Breast Implant Removal Before and After

May 10, 2012

There’s a multitude of reasons why women would ask for their breast implants to be removed. Firstly, the products themselves need to be replaced. Breast implants do not have an expiry date as such, however most plastic surgeons recommend replacing them after around 15 years. Some women have been reported to leave the same ones in for up to 30 years. It just depends on how the patient’s body has changed over the years, whether there are any complications and also their desires. After a decade or following massive weight loss you may feel they are starting to sag a little and you may combine a breast lift with replacing your implants.

Some women after having a breast augmentation feel that their size is not big enough. The cups may have seen huge in the surgeon’s office prior to the operation, but now they just want to go larger. Others feel their enlargement was too much, and often seek a breast reduction to drop their cup size. That’s fair enough, but they face the same surgical risks and costs once again. So you really want to be sure of your sizing before you go under the knife.

Women who have complications after surgery such as capsular contracture, asymmetry or uneven sizing will need a breast implant revision to correct these problems. Another reason is the implants leaking or finding out they are made of adverse materials (for example the French implants disaster which left thousands of women needing their implants removed). In unfortunate circumstances a woman may need to have the implants removed if she requires a mastectomy due to breast cancer.

Before and after photo

Before and After Photo: Breast Implant Removal #1

Mary from Tamworth, Australia decided to have her breast implants removed because she wanted her breasts to look natural again. She said she loved the attention from men she received but she just missed her old breasts. She drove to Sydney to have the surgery and it was a success. The surgeon managed to remove the implants with ease and minimal scarring. The after photo was taken several weeks later.

Reason for the procedure

There are a number of reasons why a lady would want to have her implants below and we have listed these below with some descriptions to go with them.

Used by date is out – The average implant used by date is 10 years. Before this time comes the patient will want to have decided what she wishes to do, whether to replace the implant or remove it. The lady must have sufficient funds to have one of these surgeries or she is at risk of something going wrong with the implant after such a long time. The majority of women have the implants removed because they want to know how it feels to have natural breasts again, this is especially true if she is a runner or some sort of athlete.

Implant is leaking or ruptured – If there is a problem with the implant/s that are currently inside a womens breast it would be best to remove or replace them as soon as possible to avoid further silicone entering the body. Besides the fact that the breasts won’t be the same size anymore this might put her off wanting to have them replace and risking further complications in the future.

Wanting a natural look – Many women get sick of their breast implants because they feel fake and are much harder than their natural breast tissue. Some women may just want smaller breasts because the extra weight is bothering them during their normal daily activity. If they requested the breast implant to be very big and obvious that it’s unnatural, many eventually get sick of them and some even of the attention from men.

Wanting a different implant – Some women have the funds available to have an operation to replace the implants they currently have, whether it be smaller, larger or different material.

Danger to patient – If a female patient after having breast implants finds out that that type of implant is potentially dangerous she will want to have them removed. This has happened to thousands of women who had the once famous PIP implant inserted. Another type of implant put 40,000 UK women at risk a few years ago when it was discovered that the materials used to manufacture the implants was harmful to humans.

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Before the procedure

Before you consider having your breast implants removed, you should know or at least be warned by your treating plastic surgeon that if your implants are big and if they are removed you run the possibility of suffering from dimpling of the breasts, excess sagging or puckering. These cosmetically undesirable effects you should be warned about and see before and after pictures of. If money is not an issue than you shouldn’t worry about this because you can always have a replacement implant or at least a smaller one.


There is very little risks if you are being treated by a board certified plastic surgeon as the procedure is quite quick and simple. Although as with any other surgery the worst thing that could possibly happen is death although this is extremely rare. You will be warned of the risks associated with this procedure by your treating physician. If your breast implant removal procedure is being combined with something else such as a breast lift (mastopexy), breast biopsy, removal of ruptured silicone gel or secondary breast augmentation the chances of risks happening are slightly elevated especially due to the fact that more than one procedure is being performed at once. To name some risk there is always asymmetry issues that the surgeon must deal with during the operation, infection and bleeding later on, scarring, firmness of the breast after surgery, psychological issues, disease of the breast and allergy to anesthesia.

Recovery time

The normal recovery time for breast implant removal is several days if that. It will take several months for the scar from the incision to completely heal and almost disappear if properly looked after. If other complications arise then they must be dealt with as soon as possible, such as an infection or disease of the breasts.

After the procedure

You should be pain free from the medication you’ve been given until the day following your surgery. You can eat anything you wish from the moment the operation is over. You should have no problems acquiring pain medication if you feel the need the day following surgery, you treating surgeon would be more than happy to help you out. You should have someone help you walk around the house if you’re feeling dizzy or fain from the medication the day after the operation. You will be given antibiotics to take home with you and consume regularly to avoid any chance of infection. You must try not to raise your arms above your shoulders for at least a fortnight. Sutures will be removed within a week. If there was major swelling it should go away at a maximum of a month an a half. You will be advised by your surgeon to wear a supportive bra for a few months so your breasts don’t become in a fixed sagging position.


The average cost of breast implant removal is between $1,000 to $10,000 depending on where you have the surgery. It is quite a simple procedure so you would be wise to shop around but avoid traveling too far as this could increase the chances of complications especially if you have to come back to the clinic to have a correction. If your breast implant removal is being combined with another form of breast augmentation the cost will surely be much greater as well as the risks associated with your new procedure.


I’m 28 and I had my breast implants removed several weeks ago. I had it done because I was attracting too many guys who I think were shallow and I wanted to find someone decent for a change. I go over my implants after a few years and just wanted men to look me in the face when they were talking to me instead of my ballooning breasts. Although I must admit I did like the attention at first but then I grew up and wanted to be natural again. I regret spending so much money on my body for a mistake in the first place but I guess we learn from our mistakes. My operation went smoothly and I was in very little pain. After the surgery I didn’t touch my breasts for a week because I wanted them to heal properly. I’ve already noticed when I’m walking through the mall that when someone looks at me they look me in the eyes instead of my breasts, I’m glad because I think I have a beautiful face and a great smile. I would have had to have the implants removed anyway at one point when they expire so I decided to do it early because I could afford it at the time. I’m happy I’ve got my normal breasts back and not carrying something around for the sake of attention. I love my natural boobies haahha.

Submitted by Josephine on May 10, 2012

YouTube video

This YouTube video is a feature from Aurora Plastic and Cosmetic surgery clinics about breast implant removal. The footage is shot inside the operating room and shows Dr. Adrian Richards explaining why the patient wishes to have the implant taken out. In the clip there is actual footage of the surgery being performed so it’s intended for adult viewing only. It’s amazing how easy the operation looks and how quick it is. The surgeon does a great job sowing the patient back up, well done Dr. Richards.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Breast Implant Removal #2

Patient #2

Rachel from Jacksonville, Florida had a breast augmentation many years ago. Although she says she loved her breasts, she also wanted her old breasts back because they didn’t feel so fake. The operation was a complete success but her right breast is a fraction lower than the other but the surgeon was unable to fix this during the operation. The after photo was taken two weeks later.

 Before and After Photo: Breast Implant Removal #3

Patient #3

Monique’s left breast began to leak a month ago and she didn’t have a choice but to have the implants removed because they were faulty. She says she misses her implants and feels unlucky that it had to happen to her. She went to the same surgeon for the surgery. Now Monique’s asymmetry of her breasts is out a little with her left breast being lower than the other. The after photo was taken a week and a half later.

 Before and After Photo: Breast Implant Removal #4

Patient #4

Leanne from Melbourne, Australia found out reading the news that the implants (PIP) she had inserted into her breasts were dangerous because they were made from industrial silicon. Women around the world were filing law suits against it’s manufacturer so to be on the safe side she let them go and had an operation to have them removed. The after picture was taken many weeks later.

 Before and After Photo: Breast Implant Removal #5

Patient #5

Melissa from Auckland, New Zealand decided to have her breast implants removed rather than buy new implants as the used by date was almost out and she couldn’t afford new implants. The operation was a success although Mel says she misses her old breasts and is currently saving up to get them again. The after photo was taken three weeks later.

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