Boob Jobs Before and After

February 9, 2012

Boob jobs are basically any type of cosmetic breast surgery to improve or correct the size, deformities, shape or sag of the female breast.  The term ‘boob job’ is a slang term which has become well known in today’s society. The most popular procedure, a breast augmentation can be done with implants or autologous fat to make the bosoms bigger. For older women, or those who have experienced massive weight loss, a breast lift can be combined with an enlargement for a complete rejuvenation of the chest. Nicely shaped supple breasts are a desire of many women. But not all are after the huge knockers look. Some women have so much trouble with their large boobs that they opt for a breast reduction.  To add even more of a spin on this type of surgery, transsexuals also undergo such surgery for the sake of cosmetic appearance in their never ending quest to transform their body.

Whatever your reasoning is behind mammoplasty there are plenty of women out there who are unsatisfied with theirs and changing them. If your boyfriend is not satisfied with yours (most won’t admit this), don’t just get it done form him. If you are happy with your body, then that’s all you need. Don’t go under the knife to seek validation from others. Not only does it cost a fortune, but you’re putting your body at risk as well. In saying so, there are plenty of experienced surgeons who can do a wonderful job if your motivations and expectations are in line.

Before and after photo

Before and After Photo: Kelly Wingham had an awesome boob job, you can just tell by looking at the after photo.

Photo #1

Kelly got an awesome boob job result from her plastic surgeon, she is very satisfied with the results and says she’d do it again any day if she had to. She says she has been saving up for it for a long time and now that she’s got it she reckons it was worth every penny and minute waiting for it.

Before having them done

Prior to having a breast augmentation you are more than likely unsatisfied with your breasts in general and consider them an important part of your sex appeal and hope to improve their appearance so you feel better about yourself and being an attractive woman.

Main reasons for having breast surgery

  1. Asymmetry deformity – In the case of asymmetry the goal of having surgery is to realign the shape of the breasts making them look more natural and similar in size, a common reason for having this procedure is after having a mastectomy or lumpectomy.
  2. Tubular deformity – Approximately 2% of patients who undergo a breast augmentation have this procedure done. Its common symptoms are marked by a poor inframammary fold or having no fold at all, pseudo-herniatiaon of tissue on the breasts into the areola and a visible flattening along the low poles of the breast/s with quite a minimal rounding appearance.
  3. Pectus carinatum deformity – Closely related to pigeon bowing chest deformity of the sternum where the breasts bow outwards as in a pigeon’s chest which is very unattractive.
  4. Pectus excavatum deformity – A complicated procedure where the rib cage can be depressed showing a lack of cleavage. Many x-rays have to be taken to identify this deformity properly. A lung specialist is also advised to be consulted as this procedure could possibly involve modifying the rib-cage.
  5. Nipple hypertrophy – It is amazing how many woman are born with this deformity. It is more common in more racial groups than others. The patients who undergo this surgery wish to have smaller nipples rather than great (sometimes very long) protruding nipples.
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After surgery

How you will feel

There are plenty of advantages of having a boob job performed; the main goal is to make you feel like a new woman. You will want to show your naked breasts to all your close friends and if you had breast implants you will probably make others (because you want good feedback) take a handful and feel them. If you had smaller breasts prior to surgery you will be sure to notice that 99% of men are attracted to breasts and the bigger they are the better and it will sure make your figure appear better in proportion because your hips looked wide. You may have been embarrassed having a depressed or flat chest and now you will feel like the happiest woman alive going out shopping for new larger bras to fit your boobs into. After severe weight loss or pregnancy you may miss your large natural breasts and be sad you lost them. The statistics show that boob jobs are well money spent, that’s why so many women in America have them done each year. Going to the beach will surely remove all those anxieties and phobias of being unattractive.

A few post operation care instructions (guide)

Your surgeon you choose will remove all anxieties for you before having the surgery by explaining what will happen, how you will feel and how you should take care of your breasts after surgery. Please read on if you wish to know a few post of care instructions after you’ve had your boob job.

Be sure to consult a qualified physician for comprehensive instructions on taking care of your breasts after having surgery.


The cost of having the job done can range anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000. Be aware the less you pay you are likely to come by someone who isn’t totally experienced and just needs the work. Seriously steer clear of having a surgery holiday like the ones you hear about in Thailand, this is because it’s not really a holiday because you will be recovering for a long time and can’t be sipping on cocktails while you recover. Another reason to stay away from holiday surgery is due to post care. If complications arise a while after the surgery it may be hard for you to communicate with the plastic surgeon that performed the procedure and you will be sure to run into more complications if there is a problem with your breasts afterwards. The best tip we can give you is to find a qualified surgeon who is very experienced in boob jobs and can show you plenty of before and after photos of his own operations and patients.


I had silicone implants done about four years ago. After listening to the news and confirming with my surgeon that I had the French PIP implants inserted, I’m very worried. I live in Australia and the government here won’t pay to remove the implants, even though they are made of industrial strength silicone (not medical grade). The story aired on sixty minutes with women experiencing very harsh side effects like vomiting, nausea, migraines. Who knows what this stuff is doing to our bodies. I’m scared and I feel betrayed by the TGA. I think Dr Daniel Fleming is a joke. He’s not even a plastic surgeon so why is he advising the TGA about breast implants?

Submitted by Claire on March 20, 2012

YouTube Video

If you’re shying away from surgery just now, this nifty YouTube video shows how you can boost that cleavage without scalpels and implants. The trick is in the illusion cleverly created by applying makeup to the area.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Tameka Chacko got her boob job just how she wanted it done. Now she no longer feels insecure when taking her top off at the beach.

Photo #2

Tameka got her boob job done just how she wanted it and now she no longer feels insecure taking her top off at the beach. The after photo was taken four week following surgery with incredible results. Tameka loves her new boobs now and doesn’t regret going to surgery whatsoever.

Before and After Photos: Sharron Adger has her dream boob job after many years of saving up. She is extremely satisfied with the result and has no regrets.

Photo #3

Sharron has her dream boob job that she’s been saving up for a long time for and has absolutely no regrets. The fantastic results can be seen in the after photo which was taken a month and a half post the procedure. Sharron says there was little pain following surgery compared to what she expected.

Before and After Photo: Margery Huff Has a breast augmentation practically giving her breasts form her flat chest.

Photo #4

Margery from San Diego has a breast augmentation giving her the breasts she always wanted compared to her almost flat chest before. There is a huge difference in breast size from the before and after photo above and you can easily tell the surgery was a success. The after photo was taken two months following surgery.

Before and After Photo: Julianne Palencia has her breast implants inserted as bell as having a breast lift and areola reduction.

Photo #5

Julianne has finally had her boob job. It included a breast lift, an areola reduction and insertion of breast implants. The end product looks much better than her previously deflated breasts. She is very happy with the results and the work her surgeon has done for her.

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4 Responses to “Boob Jobs Before and After”

Comment from Kimberley
Time February 9, 2012 at 2:23 pm

I had my breasts enlarged a few years ago. I used to be a size A cup and now I’m a C. I tried not to go overboard so the transformation looked natural. My bf absolutely loves them and so do I. He went halves with me so we just say the left one’s mine & the other one is his. After having them for several yours now though, I wouldn’t mind stepping up a size or two again. I just want more 🙂 The surgery is pretty expensive and I can’t really afford the time off work at the moment so I think I’ll leave that decision for a while. But if you’re considering a boob job, I highly recommend it!

Comment from Tenniele
Time February 9, 2012 at 2:23 pm

I just discovered that my surgeon used those dodgy French implants with the industrial silicone. I’m quite distraught. Mine haven’t leaked by I will definitely be having them replaced. I thought everything in this industry was meant to be checked and double checked. Before you get a boob job, I’d strongly advise you to do your research. Although no one really knew about these types of implants I would expect more for the money I paid.

Comment from Chelsae
Time February 9, 2012 at 2:24 pm

I had breast surgery when I was 30 to augment and lift. I’m very impressed with the results. Now I can easily fill out a bikini and not have to worry about my looks. I used to be so ashamed stepping out with my swimsuit on because the top would always be a little looser and the bottom bit was tight! This only meant one thing – small boobs and big hips. Now it’s the other way around and that’s how a woman’s body should be. Why can’t it just come out already perfect 😛

Comment from Anna
Time April 18, 2012 at 2:15 pm

I absolutely love my new boobs. I’ve just had them done (about two months ago). I can actually fill out a bra now and i’m more confident about my whole body. I don’t really flaunt them like some tarts out there but they’ve still made a huge improvement to my life. Before, i was always afraid to wear bikinis or anything really, and taking my top off for a new guy was just out of the question.

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