Arm Liposuction Before and After

March 6, 2012

Arm liposuction is a surgical option for removing excess fat from the upper arms. It can be combined with brachioplasty (arm lift) to also tighten the skin which is left behind. Flabby arms which flop in the wind as you wave come as early as the age of twenty. Sometimes they can be prevented with rigorous exercise, but who has the time to go to the gym these days. And when you do go, you tend to focus on the more important areas such as the beer gut and thunder thighs rather than toning your upper arms. Unfortunately, when you let one area go, others soon follow.

If you really want to reshape your body, you could use thinspo as a means of motivating you. Achieving a decent amount of weight loss isn’t easy at the best of times so you need to get your family and friends behind you for encouragement. When you start losing weight, you won’t see it go from your arms first. Most people will firstly see a difference in their face, breast area and maybe the neck. You will need to just keep going with your exercises to get your arms the way you want them. Whatever you do, just remember that it is a slow process, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t have model thin arms within the first few months.

Before and after photo

Before and After Photo: Arm Liposuction #1

Photo #1

Joni in this photo gets arm liposuction done on her arms with amazing results. The surgeon really did a good job in hiding the cars. The after photo was taken a few weeks following surgery.

The bad side of bat wings

Having fat arms is not a very pleasant experience to go through. Most people would prefer a bigger belly than bulging arms. At least if you have a bit of a belly, you can hide it with loose dresses or shirts. It’s harder to do this with the arms, especially if you’re a woman. At work, you may be required to wear uniforms with very short or tight sleeves, which can be quite constrictive. Wearing things like that can make it hard for you to move your arms around and it’s also hard for the skin to breathe. This is where the sweat problem comes in. When you have fatty arms, your armpits tend to be covered with more flab, which in turn creates sweat and an unpleasant smelly situation in the pits. Wearing tops which are too tight in that area only exacerbate this problem.

Causes of fat arms

There are two ways you can get bat wings: the first being hereditary (inheriting it from your parents) or if you are overweight or obese. When the condition is genetic, the excess fat and tissue in this area can be incredibly hard to get rid of. Even when you’ve lost a huge amount of weight, you can still find yourself with arms that are quite large and disproportionate to your body. You can thank your blood line for these and maybe even ask your parents to put in for the cost, since it’s essentially their fault. Jokes aside, if you have flabby upper arms because you overeat, then the solution can be simple. A few months at the gym and a proper eating plan can go a long way.

If you’re looking for a quick fix, for example trying to get thin before your wedding, then liposuction can be an option. Just note that most surgeons will require you to try and lose the fat first. Surgery is serious and you shouldn’t just jump into it because you can’t be bothered trying to deal with the problems yourself. Mind you, having fat baggy arms hanging out of your dress is not a good look and can ruin your entire look. So if you’ve got a special occasion coming up where you just want to be glam, really think about whether you’re willing to go through surgery just for that one evening. If you don’t have the time to lose the weight naturally, is covering up the arms an option?

Before arm liposuction treatment

If you’re thinking about getting the fat suctioned from your arms for the reason of avoiding smell, then there could be other things to try beforehand. Try wearing looser clothing which does not sit up against your underarms. For ladies, there are plenty of professional looking singlet type clothes which sit far away from your armpits. Also, wearing synthetic materials makes them sweat more, so try an “all-cotton” clothing option. If the problem is excessive sweating really, then you should be looking at prescription grade antiperspirants and even Botox rather than arm liposuction.

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Of course, if you there are options for you to try and avoid surgery, you should always look into them. The first step with lipo should always be to try and lose the fat yourself. If you’re at the state where you are happy with your body (whether it’s after losing weight or not), then you could try some toning exercises for your upper arms. If you can’t afford the time or cost of attending a gym or getting a personal trainer, then just buy some weights and do these at home. Look up exercises for toning arms on the internet or even YouTube to get the best ideas out there. Who knows, you could even end up with nicely sculpted biceps and triceps and never need to see a plastic surgeon in your life.

Risks, complications & side effects

One of the main risks involved with having the fat suctioned from your upper arms is loose skin. When you take out the fat, the remaining skin can be left hanging, requiring another procedure called brachioplasty. This is essentially an ‘arm tuck’, where the excess skin is cut off and the remainder is sewn back up. Compression bands can help to avoid an arm lift. If one is required, then this will add more risks to the treatment and will require longer recovery too. Your surgeon should tell you the likelihood of your skin contracting before you have the lipo so the procedures can be combined if needed.

Aside from floppy skin, there are other blunders which can happen. For example, if the surgeon’s not careful, you could end up with uneven arms. Then what? You might end up looking like Popeye. On the other hand, if too much subcutaneous fat is taken from both arms, then they could appear too thin and disproportionate. If all the fat is removed then you could end up with uneven lumpy arms, especially if you put on weight. Make sure you see and experienced surgeon. Other complications which can occur include reaction to anesthesia, blood clots, bleeding, necrosis, dehydration and blood loss.

Recovery time

If you want to stay inconspicuous, then it’s probably best to have this surgery done in winter. After the operation, patients need to wear compression bands usually for about two to three weeks. This helps for the tissues to stay firm and for your skin and text_imageure to settle smoothly. If you work in the office, you can go back within a few days and just hide the compression stockings under your jacket. If your occupation involves heavy lifting or other menial labor, then you may need to wait before going back, depending on what your surgeon says.

Straight after the operation, when you walk out of the hospital or your surgeon’s office, your arms will feel stiff and sore. It may feel like you’ve done too many weight reps. You may have some pain but there’s always pain relievers for that. The bruising and swelling can last for about three weeks. Once all the unpleasant parts are over, you will have plenty of opportunities to show off your new flappers. You should celebrate and buy some new tops or dresses which flaunt your arms and shoulders. Enjoy your new body.

After arm liposuction surgery

Many patients have concerns about the condition reoccurring following the surgery. It’s a very reasonable question to ask whether your bat wing will appear again after the procedure. According to the experts, the fat won’t return as long as you maintain your weight. This can be hard for some patients, especially those who like to indulge in yummy and fatty foods. So what should you do? Is there any point in having the surgery if you’re just going to gain more weight anyway? The decision is up to you. If you have come to a point in your life where you’re sick of being big, then it’s time for you to take a stance.

Try to lose the pounds and once you’ve reached your ideal weight, wait for at least six months to see if you can maintain it. If you can, then perhaps at this stage, it would be appropriate to see a plastic surgeon. You never know, you could even be happy with your body after working so hard and you might not even consider arm liposuction as being necessary. If you’re not sure about what you should do, then many surgeons offer free consultations for advice. At least they can give you some more options or ideas about what to do with your arms.


Getting liposuction in the arms can cost anywhere between $2,000 and $4,000. Typically this price does not include anesthesia and operating room fees. Ask your doctor about the different lipo options to see which one best suits your needs.


I don’t know why some areas of your body just don’t want to let go of fat. I’ve been working out and doing push-ups for six months now. My body looks great but my arms are still flabby on the top. I can feel muscle underneath but why isn’t the fat going? I look funny when I wear short sleeved outfits because my arms just look disproportionate to my body. I feel like an orang-utan and this makes me always cover up my shoulders and arms. I am thinking about getting lipo just to tone things up a little.

Submitted by Pat on March 22, 2012

YouTube video

In this YouTube video Dr. David Amron shows a little about arm liposuction (brachioplasty) and how it works and what he hopes to achieve each time he performs the operation.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Arm Liposuction #2

Photo #2

Jocelyn had very prominent bat wings so she decided on arm liposuction. Now her bat wings are almost completely gone as the surgeon did the best job he could. The after photo was taken a few weeks after the operation.

Before and After Photo: Arm Liposuction #3

Photo #3

Elisabeth also had very strong bat wings and decided upon arm liposuction or brachioplasty to help out with her problem. The plastic surgeon did a great job in getting rid of the excess fat and skin that was once there. The after photo was taken a month post surgery.

Before and After Photo: Arm Liposuction #4

Photo #4

Maribel lost a significant amount of weight in a short period of time and developed excess skin and sagging fat on her arms. She had no other choice than to get arm liposuction to fix her problem. The surgeon did a terrific job and now the problem is gone. The after photo was taken several weeks to a month post surgery.

Before and After Photo: Arm Liposuction #5

Photo #5

Patrica had also lost a lot of weight in a short period of time and developed bat wings. She opted to get arm liposuction to fix this dilemma and it turned out very well. There is no way she could of got rid of the excess skin and fat otherwise.

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