Body Wrap Before and After

May 4, 2012

Body wraps are a non-invasive spa treatment which has various uses. Some can be used for weight loss or skin tightening whilst others are primarily for detoxing the body. Some types have helped to reduce acne. You can buy the wraps as at-home kits or you can have an indulging body wrap treatment at a spa or cosmetic clinic. At spas and massage parlors, you can buy a package which also includes a massage. How relaxing!

To take you through the process, you start off with a scrub (mud, green apple, pear etc). After a rinse off, you are covered with the wrap ingredients. The massage therapist or physician will cover each body part with plastic, then towels and sheets. A thermal blanket keeps you warm while you indulge in one of the most relaxing treatments out there. Don’t worry you won’t sweat from the heat. You will lay in a dark room, probably asleep, in candlelight for about half an hour. Afterward, you are rinsed off and treated with lotion.

Apart from slimming and detox, body wraps are also a cellulite treatment. You need to be careful not to get your hopes up thought. The effects of these treatments are only temporary. With dimpled skin, the wrap can reduce the effect for a day or two by plumping out the skin. It does not remove fat. As for weight loss, you may look a little tighter, but once again, only for a few days at most. Use them mainly for their relaxing and moisturizing benefits.

Before and after photo

Before and After Photo: Body Wrap #1

Lara had a relaxing body wrap. You can see her abdomen is a little flatter after the treatment. The procedure enabled her to fit into her dress for a special evening.

Before treatment

If you’re considering getting a body wrap treatment, you may be one of those people that shy away from invasive surgeries and try to deal with your bodily dissatisfactions the simpler way. This is the smart thing to do. If you want to tighten up your skin a tad or lose an inch, then you can definitely try a body wrap treatment. If you just want to get pampered with some benefits on the side then these are also your ideal option to try. These treatments are much less expensive than plastic surgery or liposuction procedures and you don’t have any downtime either. It’s the perfect solution for the budget-wary health conscious consumer.

Like we stated above, you can’t get your hopes up too much though. Whilst you avoid the hefty price you pay for other procedures like CoolSculpting or ReFirme, you certainly won’t get the same results either. Body wraps are more of a temporary, feel-good fix rather than a permanent treatment option. On the other hand, your decision making process should be much easier – since you have much less to lose with trying a body wrap treatment. You need to get this set in your mind before you step into the parlor. If you’ve got muffin tops and are afraid to expose your midriff, you will probably end up with the same problem when you walk out of that beauty parlor. You might be more relaxed, but you’ll still have similar sized fat bulges to deal with. Perhaps if you want more of an effect and your budget is tight, try some natural weight loss techniques like drinking a lot of water, switching from fat to nutritious foods and even walking every day. On the other hand, those who are already fit and just want to firm up a little, you could try some toning exercises. If you just can’t wait for those results, then try a body wrap anyway. It will lift your spirits and give you much needed relaxation time – without someone pointing a scalpel at you.

Risks, complications & side effects

Body wraps seem harmless enough, even to business owners. Some salon owners don’t see the need to buy insurance for body wraps since they believe there’s no medical complications which can occur. Actually, even with such a simple treatment, there are still some inherent risks involved. With some weight loss types, the clinician will wrap you up and make you exercise for a short while so you begin to sweat. You being to lose water weight rapidly and sometimes this can cause dehydration and hypovolemic shock. You need to get rehydrated quickly otherwise you can cause organ damage or even death. To help avoid this, drink plenty of water before a weight loss body wrap treatment so you can stay properly hydrated throughout.

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If the treatment involves sitting in a sauna or exercising whilst wearing the bandages, this can also lead to overheating or hypothermia.  Another complication which can occur is your capillaries getting squashed, leading to circulatory problems. This happens because the wraps are so tightly bound. Mostly it’s people who already have cardiovascular complications such as hypertension. Just because it seems like a relatively safe procedure, you should still  make sure to see someone who’s had proper education and training before performing a wrap on you.

Recovery time

You don’t really need any time to recover from a body wrap. You can just go straight back to work or basically do anything that you want. You may be super relaxed afterwards though, so you may just want to go home and unwind even more, listen to some music or watch a dvd. Even though there’s no recovery time needed, it’s probably not a good idea to go for a jog or a gym session when you’re in such a calm state. This is another benefit of such treatments. Although their results are mild, you don’t need to stay in hospital or arrange for home care afterwards. It’s just simple walk-in-walk-out pampering.

After the procedure

Once the clinician starts to unwrap those tight dressing, you will feel a sense of ease. You will look and feel fantastic for the first couple of days. If you’ve had a inch-loss wrap, you may be surprised or disappointed at the results, depending on your initial expectations. If you’ve lost a larger circumference, it could be because of compression of tissues rather than actual fat reduction. You will most likely see your body bounce back to its original shape after a few days. You should anticipate this to avoid being too disappointed. Some people use the body wrap as an incentive to start a weight loss program. There are a few post body wrap diets and exercises out there to try. Since you’ve spent the money to see how good you can look, you might a swell try to keep off the weight afterwards. These types of treatments are perfect for a quick slim-down if you have a special event to attend the next day.


If you want a reputable clinic and a qualified, trained therapist expect to pay anywhere between $70 and $150 for a single session. Many clinics will offer specials and discounts to attract new customers. Take advantage of these offers where you can but still go to someone with experience.


I had the inch loss treatment at a day spa. It did feel very relaxing once I was wrapped up and could finally lay down in peace. I did feel a little thirsty during the whole process, but nothing too serious. Once the sheet was unwrapped and removed and I stood up, I did feel a little dizzy but once again it was very minor. The clinician took a picture of me before she started, which was a good idea because I didn’t notice much results after I was out. Looking at the before and after images thought did confirm to me how well these nifty treatments work. It wasn’t very long lived though. After a week, I felt the same as I had prior to the having it done. It was worth the money, just to feel good about myself even for a week.

YouTube video

This YouTube video is of a TodayTonight program which covers the mummy body wrap treatment. It shows a woman who lost 35.5cm after using a clay body wrap. The universal contour wrap can make you lose inches within a few hours, with less effort than going to a gym.

More before and after photos

 Before and After Photo: Body Wrap #2

Patient #2

Here’s felicity the next day after a inch-loss body wrap. You can see her abdomen has been shrunk and tightened quite significantly.

 Before and After Photo: Body Wrap #3

Patient #3

A body wrap that did wonders for Alicia. Her lower abdomen is significantly smaller and the skin is tighter as well. The black panties also make the area look very flattering.

 Before and After Photo: Body Wrap #4

Patient #4

Jonothan had a small bulge on his abdomen. He did several weight loss body wrap treatments which really helped to reduce the size. Jonothan also did a detox and stuck to a strict dieting program during these treatments. Well, they certainly paid off.

 Before and After Photo: Body Wrap #5

Patient #5

Craig visited was experiencing acne problems on his back, chest and face. He had a body wrap to see how it could improve the pimples on his back. The results are quite impressive.

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One Response to “Body Wrap Before and After”

Comment from Nikki
Time May 8, 2012 at 3:24 pm

Never again. I had a mud wrap done about two months ago. I just wanted to do a detox before my wedding which is coming up next month. It was an absolute disaster. The clinic made two mistakes. First they added too much powder to the wrap and second they left me wrapped up half an hour too long.

During the treatment, I felt incredibly hot and uncomfortable. I had to keep pulling my arm out to get some fresh air in. After I got home I felt really sore. My body was red and I called the clinic. They told me it would get better and just to put some aloe vera on my body. I went to a meeting the next day and felt really ill. I wore a white skirt and as I was sitting down, I noticed I was bleeding from the skin on my abdomen. I decided to go to the doctor and he admitted me to hospital right away.

I had second and degree burns and needed surgery. The surgeons took skin grafts from my thighs and put them on my stomach. The skin on my abdomen looks absolutely horrid, saggy and doesn’t even look like it’s my skin.

I’ve got everything booked for my wedding next month. It’s an absolute disaster because I won’t be able to go swimming on my honeymoon. I’m very upset and taking legal action. Word of advice – if you want a body wrap – go to a professional!

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