Anti-wrinkle Injections Before and After

March 15, 2012

There are three main competitors in the market for anti-wrinkle injections; Botox, Dysport and Myobloc. All of these use botulinum toxin to relax muscles and prevent wrinkles from showing. The neurotoxin immobilizes the muscles and therefore wrinkles can’t form. In the past, these injections have been associated with adverse side effects and laughable results such as the constantly surprised face. These days, the techniques have been improved however muscle relaxing injections can still cause temporary facial paralysis and uneven smile. If too many units are used or if the patient has excessive treatments, this can also distort the results.

Unlike dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections are used for dynamic wrinkles (those which are evident with facial expression). They are often combined with fillers to achieve best results. Forehead lines, frown lines and crow’s feet are the main problem areas which are treated.  You will need to go back for touch up treatments after every three to four months. Each product is priced differently and requires differing levels of the formula. Because of this, some injectors can get confused with the measurements, so make sure you go to someone who’s very experienced.

Before and after photo

Anti-wrinkle Injections Before and After #1

Photo #1

Janette was bothered by her static laugh lines and say a cosmetic physician who advised her Botox would do the job. Money wasn’t an big issue but she was a little worried about the pain caused by injections but still had it done. She is excited that her face looks more youthful now and is indeed already saving up for when the treatment wears off.

What causes wrinkles?

Wrinkles are a definite sign of aging. You won’t see any wrinkles in kids and you may notice one or two on a teenager if you’re lucky. This is because as we age, elastin fibers and collagen protein start to diminish from the middle layer of the skin (the dermis). As the skin thins out, this prevents sufficient moisture reaching the outermost layer (epidermis). Additionally, the fat contained in the innermost layer of the skin (subcutaneous) reduces over time, which reduces that plump look of the skin. All of this causes the epidermis to sag and form wrinkles.

There are things which accelerate the pace at which wrinkles form. Some, like bad genes, you can’t avoid. Others, like too much sun, tanning, smoking, dehydration and not moisturizing are within your power to change. If you don’t want your face ending up looking like a leather couch, you should make sure to take care of your skin and start early. Even if you’ve neglected your face for years, it’s never too late to start and prevent it from further damage. Anti-wrinkle injections can also defer wrinkle formation because they stop the muscles from moving the skin, which is another factor that progressively adds to wrinkles, lines and folds.

Before treatment

You don’t need to wait until you’re getting professional injections before you start caring for your skin. Besides protecting yourself from the sun and smoking, there are plenty of other factors which can rebuild or destroy your skin. Did you know that you can even get wrinkles while you sleep? When you lay on your abdomen or on your side, your face squishes up against the pillow. The weight of your head crams the skin and you can never ensure that you lay it in a flat position. The same thing happens when you sit on a garment (skirt, dress, shorts), unless you pull down on the clothing before you sit down, there will be crinkles and folds. This skin takes a little longer to get permanent wrinkles from this continual damage, but it can be avoided. Try to sleep on your back to avoid scrunching the skin and rest for at least 8 hours daily.

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The food you eat can also have a major impact on your wrinkles. Eating sugary and processed foods doesn’t provide much nutrition for your body and your overall health is reflected in your skin. Keep your body well nourished with plenty of vegetables and fruits and drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Oxygen is another vital part to healthy skin. Breathe deeply to enable oxygen to penetrate your body and reach the skin. These days it’s difficult to completely avoid stress. Whether you have a stressful job, a volatile financial situation or family problems, emotional stressors can have a very adverse impact on your skin and certainly speeds up wrinkles.

Risks, complications & side effects

The risks and side effects are very much similar between the different brands. Aside from the positive benefits (reduced wrinkles), some patients can get bruising and swelling where the wrinkles were treated. Sometimes you will see a spot of blood soon after the injection is inserted, but the doctor quickly wipes this away so you shouldn’t see any bleeding. The injections are very small and generally they are not painful. If it’s your first time, you might want to ask the cosmetic surgeon to apply some numbing cream beforehand.

Another side effect may be getting a headache for a few hours following treatment. This is quite ironic, considering Botox is approved for reducing chronic migraines. Nevertheless, some people do experience head pain afterwards. There have also been reviews of patients not being able to sleep for several nights, however this complications is rare. Aesthetically, there are risks of drooping eyelids (ptosis) or muscle paralysis of unwanted areas causing a crooked smile or even an uneven face. Eventually, the product will wear off so these side effects aren’t permanent, but you will be stuck with them for a few months. You could also experience flu-like symptoms or develop a rash if you are allergic. Although plenty of patients are fine after anti-wrinkle injections, these are some perils you should be aware of.

Recovery time

Unless you experience an adverse side effect (explained above), you won’t need any time to recover after anti-wrinkle injections. If you want to take the day off work and just go home and relax, you can. There’s nothing better about a procedure which no one will recognize you had done and will start doing wonders for your face in the ensuing days. For those of us who can’t afford to take time off, you can safely return to your job without the injections affecting your appearance or your functionality. Even if you work at the front desk and talk to people all day, it’s fine to resume these activities after the treatment.

Whilst recovery is fairly easy, I wouldn’t get too ‘relaxed’ about the whole situation. One thing you shouldn’t mix with anti-wrinkle injections is alcohol. Consuming alcoholic drinks shortly after the treatment can affect your blood flow, which means you can end up with bruising – not a good look being tipsy and bruised in the face. It may be tempting to have a drink or two at Botox parties or to attend a cocktail soiree afterward, but remember to stay away from the drink.

After the injections

You will probably be very excited to see your wrinkles disappear, but it won’t happen magically right before your eyes. Anti-wrinkle injections take anywhere from two days to a week to start working. Dysport has a much quicker uptake than Botox. If timing is crucial and you need to iron out your skin before the weekend, then you should consider the alternative with the fastest results.

Once you have the treatment, during the course of the next several days, your muscles will begin to relax. You won’t feel this happening. It’s not like someone’s suddenly grabbed your skin and pulled it back. The change is a gradual process and rarely noticeable. This is especially important. It would look quite peculiar if you were sitting at lunch or dinner and your face started shifting positions. It’s definitely not like that. After the injections do their job and the right muscles are fully relaxed, you should still have full function of the area, whether it’s blinking or raising your eyebrows. Your face will look more youthful and natural.


Anti-wrinkle injections are usually priced by the unit. For example, the price of Botox cosmetic ranges between $11 and $18 per unit, whereas Dysport is about $3 to $4 a unit and Xeomin units are around $10 each. You can’t really compare these costs because the rations are different (you need much more Dysport than Botox units for the same outcome. This brings the total price to around the same, with Dysport being a little bit cheaper than Botox.

Based on this, the cost of anti-wrinkle injections will vary depending on which area you have treated and the type of injections you have. For instance the glabellar lines require 20-30 units of Botox for women. A female can then expect to pay around $200-$540 to have her frown lines treated with this product.


When did everyday living become so hard? To look decent, I have to get a spray tan, pedicure, manicure, exercise at the gym, get my hair done, cleanse, tone, moisturize, exfoliate, learn how to use makeup and then find clothes to match my scanty body. This is not ‘living’ anymore. I’ve started to use anti-wrinkle injections to hide my wrinkles but I’m starting to think this is all getting a bit ridiculous. Where did the days go where women walked around with hairy legs and bushy armpits and men actually liked it? It’s either claim your life back or join the never ending race to look good.

Submitted by Fiona on May 1, 2012

YouTube video

This YouTube video is prepared by Board Certified Dermatologist Dr Dan. It’s about a Botox consultation with a beautiful female model patient who is concerned about furrows on her forehead and wishes to have the area paralyzed. The injections are also used for her crow’s feet which appear when she smiles. She’s absolutely gorgeous and this treatment will help prolong her good looks.

More before and after photos

Anti-wrinkle Injections Before and After #2

Photo #2

Kristy opted for Dysport injections to treat her frown and laugh lines. She’s thrilled by the result of a few simple injections and is telling all her friends about it. The after photo was taken several days post treatment at her house.

Injection Anti-wrinkles Before and After Treatment #3

Photo #3

Meredith wasn’t excited about having injections on her face but states she didn’t have a choice besides more invasive surgery which she was afraid of. Botox was her number one choice due to it’s popularity. She is proud to have used Botox and is content with it’s results.

Anti-wrinkle Injections #9 Before and After Photo

Photo #4

Emma also opted for Botox injections to treat her static frown lines. She didn’t like the look of these wrinkles because they always made her look angry. She’s considering more invasive surgery next time because she doesn’t like to have injections done on her face every year. The after photo was taken 6 hours after the Botox injections.

Before and After Anti-wrinkle Injections #10

Photo #5

Chandra was advised dermal fillers produce best results for static forehead wrinkles and had a choice of Juvederm, Restylane and Perlane. She did a little research on each and went with Restylane. Now her forehead wrinkles are completely gone. She says she wishes to chose another brand next time to compare results and be adventurous.

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Comment from Bo beep
Time May 11, 2012 at 10:06 am

I’ve got my wedding coming up in a few weeks so I decided to get my frown lines and crow’s feet done. My doctors uses both Botox and Dysport but I decided to go with Botox. It took about 6 days for me to start noticing that the wrinkles no longer come up. I’m ecstatic. Now I can get married outdoors and when I squint, I won’t look like a grandma!

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