Brachioplasty Before and After

February 20, 2012

Brachioplasty (known as an arm lift or arm tuck) is a plastic surgery procedure which reduces patients’ sagging loose skin from the upper arm (between the elbow and underarm) which develops after moderate to severe weight loss. Patients who are ideal for this type of procedure are expected to have attained their ideal weight and will attempt to try maintaining it after the surgery. In addition to tightening sagging skin, the procedure may also involve fat removal through arm liposuction. Back in the day when the brachioplasty was first introduced it required quite large incisions to remove the excess fat but now the process is much more refined and has advanced so only little incisions are required in the arm and elbow area.

This new method of removing fat via a cannula suction tool allows surgeons to shape and contour easily leaving minimal scarring unlike back in the old days when there were huge visible scars for months following the surgery. It is possible for bruising and swelling to occur after a brachioplasty operation but this is expected to reduce significantly between a few weeks to a month and a half. Because brachioplasty is simply a form of liposuction it is performed by the majority of plastic surgeons. Brachioplasty is not a very popular plastic surgery procedure in the United States or other English speaking countries and it is difficult to find statistics on the Internet on it.

Before and after photo

Brachioplasty Before and After

Photo #1

Penelope gets brachioplasty and her bat wings are removed within the space of a day. It takes Penelope a few weeks to recover/heal and her after photo is taken. As you can see the saggy skin has almost completely been removed and looks much better than it used to.

Before the operation

Before even considering brachioplasty you would have been very overweight to morbidly obese for a long period of time and you managed to lose a significant amount of overall body fat resulting in saggy skin of the arms. If you lost a lot of weight quickly you would have a greater chance of having loose skin because your skin didn’t have the chance to tighten with the speed of weight loss. Aged people have a higher chance of developing saggy skin because it’s nowhere near as firm and tight as it used to be when they were younger, age plays a major part here.

If you wish to avoid having to get brachioplasty you should try aiming at losing weight as slowly as possible and doing arm exercises doesn’t hurt either. Because you cannot choose where our body stores fat first and last, genes play a part in determining the extent of lose skin by area. After losing an extreme amount of weight most people are prone to developing bat wings (the saggy skin under the upper arm) and there is sometimes no stopping it. Tightening and firming the skin in a desired area of your body may seem impossible without surgery.

There are a few muscle building techniques you may try to firm up and tone the skin if your case is not too severe. These are shoulder, back and arm (especially biceps and triceps, reverse push-ups help quite a lot and bicep exercises will raise the skin) lifts; but this will take an extended period of time to see results and is only ideal if the skin isn’t sagging too much but no doubt it will help. When you have saggy arm skin then going to the beach may be rather embarrassing especially after you take your shirt off and need to raise those arms. Having brachioplasty is sure to make you look healthier and not look like you had problems and were morbidly obese at one point in your life. Having brachioplasty will make you look younger too.

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After the procedure

Following the procedure you will be in a little pain but it will all be worth it. A month of recovery is required for brachioplasty. Now you won’t feel anxious to lift your arms in public or in front of others while wearing a singlet or no shirt.

Brachioplasty post-operative guide and instructions from surgeons


The average cost of brachioplasty is anywhere between $4,500 and $15,000 depending on many variables. Factors that determine the cost are surgeon fees, anesthetic, hospital stay (if required), the extent of sagging and fat which needs to be removed and the location you expect to have it performed. The majority of patients after having brachioplasty tend to be happy with their choice, procedure and the surgeon performing it. Brachioplasty is a worthy investment if you are self-conscious about your bat wings


I had terrible bat wings. I lost just under a hundred pounds, which left my skin incredibly loose. My arms were the worst area since I could hide everything else under loose clothes. I love wearing singlets and sleeveless tops so I decided to get an arm lift. You can hardly see the scars now and I’m back to wearing dresses and blouses without sleeves. My surgeon was very thorough throughout the whole process and explained everything to me. I have no regrets.

Submitted by Libby on March 21, 2012

YouTube video

In this YouTube video a plastic surgeon shows exactly a brachioplasty procedure is performed. The video is quite graphic so if you can’t stand blood or flesh it’s advised you skip it as there is quite a bit of raw flesh exposed.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Brachioplasty #2

Photo #2

An ex morbidly obese woman Sharron gets a brachioplasty plastic surgery procedure done effectively removing her saggy skin and making her arms look much more appealing. Now Sharron doesn’t feel so insecure when wearing short leave shirts and tops.

Before and After Photo: Brachioplasty #3

Photo #3

After losing a lot of weight Eve noticed she had developed bat wings. She decided to get an arm liposuction known as a brachioplasty done on both her arms so she wouldn’t be embarrassed wearing singlets anymore.

Before and After Photo: Brachioplasty #4

Photo #4

Lonnie also a victim of saggy skin after severe weight loss decided to have a brachioplasty operation to fix the problem. It’s the only thing that bothered her about her body and now she is content.

Before and After Photo: Brachioplasty #5

Photo #5

Rosalinda had never been able to get rid of her bat wings no matter how much weight she lost. In fact she noticed the bat wings just getting worse the more weight she lost and she decided she had no other choice but to get brachioplasty plastic surgery.

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2 Responses to “Brachioplasty Before and After”

Comment from Seisa
Time April 26, 2012 at 2:28 pm

Having the fat suctioned out of my arms was the best thing i’ve done in years. after trying to lose weight for almost two years, i’ve just found it impossible to make my arms smaller. the lipo was painless. it just felt somewhat weird as the doctor tugged and pulled the fat out of each arm, but nothing painful. You can barely notice the scars under my arms. I can now wear dresses and I’m not concerned about people staring at the flab.

Comment from Martin K
Time May 14, 2012 at 3:29 pm

I’ve been looking up procedures that fix the saggy skin of the arms. My dad suffers from it really bad. I approached him with brachioplasty and he said he’s actually considering it now after looking it up on Google. He has a good paying job so he should be able to afford it. I don’t know when he’ll get it done but I’m sure it will boost his confidence…

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