Blue Peel Before and After

May 2, 2012

The Obagi Blue Peel is type of chemical peel which was devised for skin tightening, wrinkles and rejuvenation of aging skin. Like the name suggests, the formula is blue in color. Cosmetic surgeons can play around with the strength by applying multiple layers of the solution onto your face. Being blue for some reasons makes you think that the treatment is a light tropical “face mask”. It’s marketed as a gentle peel, when in fact the blue peel can be very strong. You will most likely experience redness, pain and some downtime. In most cases it’s not a ‘lunchtime’ peel as some would suggest. The blue peel can also help large pores, acne scars and hyperpigmentation.

The results vary from person to person. Whilst one patient may experience no effects (pain, results, redness, improvement) whatsoever another may find herself quite tender for days and with visible improvements. It’s just one of those things you have to try for yourself to see if it will work for you. Your doctor can help you with the decision but if you have dark skin, then you may see more negative side effects. If you’re worried about the reviews, there are plenty of other facial peels and non surgical skin tightening treatments to try including a glycolic peel, Fraxel repair and ReFirme. Having beautiful young looking skin is certainly a craving these days. Unfortunately, not all products work for every skin type and every person. You should first try the least invasive treatments and progress to more intense ones if you feel they aren’t doing the job.

Before and after photo

Before and After Photo - Blue Peel for Acne

Patient #1

Annette had a blue peel to eliminate her acne problem. Before the treatment she had red active pimples which covered a large area of her cheeks. After ten weeks, her skin looks much clearer with barely any sign of acne.

Causes of bad skin

Some people are just born with a perfect body and gorgeous blemish free skin. Having a nice even complexion is certainly a gift from nature. Unfortunately, many of us aren’t so lucky and inherit problematic skin which can be dry, oily, prone to acne and subsequent acne scarring. These are still relatively lucky, others have skin with black heads, large sebaceous glands and discoloration. Having bad skin can be passed on to you from your parents. If your mother had oily skin and severe pimples when she was in her teens, you are more than likely to end up having the same problems.

Ugly skin isn’t just a hereditary defect. Everyone can damage this precious organ if they don’t look after it properly. Lifestyle choices can significantly impact on the quality and text_imageure. If you’re an avid sports person or love your outdoors then exposing the skin to harsh weather can have a dramatic effect. You won’t notice it in the first few years, but then your skin will start to deteriorate rapidly. Protect your face always with sunscreen and moisturizers when venturing outdoors. In some places, the sun is so harsh that people end up being hermits just to avoid going out in the sun too long. You don’t need to become a vampire, just cover up during the UV danger times using a hat and broad spectrum 30+ sunscreen. One which contains zinc oxide is highly recommended by dermatologists.

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Before the treatment

Once your skin has been damaged, in most circumstances it can be repaired by a cosmetic surgeon. Blue peel is just one of the options available for resurfacing the skin and allowing it to replenish without the prior blemishes. Before you book a consultation to have a blue peel, you should be aware of the other treatments available for your condition. Only after you’ve considered all the possibilities and the blue peel seems like the best option, then you should consult a doctor for your peel.

At the clinic, before the procedure, your doctor will explain the different types of Blue Peel available. This doesn’t mean there are different brands but rather varying degrees of potency. Firstly, the doctor can alter the strength by playing with the percentage of TCA (trichloroacetic acid) and by choosing the number of layers to apply. This way the treatment is controlled and if done properly, you shouldn’t end up with burnt skin or other such side effects. The is because the blue base allows for slower penetration of the peel into the skin.

You should be aware of what the blue peel can and cannot do. It works by removing top layers of the skin which are damaged or dead. The replaced skin is replenished and looks healthier and rejuvenated. This type of peel is wonderful for acne scars, wrinkles, pigmentation problems, sun damage and other blemishes. It won’t remove your moles, port-wine stains or give you a face lift.

Risks, complications & side effects

The blue peel may sound relatively harmless and even ‘fun’. What you must understand that it’s stronger than an over the counter product. It’s administered by an MD for a reason, because it takes away layers of your skin. In saying this, if it’s administered properly, the treatment is safe. There are however some risks and side-effects you should take into consideration. The least adverse side effect is that nothing will happen. I mean your skin may still peel, but your problem may not go away. If this happens, you’ve wasted money but at least you haven’t ended up with more blemishes than you started with. You may then have an alternative procedure recommended.

Since the depth of the peel is variable, you will be less likely to encounter complications if the peel is only light. However, erring on the safe side may not adequately treat your condition. Deeper blue peels can result in scars or keloids, however this is quite rare. Sometimes you can have discoloration or pigmentation issues. These are mostly temporary, luckily for us, there’s the Obagi Nu-Derm system which can help fix up its sister treatment’s stuff ups. You would be quite unlucky to end up with long term or permanent complications from an Obagi blue peel.

There are instances where you should stay away from having this treatment such as being pregnant, having chemotherapy or radiation therapy in the past year, having used Accutane in the past six months or if you have melanoma skin cancer on your face.

Recovery time

There are essentially three phases to the recovery process. The time required for the skin to peel off and fully heal will depend on the severity of the peel. Lighter peels will take less time than deeper strength ones. In the first week, you may think that your skin’s actually getting worse. Don’t worry, this is just the initial stage and your face will look much better after this skin peels off.

Once the blue tinge washes away, your skin will be swollen and will feel tight, like a mask. You will begin peeling anywhere between day 1 and day 3 after the treatment. You will notice it’s just about to start peeling when it turns brown. You will see more wrinkles and your pigment will be more obvious at this stage. Following the shedding of skin, your skin may seem normal but it’s still healing and will improve further. You may have redness or pigment changes for up to six weeks. Some clinics use the Obagi NuDerm system following the peel to help reduce unwanted symptoms.

Your facial skin will continue to recuperate until about week eight. This is where you will be able to assess the full results of the peel. Unless you work from home, are a hermit or have your own secluded office, then you may wish to take some time off work, especially during the peeling stage. At least this way you can maintain some dignity and look like a million bucks when you return – or appear as though you’ve had some kind of holiday.

After the procedure

If you were a smoker or loved sun tanning, then you will certainly notice the difference after a blue peel. Once you start losing your firm, youthful skin you can really start feeling bad about yourself and negative about life in general. This is made even harder as most people around you take some form of evasive action like anti-wrinkle injections, fillers and even facelifts. You might bump into a classmate from 30 years ago and not recognize them from the amount of work they’ve had done to keep them looking young. There’s certainly an unfair social pattern forming, but at least many cosmetic procedures are becoming affordable and more effective than what was available in the past.

The Obagi blue peel is just one of those cosmetic procedures which can do wonders for your youth and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Try to look after your skin as best you can after the treatment to prolong the time between needing more. Some people only need this done annually whilst others require more frequent visits.  Your surgeon will provide you with aftercare instructions for when you get home from the treatment. You will need to use special cleansers and moisturizers and avoid sun exposure and makeup for a while.


The cost of a blue peel for the facial region is around $550 and $700, depending on how deep you go and which clinic you visit. Some clinics offer subsequent peels for around half price if you have it done within six months. Other body areas can also be treated, including the hands, chest or neck. These are also priced approximately 50% lower than having your face treated. These prices do not include your post treatment conditioning products which cost approximately $200 for the pre-peel conditioning or $320 for the full size which lasts about four to six months.


I’ve never really had nice skin. Ever since I was young, I spent too much time out in the sun. I loved my outdoor sports and being out in the salt sea water didn’t help either. I’m turning 48 this year and I think it’s time to start looking after myself (just a tad later than I should have). I had my blue peel done a week ago and I still look scattered. I’ve taken next week off work as well so at least I’ll have time for things to settle down. I have to stay out of the sun so I’m stuck indoors for the first time in ages and I’m so bored. This better be worth it.

Submitted by Ken on May 1, 2012

YouTube video

This YouTube video was kindly uploaded by a male patient in his late forties who has the Obagi Blue Peel procedure done once a year (without any other treatments). The video shows pictures of his progress from day 1 for two weeks after the peel. At the end, you can see a before and after transformation with significant results. The doctor used four coats at a 30% mixture.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo- Blue Peel for Enlarged Pores

Patient #2

Belinda’s skin was very oily and had enlarged pores. Following her blue peel treatment, the skin looks rejuvenated, the pores have shrunk and there’s some skin tightening effect as well.

 Before and After Photo - Blue Peel for HyperpigmentationPatient #3

Tara had some dark pigmentation on her right cheek. The blemish disappeared after her treatment.

Before and After Photo - Blue Peel for Skin Rejuvenation and TighteningPatient #4

Suzann had the Obagi blue peel to rejuvenate her facial skin and reduce wrinkles. You can see her static forehead lines, crow’s feet and smile lines have improved significantly, making her look younger.

 Before and After Photo - Blue Peel on Dark Skin

Patient #5

This is a before and after photo we found on the net which we thought was hilarious. This man apparently had a blue peel and for some reason, his skin looks darker afterwards. It’s a mystery to us.

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