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March 15, 2012

Aquamid (polyacrylamide) is a brand of injectable filler which is used for plumping out wrinkles and augmenting parts of the face. These dermal fillers are used to beautify the face as well as add volume, especially where tissue is being lost due to facial wasting. It is popular among patients with HIV who experience facial lipoatrophy (localized loss of fat tissue). Aquamid is meant to offer permanent results and is claimed not to migrate (move to other areas of the face).

Apart from augmentation, doctors can use this product to smooth out your skin if you have acne scarring. If you’ve been in an accident and have a facial deformity, Aquamid can help to realign your facial contour. Lip augmentation is another use if you wish to have big beautiful lips like Angelina Jolie. It can also help if you want a more pronounced jawline or enhanced cheekbones. The filler can’t help fine lines though. You will just end up looking funny with bulgy lines on your face. Since your face will continue to age, you will probably need more injections after a few years.  Some patients have had bad experiences with Aquamid so speak with your doctor if you have any concerns or would like to try another product such as ArteFill.

Before and after photo

Before and After Aquamid Photo #2

Photo #1

Wendy hated how many deep set wrinkles she had developed over the years but the ones that bothered her most were her laugh lines. She did a lot of research on the Internet about anti-wrinkle injections and decided to see her local cosmetic surgeon to treat her with Aquamid. She’s content that she with the research and is proud of herself for doing it herself.

Aquamid uses

Aquamid has 8 primary uses for which it has been approved by the FDA for. We have listed these uses below.

Worry lines (glabella lines) – Some people develop these lines as early as in their 20’s. And it is especially the vertical facial lines, such as glabella lines, that make you look older. These deep lines can be smoothed out with relatively small amounts of Aquamid. It’s a subtle change that makes a surprising difference.

Nose enhancement – Enhancing the structure of your nose can make a profound difference to your overall appearance as the nose is the central feature of your face. Aquamid is ideal for surgery-free rhinoplasty. It can be used to enhance the nose bridge or to smooth away depressions or hollows to create a smoother or more balanced appearance. It is also ideal to address small irregularities that may be evident after cosmetic nose surgery rather than going under the knife again.

Cheek contouring – Whether you want to enhance your facial contours, or just to target a particular deeper wrinkle or fold, Aquamid can help you. With Aquamid you can eliminate deeper wrinkles and folds, such as the smile lines (nasolabial folds) or worry lines between the eyebrows (glabella lines. You can also perfect and contour the shape and balance of your face. Heighten your cheekbones, contour your lips or augment your nose bridge. The choice is wide – ask your physician for the best option for you.

Nasolabial folds – Nasolabial folds or smile lines are lines that go from your nose to your mouth and they can appear in people of all ages. These folds are commonly described as the first visible sign of aging. However, faces of all ages can develop these folds, which can be due to substantial weight loss or genetic factors. Aquamid can be used to fill out these folds, making you look and feel fresher and younger.

Lip enhancement – The shape and size of your lips have a great impact on your face. Aquamid can be used to contour both your upper and lower lips – to provide definition to your mouth, to even out asymmetries or to smooth out the fine wrinkles over your upper lip. And it is so soft, you cannot feel it – the only thing you can see and feel is fuller, more sensual lips.

Smile lines – Smile lines run from the corners of your mouth down to your chin and are another prominent sign of aging. Smile lines tend to drag your mouth down at the sides – causing you to look sad and angry, even when you are not. Filling smile lines with Aquamid can have a big impact on your appearance.

Jaw-line contouring – A strong jaw-line makes a distinctive frame to the lower part of your face and is an integral part of your profile. Young faces have a straight and defined jaw-line, which often become uneven as we grow older. Aquamid can be used to restore lost volume and repair the jaw-line definition. This gives a striking lift to your appearance.

Chin augmentation – A well-defined chin gives balance to the face and signals power. Aquamid provides a surgery-free way to reshape your chin to give you a stronger overall profile.

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Before treatment

Plan on taking a before and after photos so you can tell if there is a noticeable difference in overall appearance. Raise your expectations with your treating physician so they can inform you if they are realistic. Also some research into other types of dermal fillers on the Internet especially the reviews and costs so you are more aware and make the right choice in dermal filler. ArteFill is a type of permanent dermal filler so if you’d like the results to be permanent it will be a better option for you although it may cost a little extra. Some doctors have raised concern online about the effects of ArteFill as they claim it has the ability to leave uneven lumps in the skin if not administered by an experienced doctor. Prior to going ahead with the injections make sure your physician is fully qualified and ask to see his qualifications so you can be sure there will be very little risks and complications afterwards. When going to your consultation with a cosmetic surgeon be sure to have your medical history handy so that he may assess if you are a suitable candidate and there won’t be any problems later on, be sure to let them know if you get cold sores. Mothers that are pregnant and/or breast feed should not be treated under any circumstances. Do not consider having Aquamid if you have already had any sort of dermal filler in the area you wish to be treated.

Risks, complications & side effects

As with any type of injection there is a possibility of redness and swelling in the treated area. There is very little risk of infection if you take the right precautions. Lumpiness has been experienced by a minority of people who have had Aquamid, if administered right and as long as you don’t touch the treated area for at least 6 hours there is very little risk of this happening. If there are lumps left afterwards there is a possibility they may have to be surgically removed by a surgeon. The removal of these lumps can cause permanent unwanted scars.

Reducing the risk of infection

See a local dentist for a checkup. Have a urine test analyzed to see if there are any problems. Don’t have Aquamid if you have had any major infection within the last month and a half.

What to do after you’ve had the injections

Get some antibiotics and take them for a few days. Don’t touch the area for as long as possible. Buy some ointment which contains antibiotics and apply it gently on the treated area for at least a few days.

Recovery time

It takes several days for the tingling sensation to go away. Swelling and redness should go away within a few hours. Just be sure not to touch the area for at least a few weeks. Avoid kissing if Aquamid was injected into your lips as well as avoid drinking hot beverages as this may cause the treated area to swell further. If you are careful and take antibiotic precautions as directed by your treating cosmetic surgeon you shouldn’t have any problems.

After the cosmetic surgery

Your surgeon will provide for you a list of things to avoid as well as antibiotics to take to reduce the chance of infection. Don’t touch the area where injections were made for at least 6 hours and avoid applying any type of cosmetics like lipstick or blush for 24 hours. Don’t do any physical exercise for at least 3 days especially swimming. Avoid any type of peels or abrasions for up to 6 months following treatment. Avoid extreme heat and cold like going into saunas. Don’t take aspirin shortly after the treatment.


The average cost of Aquamid treatment is around $2,000. This however largely depends on how much of it is used and what area is treated.


I’m 19 and I decided to have a dermal filler injected into my lips so I can have beautiful luscious lips. The injections were painful but I’ve always hated injections. The results were evident several days later when the filler evened out. There was a little tingling in my lips for a few days but it went away thank god because I was starting to worry. There was no swelling like the doctor warned me about. I was so excited about my new lips that I posted photos of it on Facebook and all my best friends were happy for me and I think they might of even been a bit jealous. It’s been 4 months now and my lips still look great. I’m happy how they turned out and don’t regret saving up for so long for the treatment.

Submitted by Kathy on 30th April, 2012

YouTube video

In this YouTube video a patient is treated with Aquamid implants to correct her vermillion. This will enhance the projection and the proportion between the upper and the lower lips. Anesthetic gel is used to numb the area and then an injection is used to fill the lips. On each side (left and right), there are two injection sites where the needle penetrates the skin. There’s very minute bleeding. At the end of the video, you can see how the filler is actually dispersed into the lips using x-ray type imagery.

More before and after photos

Before and After Treatment of Aquamid #3

Photo #2

Christian’s wanted to look more youthful in his profession corporate consultant and was also bothered by his laugh lines. His cosmetic surgeon recommended Aquamid to treat them. Christian believes that it’s a very cheap option and says he’s going to have it done again once the treatment wears off.

Before Aquamid and After Treatment #5

Photo #3

Grace is another patient who was advised Aquamid is a great product to treat unwanted deep set wrinkles. She’s captures another few years back for many months and claims to want to have the treatment performed again once the effects wear off.

Before and After Aquamid Injections #6

Photo #4

Suzy was also recommended Aquamid in the treatment of laugh lines. The end result is as many of the pictures above, very good! She says it has taken at least five years off her face and loves to look at herself in the mirror again.

Aquamid Injections Before and After #7

Photo #5

Deon requested a new type of product at the time to treating frown lines. He was amazed at he effective the injections were at treating the problem area between his eyebrows. He says he can easily afford to have the treatment again once it wears off and will do it again.

Aquamid Injected Woman Before and After #9

Photo #6

Here is another great example of a lady named Lauren who underwent Aquamid in hopes to reduce her laugh lines.

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