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March 15, 2012

If you want long lasting wrinkle reduction, then ArteFill is one of the permanent dermal fillers to try. Unlike temporary injectables such as Juvederm and Restylane, ArteFill is not reabsorbed by the body and therefore you don’t need to return to the clinic for more treatments after a year. Don’t be fooled though, you will still need wrinkle treatments in the future as your skin continues to deteriorate with age. So, whilst the product will last you a few years, no cosmetic injections are truly ‘permanent’. Still, they provide a much better option for deeper static folds than trying to correct your wrinkles with a facelift or invasive laser skin resurfacing.

The product is not approved for lip augmentation however it does wonders for nose-to-mouth lines (nasolabial folds) and even acne scarring. If you’re thinking of just jumping straight into using permanent fillers, you may want to think twice. Many doctors recommend that you try the temporary fillers first to see whether you like the results. There isn’t really any downtime involved after having the injections, but you may be red and tender. You may also have some swelling and/or lumpiness. If the area feels firm then just give it a few weeks to see if it goes away. Using a more permanent solution for your wrinkles can save you money in the long run so it’s worthwhile considering, even though the costs runs at around $1,000 per syringe.

Before and after photo

ArteFill Before and After Photo #1

Photo #1

Mary from California wanted to get rid of her laugh lines forever and was therefore recommended by her local cosmetic surgeon that ArteFill would do what she wished. She researched it thoroughly on the Internet at home and came back a week later wanting to have it done. Her laugh lines are now gone forever and she is excited that it’s taken years off the look of her face.

ArteFill uses

The main advantage ArteFill has over other dermal fillers is that it’s permanent. Below we’ve listed common areas of the face and issues where patients have ArteFill injected.

Frown lines – For those lines that Botox can’t fix.

Hands – Fill them in so they don’t look so bony.

Jaw angle – Changes the structure of the jaw. Especially older patients have this done.

Nose – Able to hide bumps, take care of hooked noses, lift bridges, fix asymmetry and lift tips.

Eyes and tear troughs – Fill in those grooves below the eyes that make anyone look tired. This is a touchy area where problems can go wrong so if you are worried about permanent results it would be wise to go with something that’s eventually absorbed by the body like Juvederm or Restylane.

Pre-jowl sulcus – The area on ones face below the cheeks that starts to sag as we get older.

Temples – If your temples are indented quite a lot then you can easily have these filled in with ArteFill.

Marionettes – This is an area which has to be filled. Marionette lines are lines that go down from the corner of the mouth to the jaw.

Nasolabial folds – Doctors usually see these as a symptom of something else and treat them with other methods but the choice is entirely up to you, it really depends on how quick you want to see results.

Eyebrows – This is a common area for injections because the aging process makes the skin sag.

Chin – Patients often come to cosmetic surgeons to enhance the look of their chins. ArteFill has the ability to make the chin look more prominent without the need for plastic surgery like chin implants.

Lips – Extremely among women who want to make their lips more fuller and luscious and try get that Angelina Jolie look.

Cheeks – There are numerous reasons why someone would want to use a dermal filler on their cheeks and these are, overfilling, piggy eyes, fill the ledge where the eyes meet the cheek and asymmetry which is fairly common.

Acne scars – The dermal fills in the are where the skin skins in from acne scars and makes the are look more smooth if applied properly by the treating surgeon.

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Before treatment

Before you have ArteFill injections on any part of your body you should first do a little research on it online so you feel safe about it. Just be sure to know that it’s a permanent dermal filler. When going to your initial consultation whether with a cosmetic or plastic surgeon have your entire medical history handy or know it off the top of your head so you can answer any questions being asked for your safety. If you are a little unsure whether if you wish to have a permanent solution to your problem then you might want to go with a dermal filler which doesn’t last forever like Juvederm or Restylane. ArteFill is quite expensive so pick the area on your face which bothers you the most.

Risks, complications & side effects

Notify your cosmetic/plastic surgeon of any of the following prior to ArteFill treatment

Don’t consider ArteFill if you are or have any of the following

What else should I worry about when thinking about having ArteFill?

What else should I know?

Recovery time

The ArteFill recovery time is very minimal, maybe a couple of hours for the tingling to subside. If things get worse like an infection it could take a couple weeks but this is rare. If the right precautions are taken then there is very little chance of you being in pain for a long time, just be sure your doctor has qualifications.

After having the injections

Hopefully the filler and surgeon did the job and you saw immediate results. You may experience some redness and possibly a little swelling. It would be wise not to touch the area where the injections were placed for at least 48 hours. If you had had ArteFill done on the lips avoid drinking very hot beverages like coffee for a few days to reduce the amount of swelling if any.


Average cost of ArteFill = $2,300. The main factor which contributes to how much the treatment costs is how much of the injection was used.


A few weeks ago I had ArteFill injections in my hands as they looked very bony and I wanted something to fill them in permanently. I looked everywhere online and did my research thoroughly and decided to go with ArteFill. I saw the great results on before and after images of smile lines and just thought what it could do to my hands. I paid $2,750 to fill my hands with dermal filler, quite a lot was required and I shopped around for a cheap cosmetic surgeon who ended up being in Mexico. I traveled over the border from Texas and had a holiday at the same time with my husband, some surgeons in the US quoted me over $4,000 and that was just ridiculous I thought and decided to take the risk over the border. If had taken a before photo I would have sent in a before and after for sure but I just didn’t think. It’s been 6 months now and the result are the same.

Submitted by Anthony on 30th of April 2012

YouTube video

This YouTube video shows Dr Rajani explaining how Artefill works to the ordinary consumer. It’s a long lasting filler but not suitable for the lips as this can cause nodules in the skin. A skin test is done first on the inner arm which requires a 30 day waiting period. About half way through the film, you can watch patients being injected with the product in various facial areas.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo of ArteFill #2

Photo #2

Martha from Poland hated the look of her bony hands and wished nothing else than for some fat to be there. She say a specialist about her problem and was referred to a cosmetic physician who administered ArteFill on both her hands. The dermal filler filled in the bony creases and her hands don’t look so frail and fragile now.

ArteFill Treatment Before and After Photo #3

Photo #3

Dita from the Czech Republic had ArteFill treat her laugh lines in Prague this year. The after picture was taken several days later even though the effects were almost instant. She’s happy with her new look now and only wishes skin didn’t age.

Permanent ArteFill Before and After Photo #4

Photo #4

Kristy from Melbourne, Australia wanted a permanent solution to her prominent laugh lines. Another person who was recommended nothing other than ArteFill. She state’s it’s taken almost 10 years off her face with a few injections and would recommend it to anyone who suffers from the same problem.

Effects of ArteFill Before and After #5

Photo #5

Rebecca from New Zealand did the research herself online and was satisfied with the reviews she found about a permanent dermal filler. It didn’t take her long to save up for the treatment once she found out how much it cost and immediately went to her nearest cosmetic surgeon to see if he could do it for her, he had to order the injections in from being low on stock but a week later he had them in and performed the procedure on Rebecca.

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