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May 3, 2012

Body contouring can involve many different types of plastic surgery procedures. Plastic surgeons are masters at reshaping your body the way you really want. For women, that may involve larger breasts, a slimmer tummy and smaller hips and thighs (perhaps a body lift) for a nicely shaped hourglass figure (as opposed to looking like a pear). Men’s bodies are quite different with many requiring a more muscular appearance. This could involve bulking up the upper with pectoral implants, flattening the abs and even calf augmentation to achieve a Tarzan like physique. Body contouring can also be required after massive weight loss to get the skin back into shape.

The reshaping process most often involves liposuction to suck away excess fat. This may be combined with fat transfer where fat is removed from one part of the body (such as the abdomen, arms or flanks) and implanted into another (like the buttocks, mouth, lips and even your hands). After the bulk of the contouring has been done through surgery, you could then improve the results with a skin tightening procedure such as Accent laser. If you wish to steer clear from surgery, then you can also reshape your body with fat reduction injections such as Lipodissolve and Lipotherapy. Whatever your wish, make sure you try to lose fat and tone your body yourself first. This may take some time and effort, but it can save you money and also the risks involved with some of these procedures.

Before and after photo

Before and After Photo: Body Contouring #1

Patient #1

Maribelle has CoolSculpting done on her tummy area. The after photo was taken 3 months following surgery by her surgeon Ivan. She claims to be very happy with the excess fat removed from her abdomen area with absolutely minimal scarring.

How and why is fat distributed

The key is genetics. Our genes determine where and how much fat will be deposited when we put some on. We cannot change this but we can control it with procedures like liposuction.

The 3 body types

Medical experts have ruled out that humans fall in to 1 of 3 body types/frames and these help determine how easily you gain weight and put on fat. We have listed the 3 below with small descriptions on how your frame affects your weight (fat) and muscles.

Ectomorphs – People of thin build, little muscle and small joints. They are usually long and have close set shoulders. These people are known to have fast metabolisms and can eat all day and not put on much weight at all. It is hard for these people to build muscles through weight training.

Mesomorphs – These are people with large bone structure, athletic and strong. They are the middle man when it comes to distribution of fat and muscle.

Endomorph – These are the big people. They find it hard to lose weight but put it on easily and if they workout they can put on muscle easily too. It’s hard for them to lose weight because they have a slow metabolism and have to include quite a bit of cardiovascular exercises into their gym routine if they want to avoid getting fat. This is because if they want to get muscly they need to eat a lot of food so their muscles get fed and grow.

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Before treatment

Because body contouring usually involves weight loss via liposuction therefore you should be considering losing as much weight as possible to get maximum gains. This strategy is also helpful because if you are quite a large woman and hold off getting liposuction you may find out that all you may need is a tummy tuck or if you are unlucky then breast implants because you may have lost all the precious fat in your breasts. If you are considering a treatment which gets rid of cellulite like the Accent laser then it would also be wise to hold off and save your money while trying to lose as much weight as possible so that when you finally get it done the effects of the laser are maximum. If you are considering something like a chin implants they obviously the pre-weight loss idea is not an issue.

It would be a good idea to look up several before and after pictures on the Internet of the procedure you intend to have so that you don’t have to have a paid consultation with a surgeon to get an idea. If you’ve found a plastic surgeon who you are keen to have perform the surgery then be sure to check online reviews as he may have a couple bad ones that may change your mind in surgeons. Money is always a big issue even if you can afford it so please do shop around locally and avoid traveling long distances to have a procedure done. You’ll also want to be in the healthiest state as possible when you go in for surgery so your body is fit to heal fast and properly and avoid complications.

– Be sure to take a before photo if you decide to go ahead with body contouring

Risks, complications & side effects

We will attempt to generalize risks and complications below for body contouring but if you would like more in depth knowledge on the various types of procedures and risks associated with them please visit the “Related procedures” section below and navigate to the risks sections.

Weight loss procedures – Problems with liposuction are real but generally they have become very safe nowadays with state of the art equipment being used around the country. It would be safe to assume you are in good hands if your surgeon is experienced and you can find this out by asking them for their qualifications and documentation. Asking for actual before and after photos of their patients results is an added bonus if they have then and they usually do, but know that they might not be showing you the ones with bad results so do some research on your surgeon online after the initial consultation just to be sure. There is always a possibility of you dying in the operating room or in the emergency room if something major goes wrong. If you experience any major problems with your surgeons results you should report them to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) so they have follow up your complaint.

Lifts – More risks come with lifts than normal liposuction because the surgeon has to remove parts of your flesh and reattach the rest. Surgeons are extremely talented and know what they are doing and the general report from online users around the world show positive feedback on the many types of lits such as a buttock lift, breast lifts and face lifts; but there are also a few negative reviews. If you are thinking about having a lift then we recommend you ask your accredited surgeon how long they have been practicing for and how many lifts they have performed.

Gastric bypass – If you are considering having a gastric bypass to help you lose weight as a means of body contouring then there are more reported risks and fatalities associated with that then general liposuction so please be aware of this.

Recovery time

General liposuction – 2 weeks to a few months (if you include scars)

Lifts in general – 2 weeks to a month

Gastric bypass – 1 or 2 weeks, if complications arise you may have to go in for revision surgery to possibly correct or remove the bypass itself

Tummy tucks – 1 month or so

After surgery

Have someone drive and assist you home as you will be unable to do so yourself from possibly from the pain and medication you have been given. Take care of yourself and be sure to get good sleep so that your body heals and recovers properly. Continue taking the medication your surgeon prescribed and drink plenty of water but not too much or that could cause problems in itself. Try not to touch and poke the area you were operated on for a week or at least a few days as much as possible, especially any scars or you could possibly get an unwanted infection from bacteria on your hands. Hopefully the surgeon did a great job in contouring your body the way you wanted and you don’t have to go back for a revision. If you were fortunate enough to take a before photo of yourself or a few then a few days later after any swelling has subsided then take an after shot and compare the two. It would be wise to avoid any strenuous activities until when the surgeon specifies you can return to normal activities.


Liposuction – $5,500 on average

Lifts – $12,000 (face), $9,500 (buttocks), $8,250 (tummy tucks) and $9,700 (breast)

Mommy makeover – $13,000 more or less


I recently had a mommy makeover in Portland, Ohio and I must say it was worth every penny. My skin started to sag once I gave birth to my son Jasper and after I lost the weight there was no stopping the skin sag. I complained daily about it to my husband that it bothered me and I just wanted something done about it. I did some research on it online and put forth a proposal to my husband that I’ll be forever miserable until it’s fixed. Luckily enough we could afford it and still managed to go on vacation a few weeks later while my mother took care of my son. I avoided getting in the water in Miami during our entire trip but I was able to show off my new body in the sun. The surgeon told me to avoid too much sun exposure but I just couldn’t help myself.

Submitted by Jazzy on April 3, 2012

YouTube video

This YouTube video is a rip from a television show of Dr. Jason Leedy from the Cleavland Plastic Surgery Institute talking about having body contouring after a gastric bypass. The problem with losing so much weight after bariatric surgery, although it varies from person to person. In the show they display some amazing before and after images that you may want to see and might find hard to believe are real. In the video they claim 80% of cosmetic surgery procedures are on women and 20% on men.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Body Contouring #2

Patient #2

Abraham from Pennsylvania gets a Body Jet to reduce the amount of excess fat stored on his abdomen. The procedure was a success as you can see in the after photo. His M.D. Dr. Boyd did an excellent job and Abraham had a full recovery in several weeks following the procedure. The after picture was taken several week later.

Before and After Photo: Body Contouring #3

Patient #3

Daniel Sands from the Gold Coast, Australia lost a massive amount of weight after having a gastric bypass installed. It took him several years to lose the weight which he said wasn’t a problem but what bothered him most was the excess sagging skin left on his back afterwards. He sought the help of a plastic surgeon Dr. Craig Layt who was able to assist him with a procedure known as a “bra line back lift”. The operation was a success and now Daniel has to take care of himself and his back so that his scar can fully heal. The after photo was taken several weeks later.

Before and After Photo: Body Contouring #4

Patient #4

Ali from Indonesia had a procedure known as “buccal fat removal”. She wished for her cheeks to look more prominent and sexy and always had a problem of fat deposits not wanting to leave that area. There was minimal scarring left afterwards and she made a complete recovery in just over a week. The after picture was shot 1 week later.

Before and After Photo: Body Contouring #5

Patient #5

Amanda Moore from Rio, Brazil got the buttocks lift she always wanted as a teenager to make her behind stand out more especially in the thong she wore to the beach. She can’t stop looking at it now and knows she stands out from most girls when she goes to the beach. She complained of a little pain when sitting down a few days after and laying in bed but apparently it was definitely worth it. The after snapshot was taken by her boyfriend just over a week following surgery.

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