Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After

May 4, 2012

The perfect butt is a desire that many women strive for. The Brazilian butt lift, a type of butt augmentation can be their savior. It’s a plastic surgery procedure where your own fat is inserted into the buttocks to increase their projection and create a lifting effect. This can be done via surgery or fat injections. The result: you lose fat in one area (abdomen, thighs and flanks) through conventional liposuction and give your rear a new shape following a fat transfer. You know…those perfectly rounded cheeks that you just want to squeeze when you see them on the beach. It’s not about making your behind bigger, but rather to shape a more sexy and perky buttock. Also, don’t get this procedure confused with a normal butt lift, where surgery is used to remove excess fat.

There are ways to try and achieve youthful looking buttocks yourself. For example, there’s a slimming butt cushion on the market which shapes your rear as you sit at the computer for hours on end. You don’t need to be a supermodel to transform your body yourself. There are also workouts which can give you those prominent Brazilian butt cheeks. Unfortunately, all these attempts can only achieve so much. Not only are they are very hard to stick to, in most women, the fat usually travels to this area, so it’s extremely hard to tone if there’s even a little excess fat involved. Surgery is the only option for most women.

Before and after photo

Before and After Photo: Brazilian Butt Lift #1

Adriana from Rio, Brazil had always had a good figure for a woman but she always wanted that classic Brazilian behind because she believes that’s the sexiest part of a womens body. At the age of 28 she managed to save up for it and have it done in the United States in Oklahoma. The surgeon did a fantastic job and she absolutely loves her butt now. The after image was taken at her home several weeks later.

Reasons to get one

There are plenty of reasons that may make you want to have a Brazilian butt lift. The main reason of course is to have a more prominent buttocks. Women like body parts that give sex appeal to stand out so they can attract attention from the opposite sex. Some men are absolutely drawn to women with a big tight booty. It all comes down to what people want. Good looking butts are definitely a turn on for the majority of men. The Brazilian butt lift makes the buttocks look tight and stand out more and gives shape to a woman. The behind is just as important as the front and more so for some people. The Brazilian butt got it’s name from the genetics Brazilian women have where their buttocks are slightly raised more so than women from the West. Having the lift done will make a womans butt stand out much more in a sexy tight pair of pants allowing them to flaunt it everywhere they go. The lift suits women who are not too lard but just right or skinny with enough fat deposits in the area to be able to shape it.

More Brazilian butt lift before and after photos >>>>

Before treatment

Before you go in for surgery you have a few options you may want to try to make your buttocks stand out more like a Brazilians. We have listed a few of these things below with tips that can get you started. It’s always best to do what you can to improve the situation prior to surgery, this is also good because it will only increase the results your surgeon will be able to provide for you come the day of the surgery.

Butt toning – One way of making your butt stand out is doing buttocks exercises at home. If you are luck enough to have a gym membership than you will have access to some equipment that will tone your behind. It would be a good idea to see one of the staff at the gym to give you tips and tricks on how to make your butt muscles bigger so they stand out, this is sort of a cheat to getting a Brazilian butt lift but it’s much cheaper and there are much less risks involved even though it take much longer. Regularly performing pilates and yoga exercises at home or in a class will also help firm up your buttocks and make it firm and hard. The problem with this is you will have to keep it up every so often or you’ll lose that look but some people have shown great results trying this out, it all depends on your genes and how well you are able to build muscles in that area. If your looking for a quick permanent fix then having the lift would certainly be the best option if you are able to afford it. Getting a rock hard buttocks is a hard thing to do because it requires exercises we don’t normally perform during the day so let it be known if you succeed in doing this naturally you’ve done a great job and you should be proud of your butt and you never know, you might not even want or need the butt lift after that.

Weight loss – If you are very big at the moment and have been for a long time then you may want to lose some weight to see if your buttocks retains the stubborn fat deposits. Losing weight may give you the butt you’re looking for or it could turn out even worse with your butt being quite empty of fat and a little saggy. More or less it would be a good idea to lose weight prior to getting the butt lift so that your treating surgeon can give you maximum results you want and not just do a temporary fix so that when you do end up losing weight later on it won’t be as good.

Risks, complications & side effects

As with any other plastic surgery procedure there are possible risks that could arise and you should be fully aware of them before you get it done, your surgeon’s responsibility is to keep you informed of these so that you know what you’re getting yourself into. There is a minimal risk of complications with the anesthesia that will be administered on you. There could be shifts in fluid during the liposuction procedure and lidocaine toxicity. As with any surgery there is a risk of infection in the fat injection site. They say that 70% of the fat that is transferred around survives while 30% dies off and is absorbed by the body, this is a natural process though that comes along with all fat transfer procedures. One side effect that might arise is deep vein thrombosis in your buttocks or pulmonary embolism. Fat embolism is also a complication that could come up and that’s where fat is accidentally injected into the bloodstream and then your lungs might inflame, this one scares a few people when they are told this could possibly happen. Considering there are so many complications the statistics show the procedure is quite safe when being performed by a board certified plastic surgeon. You should always ask to see documentation of your surgeons qualifications before ever having surgery. Asking their portfolios before and after photos could just mean that they aren’t showing you the bad cases they performed.

Recovery time

Three weeks to one month.

After surgery

When you wake up from surgery you will be free to leave the clinic. You will be given pain medication to take home with you and take regularly until you have run out. If you run out early and the pain persists don’t hesitate to call your surgeon for more, they will be more than happy to help you out. A few hours after the anesthesia wears off from the surgery you will experience mild discomfort in your buttocks area. You should avoid smoking cigarettes for at least the first few weeks to assist the healing process. Your treating surgeon will supply you with a special garment to wear over your butt to reduce the amount of swelling there will be. Please avoid sitting down as much as possible or you will swell more in the butt. Regular walks is a good idea as this will increase your bloods circulation and also help the healing process further. You will be right to take a shower if you wish the day following surgery. If your job involves sitting down constantly it will be OK to return back to work within a few days, if you are experienced excess pain in the general area you should avoid going to work for a few more days. You should be right to exercise normally 1 month after surgery. Getting a good nights sleep every night during your recovery is crucial as it will assist healing.


Average cost of $9,000 within the United States.


I’ve been looking at Brazilian butt lift photos on the Internet for ages now and I’m seriously thinking about having one done in Atlanta, Georgia at a local clinic I found. I’ve read some reviews and the general idea on the online tells me that it’s quite a safe procedure when done by a qualified plastic surgeon. I’m not afraid at all, I’m just dreading what it’s going to feel like when I sit down after it’s done for a while. I’m kind of being pushed in to it by my boyfriend whose fronting half of the cost for the operation, even if we break up later on I’ll still be benefiting lol. I just hope it’s a permanent procedure and that I won’t have to go in for revisions whatsoever. If anyone has any comments about their experience with this procedure could you please post it on this page? thanks heaps gals, love Karen…

Submitted by Karen on May 4, 2012

YouTube video

This YouTube video is featured by Bella Forma Cosmetic Surgery and it shows a patient receiving 3 procedures done on her buttocks to give her the perfect Brazilian butt lift. Firstly it shows the surgeon describing how the procedure works and how it will be performed on the patient later on. A bit later in the video they show in the operating room how the procedure is performed with special liposuction tools as such. Thank you very much Bella Forma for uploading this video so we could share it with everyone.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Brazilian Butt Lift #2

Patient #2

Janice had absolutely no butt whatsoever before the surgery. She worried a little about complications arising but found the courage to push through getting it done. Her buttocks before looked empty, flabby and flat. Now it’s more defined and prominent standing out for everyone to see. She says she loves to show it off and poke it out when she’s walking past hot men. Good on you Janice, happy everything worked out for you. The after photo was take one week following the operation.

Before and After Photo: Brazilian Butt Lift #3

Patient #3

Lonnie’s buttocks augmentation to a Brazilian was a mild affair. She only wanted it to be a slight difference and nothing too sever. The results are outstanding that her plastic surgeon put together. Her boyfriends says he just loves staring at it all the time and so he should, that was apparently the plan. Lonnie claimed there was a little discomfort sitting down for a few days after surgery but that’s about it, no major swelling and bruising. The operation went well. The after picture was taken a fortnight later.

Before and After Photo: Brazilian Butt Lift #4

Patient #4

Samantha from Edinburgh, England wanted a Brazilian butt lift all her life and finally managed to save up for one when she turned 31. She said the mild pain is all worth it in the end because it goes away and you’ve got a fabulous booty. She also says she can’t stop staring at it in the mirror. Good on you Sam. The after photo was taken several days later after she got a spray tan for it.

Before and After Photo: Brazilian Butt Lift #5

Patient #5

Rosalyn Parks turned 35 a few weeks ago and her husband had organized a butt lift for her birthday because he loves big booties. He got the surprise of his life when he saw the end result and instantly ran up to it and kissed it better. Rosalyn said she experienced a lot of pain for a few days but it soon wen away and she was able to sit down without a problem. There was no infection several weeks later. The after photo was taken three weeks later.

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I landed on this page from a search in Google because I was looking up Brazilian butts as I’ve recently been to Brazil with my wife. I noticed the women in Brazil have slightly lifted more prominent buttocks and I found it a real turn on. I consider a womans behind the sexies part of a womans body and I really want my wife to have a Brazilian butt. I think convincing her to have surgery will be hard but she might just want it. Can anyone give me any tips on how to approach my wife about the issue? Thanks…

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