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May 4, 2012

Not sure about traditional liposuction? There is a less invasive way to get rid of those stubborn fat deposits. Body jet is essentially water-assisted lipo. It uses a pulsed-spray to loosen and rinse away fat. Numbing lotion helps to minimize discomfort, so the procedure can be done while you’re awake. Another bonus, you’ll have less swelling, pain and bruising after the operation. Just like other liposuction procedures, you can even use the fat that’s been removed as part of a fat transfer procedure for softening wrinkles, rejuvenating your hands and enhancing other parts of your body such as the breasts. Although, you should be aware the breast augmentation with a fat transfer doesn’t last as long as synthetic implants, since the fat is reabsorbed by the body.

H2O liposuction is a gentler option to try, especially if you don’t want to end up looking like a big bruise following the surgery. Once again, you can have it done on virtually any area of the body including those thunder thighs, flabby arms and the much loved belly. This body contouring procedure can have you looking in great shape, with much less downtime. Ditching the gym has never sounded easier right? Well, you still need to keep up your fitness levels to remain healthy, but at least the fat will be gone a lot quicker without much of an attempt at weight loss.

Before and after photo

Before and After Photo: Body Jet #1

Malorie from Tennessee had a Body Jet performed on her abdominal area because she found it impossible to lose the excess belly fat that was stuck on her abs. The procedure cost her $4,640 at a local plastic surgery clinic. She has shopped around and found a very experienced surgeon at an affordable rate. The operation was a success with a minimal recovery period. The after photo was taken several days later at the clinic when she came in for a check in to be discharged.

Before treatment

If you read the above few paragraphs and discovered that Body Jet is water assisted lipo, then don’t think it’s as simple as pointing a handy-mans power assisted water gurney at your fat deposits and hitting it full blast, it’s done from the inside of the skin with a special machine, if only it was that easy. The trick to getting maximum results from your Body Jet experience is to lose as much weight as possible beforehand so that the most of stubborn deposits of fat are targeted and dissolved. Exercise and a balanced diet is essential not only in losing weight but staying healthy. If you lose a lot of weight and realize you have many areas of unwanted saggy skin left over on your body then you may not even be a good candidate for a Body Jet but perhaps a lift, these are more invasive but statistics show that the majority of people walk away with positive results so don’t discard this option yet.

It’s recommended that you achieve a stable weight for at least several months before your Body Jet procedure. If you plan on going ahead with the surgery then make sure you take a before photo of the area which will be operated on, surgeons usually ask for this too to add to their before and after photo portfolio. If you’ve come to this page just to do a little research then you might also be interested in related procedures for which we have a section a little further down the page with links to tons of information so be sure to check it out. If you plan on having a Body Jet operation then be sure to take a before photo so you can compare the results later, hopefully you’ll be amazed at the results and that you didn’t wast money.

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Risks, complications & side effects

With Body Jet there is a small risk of the surgeon damaging surrounding blood vessels and tissue. There is usually minimal bruising with the Body Jet so you shouldn’t be afraid of the procedure. There is a chance that the operation has the opposite effect and actually increases the amount of cellulite where you were treated but the chances of this happening is minimal. The Body Jet procedure has been designed to leave smooth skin after the procedure there is a chance that there will be irregularities like bumps and lumps afterwards. However before jumping to any conclusions you should wait at least several weeks for your fat and skin to heal after the procedure before you see it’s full effect on your body. If your surgeon does a good job you should be left with very little if no scarring from where the jet was inserted into your body. The Body Jet procedure is designed to be many times more gentle on your body than normal liposuction so you shouldn’t worry too much. There might be a little bruising, swelling or pain in the area where you were treated but this should subside in several days and you should make a normal recovery.

Recovery time

It usually takes between 2 to 3 weeks for you to be able to return to normal daily activities. Bruising and swelling really depends on each individual but it generally goes away within the first to second week of recovery.

After surgery

You should be prepared to spend a lot (not too much during the day) of time in bed and get a good night’s sleep every night. Going for regular walks will help increase blood circulation and assist you to recover quicker. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids especially water, but avoid alcohol if you can as this will slow down the healing process. Try to avoid doing any strenuous activities during your recovery period to reduce the amount of pain and swelling you will suffer. Take your medication as prescribed by your surgeon and don’t miss any days until you’ve run out, if you feel you’re still in pain after you’ve run out of medication then call your doctor and they will organize a fresh prescription for you. If you are feeling low on energy during the first week of the recovery period then taking a multi-vitamin regularly will help as well as accelerate the healing process. Avoid touching and poking the treated area as much as possible until it’s fully healed.


The Body Jet average cost within the United States is $5,700.


I’m Cathy from Iowa and I had the Body Jet done on my back fat because I’ve always thought the back was the sexiest part of a womans body and I just couldn’t shake my fat. I thought about getting the fat/sagging skin removed surgically until I discovered the Body Jet online on a surgeons website. The procedure instantly appealed to me because it had much less risks than traditional liposuction and it also sounded less invasive. I’d have to say my back looks great now. I paid just over $6,000 for it and had to postpone a holiday to Alaska by a few years but I definitely think it was worth the money. The only problem is I can’t look at it when I take my clothes off, I have to see it in the mirror and I look great from behind. My husband massaged the area for me lightly when I was recovering and I think it really helped. I didn’t feel much pain whatsoever afterwards but then again I have a high tolerance for pain. My surgeon Dr. Lasker was very professional and I’d certainly go back to him. I realize I paid more than the average but I wanted someone experienced and I checked him up online before I went to my first consultation. He has an extensive portfolio of before and after photos that looked very promising to me and I guess that suckered me in because I was desperate about my body. I feel skinnier now and love it when my man gives me back massages every couple of days. If your thinking about having a Body Jet then just be sure your surgeon has done many before you decide to go with them.

Submitted by Anonymous on May 5, 2012

YouTube video

This YouTube video is a feature from More Local, Las Vegas on channel Fox 5. It features the Body Jet procedure and claims that it simply washes away pockets of unwanted fat. There is a lady who goes through her experience after she lost children and had the procedure done to get rid of her baby gut. The lady had a Body Jet where she claims her thunder thighs were and now she absolutely loves her new legs.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Body Jet #2

Patient #2

52 year old Sharron had a Body Jet performed on her abdominal area to reduce the amount of excess fat she was unable to lose through healthy dieting. She gained this fat from losing too much weight too fast and because her body wasn’t young anymore she developed a bit of lose skin. Thanks to a Body Jet her tummy looks much better now and she says she’s happy with the results. The after photo was taken several days later.

Before and After Photo: Body Jet #3

Patient #3

Gracy a 45 year old lady from Phoenix researched the side effects and complications of a Body Jet on the Internet and decided it was a much better choice than traditional liposuction. She shopped around locally and found a plastic surgeon with the equipment and asked if he could do it a little cheaper because she didn’t have so much money and he agreed to do it for her. The operation on her abdomen wasn’t too serious as there wasn’t too much to take away the surgeon claims and it was a success with the after photo being taken one week later.

Before and After Photo: Body Jet #4

Patient #4

Rachel from England, UK went to her local plastic surgeon and was recommended the Body Jet procedure on her thighs over normal liposuction because the results would have been the same and there would be minimum downtime for her. She agreed and had it done the next week. The after photo was taken several days later and as you can see there is no bruising or swelling and positive results for her.

Before and After Photo: Body Jet #5

Patient #5

Melissa Goodall from Bondi, Australia is a keen surfer and after losing some weight she had stubborn fat deposits and rolls. She sought the help of a Gold Coast plastic surgeon to help her and also was recommended the Body Jet procedure over traditional liposuction. She claims there was no pain whatsoever and she walked away without a problem and no bruising. The after photo was taken several days later at the clinic where she had it done.

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