they could damage your Achilles or soleus tendons. Whilst the risk is low, if your tendon is damaged, this can impair your ability to walk properly. You may need to ask yourself, will I look better with cankles or a limp? This complication happens very rarely but just to make sure, try and find a surgeon who’s performed the procedure on many occasions before.

Another side effect from ankle liposuction is scarring. Unlike other types of lipo such as breast, arm and thigh, there’s nowhere really to hide the incision. You may therefore be left with small scars below your ankles, but most patients think this is a small price to pay. Another incentive for choosing an experienced plastic surgeon is the issue of symmetry. If too much fat is sucked from one ankle, the appearance won’t be symmetrical. Asymmetrical results need further surgery to correct. Lastly, you could develop an infection, but this can usually be treated with antibiotics.

Recovery time

When you get home, your doctor will advise you to rest with your legs elevated. That should be easy if you have a bed and a television set. Even easier with a dvd player and book. You will need to wear compression stockings which go up to your mid upper thigh. You will need the special stocking for around four weeks, being much longer than for other liposuction areas. That’s why you should carefully consider the time of year before proceeding with ankle liposuction surgery.

Many people are deterred by the thought that ankle lipo has the longest healing time than any other liposuction procedure. There are some online discussions which even claim a recovery time of one year. This can sound very bewildering but you must know that it’s not the case. Many patients return to work on day three after the surgery. Depending on how much fat was taken out and your surgeon’s recommendations, you can generally return to the gym and even jogging just after a month. Some people may require more (around two months), whilst others less. The swelling can last up to three months however the bulk of it will dissipate after a week. Full recovery takes around three months. So, unlike some people may like to tell you, the recovery won’t be as though you have a serious ankle injury for months on end.

After surgery

Once the swelling goes down, you will be able to see a difference between the circumference of your ankles and your calves. Some patients have both areas treated where the calves also have extra fat deposits. Either way, the ankle area should be smaller than the mid lower leg, with an even tapering. Once you take off the compression stockings, you will finally be able to show off your beautiful new legs in public. You can even buy yourself some new trendy sandals and heels to showcase your body even more. You will be proud to look in the mirror, no longer ashamed of your fat lower legs.

Due to the scars, you may be able to tell that you’ve had a touch up in the area. The incisions are situated at the base of the ankle. There are usually two to three of them, approximately 2mm wide. Evidence of these access holes typically remains after the operation. If you are overly concerned, you can hide them with anklet jewelry or just wear shoes which have a strap around this area. In most cases, people won’t notice the marks unless they are gawking at your ankles or are up close.


The cost of ankle liposuction ranges between $4,000 and $6,000. The price will be at the upper end of the range where the procedure is combined with the calves, since more fat needs to be suctioned out. The above figure usually includes the operating room fees and anesthesia charges in addition to the surgeon fees. You may need to buy your own compression stockings which can be around $50. Since it’s only cosmetic in nature, the procedure is not covered by health insurance.


I work in a sales office, where it’s customary for all female staff to wear high heels. I always feel disadvantaged when I look at the other women who have petite figures and slender ankles. I’m still very small but my ankles let me down tremendously. Wearing high heels only makes the matter worse. I don’t understand why my body would hold on to the fat. My parents don’t have cankles, neither does my sister and I work out at the gym a lot. I’ve been trying to lose the fat with my pt for about three months now. It’s just not working and I think I might have to turn to liposuction.

Submitted by Janette on April 29, 2012

YouTube video

In this YouTube Video, Dr William Hall interviews his patient before getting liposuction to the ankles and thighs. It explains that she has already had lipo to the arms with this doctor and she was very happy with the results. In a prior consultation, another plastic surgeon told her she would have excess skin after the lipo but with newer techniques, she was able to avoid this. She’s now back to get her legs and ankles done because she’s self-conscious about wearing shorts and skirts and exercise doesn’t help.

More before and after photos

Liposuction of the Ankle Before and After Photo #2

Photo #2

Tasha thought her legs looked like a log and wanted some prominence that would make her look more lady like. She has always claimed like legs and wanted hers to look better. The after ankle liposuction photo was captured a month and a half post surgery.

Ankle Leg Liposuction Before and After Picture #3

Photo #3

Ashlee from ‘The Doctors’ television series had major ankle liposuction on her huge legs. She couldn’t have asked for a greater result from her plastic surgeon. You can now see her calve muscles looking for defined than before. She says she loves wearing high heels now and showing off her legs to everyone. The after image was taken several months later after the scars completely healed.

Fat Liposuction of Ankles Before and After #4

Photo #4

Loraine wanted her calves and ankles to look more defined and wanted to contour them with ankle liposuction. She says the surgeon removed the fat she wanted and even says her walk has improved now because of the removed stored fat. The after photo was taken just over a month later.

Prominent New Ankles After Liposuction Before and After Picture #5

Photo #5

Joss wanted his calves to be bigger but didn’t want to or have the time to workout at the gym for months on end and went with an ankle liposuction to make this happen. Joss loves his new calves now. The after picture was shot several weeks following the procedure.

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