Asian Double Eyelid Surgery Before and After

March 16, 2012

Asian eyelid surgery (double eyelid surgery) is a specialized form of blepharoplasty to enhance the look of eyes in Asian patients. The common feature in such patients is that they have the double eyelid (the upper eyelid fold or crease) characteristic missing. Look at Lucy Liu for example. It kind of makes it look like the eyelid skin has been folded under, which can be quite unattractive. When considering eyelid surgery, it’s not usually the patients’ intention to look more Westernized. The goal is to achieve a nicer appearance usually without losing their Asian ‘look’.

Having surgery to create the double lid enables Asian women to easily apply eye shadow once the skin has healed properly. After your surgery, you may want to research some Asian eye makeup tips to create beautiful big Asian eyes. As for males, the procedure can also enhance their appearance. Of course they won’t be applying makeup afterward, but it can help them to feel more self-confident and even alleviate some problems with eyesight if it’s becoming an issue.

Unfortunately, there is no non-surgical way of creating double eyelids. Not even with dermal fillers. Asian skin doesn’t wrinkle as quickly as a Western person’s face. However, if there are wrinkles forming then Botox can be used to eliminate crow’s feet and enhance the look even more.

Before and after photo

Before and After Photo: Asian Double Eyelid Surgery #1

Photo #1

Bo from Hong Kong wasn’t happy with the Asian eyes she had and always wanted to have double eyelids. She saved up for it for months and finally had the funds for surgery. She loves her new eyes now and staring at them in the mirror winking. She says many of her friends are jealous and are now also saving up for the operation.

The Controversy

This treatment is quite controversial. Young Asian women are constantly exposed to beautiful Asian models in magazines and television who have big eyes. For those who are born with single eyelids, this can make them feel inferior or even ugly. This is why many such young women consider getting surgery. However, there are those in the community who feel that changing the eyes is demeaning to the Asian heritage. Parents can be particularly crude in relation to this issue. Plastic surgeons do not agree. There are many who perform blepharoplasty and other procedures such as nose surgery specifically exclusively on Asian patients.

The women themselves feel it’s not about avoiding the Asian look, but rather about being more beautiful. Double eyelid surgery patients still look Asian, it’s just their eyes are larger and more pronounced. There are others who wouldn’t agree with this. For example Tyra Banks on her show calls it ‘race tweaking‘, meaning the Asian patient is brought one step closer to looking Caucasian and she states patients should just admit this reasoning. She had a 25 year old female post-surgery patient who was claiming she had it done because her eyes were starting to droop but Tyra didn’t believe this was the true reason behind her choices.

Before treatment

If you’re not quite sure whether to opt for surgery, there are some temporary solutions to try. Products like the eyelid tape or glue can hold your eyelids in place so you can take your eyes for a test run first. Some people actually use these on a daily basis to enhance their appearance. There’s a obvious concern with using these topical devices. What if the glue or tape stops holding during the day or during your evening date? That could be quite embarrassing. Some people choose to undergo surgery for a permanent solution because they get tired of putting the tape on each day. You can just use these products to see if you like the difference.

More Asian double eyelid surgery before and after photos

Another aspect to consider is the controversial factor. There are plenty of Asian children who attend schools where the large proportion of students are Caucasian. It’s an unfortunate truth that some get teased and shunned for their Asian features, particularly their eyes. Dealing with these childhood issues in adulthood is easier for some but others are affected by their past. If your reasoning behind getting Asian blepharoplasty stems from being bullied during childhood, then they are not sufficient reasons to get the surgery. Just like with any other plastic surgery (be it breast augmentation or rhinoplasty), you need to love yourself for who you are first. If you don’t feel good about yourself now, plastic surgery isn’t going to change your self worth. Before you consider the operation, talk it over with your friends and family first. If you were mocked in your younger years for having Asian eyes, you need to be prepared for people provoking and stirring you after the surgery about your reasons for change.

Types of Double Eyelids

This is another aspect to research once you make a decision to change your eyes but before you go into surgery. Your options include the parallel, tapered and semilunar crease or the lateral flare. A parallel crease is one which simply runs horizontally parallel to the full edge of the eyelid. The tapered crease dips lower as it gets closer to the nose side of the eye. The lateral flare is quite opposite, flaring upward as it appreaches the temple side. Finally, the semilunar crease has a higher arch in the middle whilst tapering down toward the outer corners. Surgeons can also create their own variations, based on how they believe would best achieve your desired results. Just bring some photos of what you would like your eyes to look like after the surgery and your surgeon will recommend the best type of crease.


This type of surgery is very delicate and should only be done by a plastic surgeon who has experience with Asian plastic surgery. One grave concern about this procedure is asymmetrical or awkward results. If insufficient skin is taken, then the change will be very small and barely noticeable. On the other hand, if too much skin is excised away, the creases can be overly high and the eyes could end up looking strange or too Westernized. This can also happen if the surgeon places the crease very high above the eyelashes.

Another possible negative experience could result where the patient only wants to get the ptosis (eye droop) under control but ends up looking more Westernized. Revision surgery is needed to remove the obvious crease, which can be quite difficult. Where an excessive amount of fat is removed, the upper eyelid fullness can be lost. Many patients actually request this change anyway. Even if you’re dealing with an experienced surgeon, you can still end up with asymmetrical results. The crease in one eyelid can be higher than the other. This can happen if prior to the operation you already have misshaped brow, facial or orbital bones.

Recovery time

It takes around two to three months for full recovery after full-incision double eyelid surgery. However, you may still have minimal swelling for up to a year following the procedure. During the first week or two, your eyes will be puffy and you will be able to notice the incision. It’s usual for the crease to appear excessively high during this stage. It’s good to be aware of this so you don’t end up being alarmed and thinking that you’ve had a botched operation. If you don’t want to appear overly Caucasian to others or for them to notice a drastic change, then it’s best to hide out for the week. After the week is over, you will return to the clinic to have your stitches taken out. The incision line usually hides after around 8-11 days.  Your surgeon will give you instructions on cleaning and keeping the wound moist. Also, it’s normal for your eyes to be blurry for the first week.

After surgery

If you’re thinking of using the recovery period for catching up on reading, tv shows or work, then forget it. Your eyes will be swollen and the possible blurred vision will keep you from concentrating. You need give them plenty of rest to allow the best possible opportunity to heal.  You won’t be able to wear makeup until day 11 after the operation. After this, since the crease will still be too high, you can help mask this with cleverly applying eyeshadow. Once the crease starts lowering you will begin to appreciate the results of your efforts. You can play around with eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara and if you were relying on tapes or glue beforehand, all those hassles are now gone.

Most important of all, don’t let anyone get you down about your decision. It’s your body and you have the right to make any changes you like, for whatever reasons. Even if it was to get a more Caucasian feature, so what right? If you feel good about who you are and your new eyes, then that’s all that matters. Many patients end up very happy with their decision and just can’t stop taking photos and sharing them.


The procedure will cost you around $2,100 to $5,000 depending on your facial attributes and underlying bone structure, the type of crease and the desired results. These prices include the surgeon’s fee, hospital or facility fees and anesthesia. It is quite expensive and you may be able to save some money by getting the operation done overseas. However, you should always see an expert plastic surgeon who has done this type of surgery on many occasions before. Lots of surgeons perform standard blepharoplasty to alleviate eye droop, however trying to create double eyelids on Asian patients is much more difficult. It requires experience and precision.  When you’re trying to find someone to perform the surgery, don’t just look at the cost.


I’m 32 years old and Asian of course. I had surgery to create double lids about three years ago. The plastic surgeon made the lids too high. He said they would eventully set back into the right position, but they never did. I had to have more surgery to actually make the upper eyelid smaller to correct previous disaster. After the initial procedure, too much of the upper lid was showing which made her look too caucasian. The second surgery repositioned the fold to fit in a better position. Finally, after all these years my eyes appear more harmonious, balanced and also looks rejuvenated. A warning to all Asians, don’t just settle for any doctor. Really do your research and get recommendations from others who have had the operation.

Submitted by Lili on May 6, 2012

YouTube video

This YouTube video shows a CNN report on Asian plastic surgery. A young 22 year old Asian woman is interviewed about her decision to have her eyes permanently changed. She doesn’t like the look of her small eyelids which makes her eyes look small. She says double eyelids will make her eyes look prettier and bigger. The reporter (who is Asian) even gets her eyes analyzed by the doctor. The camera then takes you into the operating room to show how it’s done. Annie is impressed with the results and you can see her with  more confidence and experimenting with makeup.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Asian Double Eyelid Surgery #2

Photo #2

Chao from Malaysia was lucky enough to have parents who could afford Asian double eyelid surgery for her 18th Birthday. She says she doesn’t look like an alien anymore and says she’s received compliments from many friends at how great her eyes look. Eyes are very important to facial appearance because we all look at one another’s eyes when we talk to each other.

Before and After Photo: Asian Double Eyelid Surgery #3

Photo #3

Feng from the Philippines wanted to be unique among her circle of close friends and have exquisite eyes. She says her best friend is envious of her new look and she just wishes she had the money to pay for her surgery too. Your a sweet soul Feng.

Before and After Photo: Asian Double Eyelid Surgery #4

Photo #4

Jun from Taiwan never liked the look of her eyes and when she found out there was a plastic surgery procedure to help her she was excited by the fact. After going under the knife she says she feels more attractive and believes her eyes have helped her attract the attention of the man she wanted. The after picture was captured several weeks post surgery.

Before and After Photo: Asian Double Eyelid Surgery #5

Photo #5

Ushi from Vietnam hoped having eyelid surgery would make her eyelashes stand out more. A few weeks after the operation her scars had healed and the end result was nothing short of spectacular.

 Before and After Photo: Asian Double Eyelid Surgery #6

Photo #6

Warren’s double eyelid creation went very well. Prior to the procedure, half of his eyes were covered by his ‘single’ eyelid. Now, his eyes appear more open and also feature the double fold.

Before and After Photo: Asian Double Eyelid Surgery #7

Photo #7

After being bullied most of her life, Ellen decided to have the double crease surgically created. Now you can see the mascara she applies to her eyelashes and her eyes also look more appealing. Prior to the operation, her eyelid area was very small.

Before and After Photo: Asian Double Eyelid Surgery #8

Photo #8

You can clearly see the difference Asian eyelid surgery can make by looking at Alyssa’s before and after pic. The before image almost looks like a male’s eyes, lacking femininity and sex appeal. The results, accentuated by the right application of makeup, are absolutely gorgeous.

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Comment from Peta
Time April 18, 2012 at 2:38 pm

I’m a Caucasian but my two best friend are Asian. One is really gorgeous and doesn’t need any alterations done. the other (poor thing) has a really Asian face. Reading glasses won’t stay on her face because it’s too stubby. As for her eyes, they are very small and have tiny lids. She had double eyelid blepharoplasty a few months ago and the change is huge. She can actually put on mascara and eyeliner properly. she’s just beautiful now and she still looks Asian.

Comment from Chin Ying
Time May 10, 2012 at 11:53 am

Before having double eyelid surgery, I had difficulty in applying makeup and wearing contact lenses. After my procedure, the eyes look bigger, wider and more beautiful. I can now easily apply eyeliner and put in contacts with ease.

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