Bra Line Back Lift Before and After

May 4, 2012

You can imagine what this procedure is just from its name. Yes, it refers to those bulging fat deposits and sagging skin which appears around the bra-line area. A bra-line back lift is a form of plastic surgery which focuses on making your back beautiful. We all know that tight bulging look when a woman wears a bra and you can see the fat rolls through the shirt or dress. They are usually in between the bra line and the bottom of the armpit and also below where the bra usually sits. The procedure involves eliminating this fat through liposuction, cutting away excess skin and stitching the back up again.

The lift will leave a scar which will run horizontally across the back. The surgeon will try to position the scar to sit underneath the bra and not visible when wearing clothing, bathers or a bikini. Before you jump into surgery which cuts your back open, you may want to try a weight loss program. This way, you may eliminate some of the fat yourself and see if the skin shrinks back into position. It may still be possible if you are relatively young (under 30). Unfortunately, back fat deposits can be quite stubborn.

On the other hand, if you never take your shirt off, then you might as well use the comfort Genie bras to hide the fat rolls. These tops completely cover your back fat so you won’t see bulges under your dress. Granted, they are not suitable for all occasions or outfits. Also, they may not satisfy you if you’ve just had a breast lift or breast augmentation and you want to show off that new curvy cleavage. This is because if you have large breasts you typically need to do your bra up tight in order to carry their weight. This is where the back flab becomes obvious, even in relatively thin women.

Before and after photo

Before and After Photo: Bra Line Back Lift #1

Patient #1

Daniel Sand from the Gold Coast, Australia sought the help of a plastic surgeon called Dr. Craig Layt for help after he lost tons of weight. He developed unwanted back rolls that he just couldn’t shake and needed surgery to correct the problem. The after photo was taken several weeks alter. Hopefully Daniels scar heals well and there is nothing left over in several moths to a year.

Causes of back rolls

The main cause of back rolls is major rapid weight loss.

Why would someone want to treat this?

Several benefits of getting the bra line back lift are improved appearance from behind, hidden bra-line scar, you get to see immediate results and your self esteem will surely get better. There are many reasons why someone would want a bra line back lift. The main reason of course if for cosmetic reasons. The problem is, genetics play a vital role in where our fat gets stored on our bodies and we don’t have any choice about it. Losing a lot of weight can give you fat rolls and saggy skin on your back and anywhere else. It usually takes someone else to point this out to you or you notice it in the mirror and say “Oh dam!”. Having these rolls on your back just goes to show that you were really overweight at one time and didn’t look after yourself. The only thing that puts people off about having this type of surgery is that it leaves a scar on your back that’s pretty big. If you take care of yourself properly and follow your surgeons advice on how to do so, the scar should heal pretty well and you shouldn’t even be able to notice that it is/was even there. Don’t be pushed into getting major surgery done just because people pay you out, you must make the choice on your own for your own reasons.

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Before treatment

Before you ever get back rolls you should aim at losing weight as slow as possible so that your skin tightens naturally. You can do this with a well balanced diet and taking vitamins daily so the healing process is accelerated. Whatever you do, do it slowly and avoid starving or fasting. Drink plenty of water and exercise as much as possible to increase blood circulation. Seeing a dietitian would be an excellent idea but be sure to do some research on the diet they provide you because there are so many fake ones out there it’s not funny. If you back rolls aren’t too severe you can try building your back muscles if your a man by doing chin ups and other back exercises like that to improve you physique. If you’re thinking of having a bra line back lift be sure to look at some after photos taken perhaps several years after so you can get an idea of what the scar will look like following surgery. It’s not a pretty scar to look at just after surgery but it does heal over time but doesn’t completely disappear. It would be a good idea to ask your local plastic surgeon during your consultation if he could show you some scar photos many years after a surgery has been performed, that way you will know what your dealing with. Please be aware that the majority of plastic surgeons do charge for even initial consultations. It would be a good idea to quit smoking at least a few weeks before surgery to avoid any complications that may arise.

Risks, complications & side effects

There will be a scar left over but the surgeon will try and hide this by placing it around where your bra will be worn. The scar gets smaller and goes from red to pink to silver and then to a cream color over many years time, it takes roughly 10 years for the scar to fully heal to it’s maximum potential. There is a risk of anesthesia depending on how you will react to it and how the surgeon applies it to you. There is a risk you may bleed after you get home from the surgery especially if you put excess strain on your back area or use your back muscles, there is very little risk of you bleeding to death though if the surgeon did a good job of stitching you back up. As with any surgery there is always a risk of infection, the infection could be mild or severe depending on how bad the bacteria takes it’s course. If you notice any risk of infection from the signs your surgeon points out to you before you leave the clinic after the surgery then be sure to contact them for instructions as soon as possible so you can get it under control and assist the healing process. If there are major complications there is a risk of you dying during the surgery but this is very rare, just be sure your dealing with a board certified plastic surgeon by asking to see their credentials before the operation.

Recovery time

Two weeks to a month. Please read the information about after the surgery to know what to be aware of and what the process involves.

After surgery

Following the surgery you will be free to wear a bra again of your choice after a fortnight. Don’t wear one before then or you will start to swell and could possibly put pressure on the scar that has been put on your back. You would be wise to avoid strenuous exercise, especially involving your back muscles until they have healed sufficiently. Do not go to the gym and work out for any reason for at least a month following surgery and even after that take care not to overexert yourself and your back muscles. Do not flex much or raise your arms above your head as this will slow down healing and may cause you serious pain, avoid this for several weeks and only then do it slowly to be sure you don’t hurt yourself. You will be free to bathe, shower, take a bath and swim 24 hours following surgery but it would be a good idea not to jump into a pool with bacteria for a week. If you are experiencing pain after you run out of pain medication then please visit or call your doctor to organize some more for you, they will be happy to help you out.


Average cost of $9,000. This however depend on what location you get it done and which surgeon you see about it. Avoid traveling overseas to have it done at a cheaper rate as there could be complications and this could cause major problems and money issues with you. Having holiday surgery is not really a holiday because you will be in pain and you shouldn’t drink alcohol and be in the sun or jumping around on the beach so this should be avoided. Your surgeons fees will depend on the anesthesia and hospital stay you’ll be staying at. Also different clinics charge different prices on medication they supply you to take home to assist with pain.


Many years ago I had a bra line back lift in Indiana at  a local plastic or cosmetic surgery clinic. My doctor was very caring and professional and advised me the only thing I will be disappointed with will be the scar but any phobias about it I may have now won’t matter to me a few weeks after the surgery. I would rather a scar any day over lots of sagging fat rolls. I know when I went to the beach I made people stare at my gross back and I really wanted to do something about it. I took a month off work to have it done and I’m glad I did because whenever I bent over I felt pain in my back. I found it hard to sleep for over a week because of the pain even with the medication. After a month I was so glad that it was all over and I decided to go to the beach and then I felt embarrassed about the scar but after going to the beach a couple of times I just imagined that my bikini was hiding the scar and I felt great. I think people who saw the scar felt sorry for me and weren’t disgusted at me because I was morbidly obese once and had sagging skin. I’m quite proud of myself for going through an operation like that, it was my first time in hospital and it did make me very nervous when I was there. I paid $7,500 for the back lift, I wondered why my surgeon was charging such a good price and he told me he really needed the work and I was sure to check his credentials before I even considered it. I think the bra line back lift is a great procedure and hopefully one day they will invent something that gets rid of big unwanted scars, maybe they have… I should really look it up. Happy I could share.

Submitted by Angelina on May 4, 2012

YouTube video

This YouTube video is from Fox 10 and shows Dr. Repta talking about the new procedure “bra line back lift”. He claims it is a major issue for some people to have major back fat. They discuss the issue on the show. The video was uploaded in April 2009. The procedure takes one hour to perform. In the video they show a few scenes in the operating room so if your not used to looking at these sort of images then please don’t watch the video. They say you don’t really need to be overweight or be suffering from sagging skin due to weight loss, you could just be normal and want to have it done.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Bra Line Back Lift #2

Patient #2

Amanda from Portland had a bra line back line in her mid 40’s because of the sagging skin after rapid unhealthy weight loss. Amanda paid just over $8,000 for her surgery at a local plastic surgery clinic. The results were good and Amanda is happy. The after photo was taken a month and a half later.

Before and After Photo: Bra Line Back Lift #3

Patient #3

Mandy from San Francisco, California had a bra line back life many months ago at a local clinic. Her problem was genetics and she developed back fat easily and couldn’t get rid of it with regular exercise and healthy balanced dieting. She paid $9,450. She’s very happy with the results and says she has to get used to the fact that she has a scar there now instead of back fat but she says her self-esteem is up since surgery. The after photo was taken two weeks after surgery.

Before and After Photo: Bra Line Back Lift #4

Patient #4

Martha from Ohio decided to get a bra line back lift because she had bulging back rolls as you can see from the before photo. She said the surgery was painless but it took her a few days to recover from being sluggish after surgery. She says she’s happy with the outcome and waiting eagerly for the scar to fully heal before going for a holiday to the beach. The after picture was shot several weeks post-op.

Before and After Photo: Bra Line Back Lift #5

Patient #5

Margaretta from Wisconsin, USA had a bra line back lift done 6 years ago and says it was money well spent. She had recently received a CEO bonus from her firm and spent the money on plastic surgery. She claims she’d rather a scar over disgusting back fat that made people sick to look at. The after photo was taken a year and a half after the operation.

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