Asclera Before and After

March 16, 2012

Asclera (polidocanol) injections are used to treat spider veins and small varicose veins. Many men and women have visible veins on their legs and even the top of their feet and ankle area. Whether it’s from standing for prolonged periods, over-exercise or just genetics this treatment can help get rid of them. Asclera is injections which cause the veins to clot and be replaced by normal tissue. Before you jump with joy, you should know that treatment has only been found to be effective for uncomplicated spider veins (less than 1mm in diameter) and uncomplicated small varicose veins which are smaller than 3mm in diameter. Another option which can be used on the legs is laser spider vein removal.

You shouldn’t feel any pain after the injections. If your doctor injects the product outside of the vein then you can experience pain, however this can be alleviated with local anesthetic. You may end up with bruising, discoloration and itching, but this doesn’t usually last long. There are things which you can’t do for about two to three days after you have the treatment. This includes sunbathing, having a relaxing hot bath or sauna, exercising heavily and long plane flights. As with most other vein treatments, you will need to wear compression stockings after your appointment. You should really time your procedure right so it doesn’t interfere with any plans you may have. Repeat sessions are usually necessary.

Before and after photo

Asclera Before and After Photo #1

Photo #1

Max from New York recently noticed he was developing spider veins on one of his hind legs. He was advised that several Asclera treatments could do the trick and remove these unsightly veins from his leg. He claims the injections weren’t painful at all and within several days the veins completely disappeared. The after photo was taken four days later.

Asclera uses

The US Food and Drug Administration or FDA approved Asclera injections on March 30th 2010 for the treatment of small abnormally swollen or twisted veins called varicose veins, spider and reticular veins. It was approved for the use of 1mm varicose veins and 1-3mm reticular veins. Asclera treats either red or blue veins. Although spider veins and varicose veins usually occur in the legs they have the ability to appear anywhere on the body, they are more likely to occur on people of elderly age. Genetics, long periods of standing, obesity, pregnancy and female gender ultimately increase the risk of varicose if not spider veins. The FDA has approved Asclera to close (by clotting) veins, this in turn damages the cell lining of the blood cell and causes other tissue to eventually take its place. 50-90% of patients show improvement after Asclera treatment.

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Before treatment

There are several things you can try prior to having expensive Asclera treatments and we will list just a few of these below.

Maintain a healthy weight – Extra pounds add pressure on your blood vessels making it harder for them to circulate blood. Getting rid of extra weight with exercise and a healthy balanced diet will help reduce the effects of spider veins and possibly varicose veins relieving pressure on blood vessels improving circulation.

Horse chestnut extract – A dietary supplement available on many online, vitamin and health food stores in the United States, the extract costs between 10 to $30. It has been researched for the use of reducing the pain and appearance of varicose veins and has been shown to work effectively. Giving it a go will not hurt you whatsoever. The FDA has not approved it for the use of treating spider veins so there is no recommended dosage you should be taking. If you have problems with the liver or kidneys you should avoid taking it.

Wearing Compression stockings – Available at most drugstores around the country, compression stockings help circulating blood flow in the right direction reducing the effects of spider veins. Doctors usually recommend you wear these stockings as a first step. If you want to find a cheap deal on compression stockings visit the eBay auction and you can pick a pair up for as little as $1 with free shipping. Depending on the severity of your problem and contributing factors your doctor can give you good advice on when and how long to wear them during the week. Many people in the US have to wear these stocking for prolonged periods of time every day to prevent the likelihood of getting severe varicose veins. Stockings can help reduce the amount of pain associated with spider and varicose veins as well as make them look smaller if not get rid of them altogether.

Stay active – Spider veins are caused by inactivity, especially from standing or sitting for prolonged periods. Getting active will help blood circulation and reduce the likelihood of blood flowing in the wrong direction through your veins. Even simply going for a walk around for 30 minutes each day will do a ton for your health if you are unhealthy.

Risks, complications & side effects

The chemical polidocanol in Asclera has the ability to cause serious allergic side effects which can kill you. Most often the severity depends on how much Asclera is used in the first place. You should tell your treating surgeon if you are allergic to this chemical or have a problem with clotting blood (thromboembolic) disease or possibly pregnant. If your doctor injects Asclera into your skin you could feel burns or get ulcers, if this occurs the problem should go away soon but there is a possibility of scarring. If an inexperienced physician accidentally injects the needle into an artery you may suffer from necrosis, gangrene or ischemia. Your physician may give you a local anesthetic to assist in pain relief just in case they miss the intended vein. Studies have also shown adverse reactions are possible and these include but are not limited to neovascularization, warmth and clotting, itching, pain, discoloration, irritation and hematoma.

Recovery time

The recovery from Asclera treatments is very minimal with the patient being able to resume normal activity immediately after the injections are administered. Your doctor may ask you to wear compression stockings or garment to accelerate the healing process where the veins were treated.

After the injections

Post treatment you will want to take care of yourself to avoid getting spider veins again. Please read the “Before Asclera treatment” section above for some tips on how to prevent spider veins reoccurring on your skin. If you had treatment on the legs it would be wise to wear a compression garment like stockings for an extended period of time so that the veins are completely consumed by your flesh and don’t come back. Walk at least 30 minutes every day.


The average cost of Asclera treatments is a little over $300.


I’m 51 years of age and I had small varicose veins on both of my legs. I used to work as a cleaner at a hotel for over 13 years and I must admit it was hard work and my legs and they didn’t like it. I saw a local doctor who had had training in cosmetic surgery and luckily enough he introduced me to Asclera. I told him I’d look it up online that day and I’d come back if I was interested. The majority of reviews I found online about it were very positive and they convinced me. The before and after pictures I saw were amazing and I was drawn in. My husband told me he thinks I should do it and I came back in a few days and went ahead with the injections. My doctor Mr McCabe was very careful about it and took his time, he gave me a local anesthetic  just in case if he missed the veins. I didn’t feel any pain besides the anesthetic he first gave me. The entire treatment took no longer than 20 minutes or so and after that he sent me to the chemist next door and asked me to buy compression stockings and told me to wear them for a week to aid the healing process. The veins completely disappeared and now my legs are smooth again. I paid $290 for several varicose veins in both legs and I’d must say I’m amazed it was that easy, I was worried I’d have to have surgery to get rid of them and risk getting scars on my legs. I would definitely recommend Asclera treatments to people with similar symptoms, you’ll never regret it.

YouTube video

This YouTube video Dr Brian Kerr demonstrates injection of small spider veins using Asclera (polidocanol) injections. It’s tolerated well by patients, with less pain involved than other treatments. It shows red and blue veins being injected into various patients. The veins immediately disappear from the skin. After this, you can see customers talk about their experience.

More before and after photos

Asclera Treatment Before and After #2

Photo #2

Allan from Oklahoma has had ugly spider veins which were close to varicose veins on his legs. A local cosmetic surgeon called Liam consulted Allan and advised him he can successfully treat them using an injection called Asclera. Allan decided to go ahead and front the cost of these injections and was amazed at the results. The after photo was taken a week later.

Before and After Asclera Photo #3

Photo #3

Jamie was feeling insecure about his thigh’s spider veins. The Aquamid treatment did wonders for him and he says he’s not ashamed to go to the beach anymore and expose his legs. The injections were very useful in treating the affected area.

Asclera Injections Before and After on Leg #4

Photo #4

Mallory from Nebraska, USA tried had Asclera administered by a local cosmetic surgeon on the outside of one of her thighs which had spider veins. The veins completely disappeared several hours after the injections. She isn’t afraid to look at her legs anymore.

Before and After Photo of Asclera Injections #5

Photo #5

Chandra from Philadelphia recently noticed horrible spider veins all over her back when she looked in the mirror. With a little research online she noticed a treatment of Asclera can effectively treat spider veins. She made a few local telephone calls to cosmetic surgeons and found one at an affordable rate that could help her out. Now over 90% of the spider veins are gone thanks to a little assertiveness on her part.

Photo #6

Clayton from Tennessee noticed unwanted spider veins several months ago. The veins got worse over time and he decided to do something about it and consult a physician. A few injections of Asclera later and they were almost completely gone.

Asclera on Hands Before and After Picture #7

Photo #7

Margery from Phoenix, USA always was turned off by looking at the veins on her hand. She sought a cosmetic professional and was informed Asclera was an option. After doing further research at home she was convinced and came back to have it done. The after photo looks very different to the before image taken several days prior.

Asclera Applied to the Nose Before and After Photo #8

Photo #8

Elroy from Indiana was convinced the small spider veins on his nose made him look unwell and went to a local doctor for help. He claims the cost of the Asclera injections was the best money he’d spent in months and can’t wait to recommend it to friends suffering from a similar problem.

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Comment from Julie
Time April 18, 2012 at 2:36 pm

Those spider veins really just start appearing out of nowhere. I’ve always been a fit and healthy person and I drink lots of water during the day. I started cycling about a year ago and I noticed vericose veins begining to develop on my calves. Now i’ve got red veins popping up on my thighs.

Comment from Mindy
Time May 14, 2012 at 3:21 pm

A few months ago I started developing spider veins on my breasts. The veins were blue and they seemed to get worse and worse over time. I researched the issue online and found out men and women were using injections called Asclera to get rid of these on their legs. I called around some cosmetic surgeons in my local town but was unable to find a doctor who used Asclera. I finally found someone who does it and had to travel over 100 miles to have it done. A few days after the treatment the veins completely disappeared and I was amazed at how effective it was. I’m so happy there are such things out there for problems like this. I never thought I’d ever get cosmetic surgery but my time came up and I really wanted it done.

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