Breast Liposuction Before and After

May 11, 2012

Liposuction to the breasts can reduce their size and also provide some lift. This procedure can be performed on men and women. Men who suffer from gynecomastia can either use prescription medication or surgery to have their larger breasts reduced.  After a male has his man boobs removed, he can feel proud again of his body. As for women, a breast reduction through tumescent liposuction reduces the risk of scars and also provides a moderate breast lift (two birds with one stone).  Being a woman with oversized breasts can be debilitating, so breast lipo can really help these women. But before you turn to plastic surgery, you may want to try some natural weight loss methods to see if you can avoid surgery altogether.

You may be worried because when you watch YouTube videos of lipo, the doctors seem so rough when tearing the fat apart and the breasts are very tender organs. You don’t need to be concerned. This is because when liposuction is done to the breast, micro cannulas are used. These are much smaller than a normal cannula (the tool used to suction out the fat). This means reduced risk of damage to breast tissue by enabling the surgeon to intricately craft where necessary. Unlike the traditional breast reduction surgery which often involves moving the nipple, breast liposuction doesn’t affect your ability to breastfeed after the surgery.

Before and after photo

Before and After Photo: Breast Liposuction #1

Patient #1

Maribelle from Kansas decided to have breast liposuction to make her boobs smaller a few months ago. She said her breasts before looked vile and were heavy for her and was sick of carrying the tension of her bra on her back. The operation was a success and the after photo was taken several weeks following surgery.

Why women want it done

Reasons why women wish to have a breast reduction via liposuction can be narrowed down into emotional and physical problems.

Emotional problems – Depending on the size of the enlarged breasts the womans emotions will be effected. Having a preference for smaller breasts is an issue for woman who wish to undergo such surgery. Having larger breasts means that they sag and don’t look plump enough to be classified as good looking or either sexy, especially in some outfits they would wish to simply look different in. Women with larger breast also attract more attention from men because men are just attracted to breasts and the bigger the better. Women sometimes wish men wouldn’t look so much at their breasts and more at their beautiful faces because it’s definitely a different kind of attention thats more real and not shallow as much as we are all driven by our sex drives.

Physical problems – Many women suffer from back and spinal issues from having larger than normal breasts where this can only be corrected with a breast reduction and not only a more supportive bra. These back problems can cause issues if the issue is not resolved soon as it eventually takes it’s toll and the effects can be unrepairable without further surgery of the back. Another problem with having large breasts is they get in the way of things when performing daily activities. Some women also experience pain in their breasts when they are not wearing a bra due to the strong forces of gravity.

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Before the procedure

Prior to undergoing any type of surgery to correct your breasts when trying to make them smaller you must consider trying to lose weight if you are that is. Losing weight will help reduce the size of your breasts and you’ll also benefit from a number of other health issues that might be wearing on you. For some women unfortunately losing weight does not reduce the size of their breasts whatsoever which can become a further problem, this is due to the genetics of each individual though and is not a matter of dieting or anything else. If after trying to lose weight you are left with no other choice than to undergo a surgical procedure you must take into consideration how large you want your breasts. Deciding on the perfect size is a very important decision and should no be taken lightly. Looking at pictures of breasts and comparing them even perhaps for a few days would not be a waste of time. Surgeons can do anything these days so when you have chosen your ideal then be sure to take the picture with you to your consultation with a plastic surgeon. Your surgeon will ask to see you without your top and bra on so he may examine your breasts to see if they can achieve your expectations. The treating physician should show you some before and after photos of their work so you can feel safe in their hands. Asking to see their qualifications is only natural and they will be more than happy to do so.

Before going in for any type of liposuction procedure you must have a health check and at least a few consultations with a surgeon or doctor to see if you are a good candidate for that type of surgery. You will be given instruction on how to prepare your body weeks before going in to the operating room, this is so complications don’t arise and you are safe. You will be asked not to take any blood thinning medications several days prior to treatment, this is so there isn’t excessive bleeding where the surgeon makes incisions in your breasts.


As with any surgical procedure there are always risks with the worst one being death although this is extremely rare liposuction or breast reduction. Your surgeon will run you through all the risks during your consultation if you decide you wish to go ahead with surgery. We will list a few risks below that you may consider but don’t let these scare you too much if you know you’re being treated by a board certified plastic surgeon.

Recovery time

The average breast liposuction recovery time is two weeks where the initial side effects your body exhibits should go away by then. Your doctor will give you a list of instructions as well as go through them with you on how to properly take care of you body and breasts following the procedure. You must be sure to follow these instructions within the given time period if you want your breasts to heal properly. You should be right to return to normal daily activities after a fortnight. Some women are able to return to work several days after leaving the clinic.

After the procedure

After leaving the clinic be sure to follow your surgeons instructions to every detail to obtain optimum results and stay pain free. Continue taking your pain medication if you experience pain especially in your breasts, if you run out do go and see a doctor they will be more than happy to help you out. Stay well hydrated so your body heals and has necessary fluids. Continue taking antibiotics to avoid any risk of infection. You may shower the day after your surgery but be sure to be gentle on your breasts for at least a few days or you may bruise or cause further complications. Avoid jumping into a pool (salt or chlorine) for a few weeks.


The average cost of breast liposuction is $3,000 to $7,500. This cost varies from surgeon to surgeon and by location and country of course. Anesthesia is a factor as well if you will require a hospital stay. Be sure to see someone as local as possible so you don’t have to travel too far for revision surgery. It’s always good to shop around but don’t have holiday surgery (especially if it’s a great deal overseas) whatever you do because if complications arise it will not be a holiday anymore, it will be a holiday nightmare.


I’m 24 and I had very large breast but I was of slim build. I enlarged breasts since I was 18, at first I though i was lucky because none of the other girls compared to me but then I started developing back problems and I was starting to worry about my spine. I was attracting more men than the average girl and although I loved the attention at first and thought I was blessed I quickly got sick of it because most of the guys were jerks and only wanted to sleep with me. The pain in my back was bad and only got worse over the years after my teens. My parents were worried about me and my health and decided they would both pay one third of the cost of surgery for me, I was thrilled and immediately started saving up for an operation; I put the car on hold. After a year of saving we put our money together and and I shopped around for an experienced plastic surgeon several miles from where we lived. I felt very comfortable knowing I was in good hands and didn’t mind taking my top off for the examination. He showed me several before and after photos of his work and I was excited. A few weeks later I went in for surgery. I felt a little pain and had some bruising but nothing to cry about. I immediately felt my boobs were lighter but it took a while for my back to get used to them. I had to borrow more money off my parents because I didn’t realize I needed smaller bras and I was more than happy to go shopping for some. Several months later the small incisions healed and there is barely any scars left over. I’m very content with the work my surgeon did and I called him a few weeks after to thank him for doing it for me. I didn’t give him permission to show my before and after photos to other women though, I’m just a private person. I was so worried about an infection I took the antibiotics for an extra few weeks.

Submitted by Claire K on May 11, 2012

YouTube video

This YouTube video is a featurette by Dr. James Romano from San Francisco about liposuction of the breasts to achieve a breast reduction. The doctor claims the procedure is absolutely scarless. The video shows a new procedure developed to allow women to breastfeed after the operation. The new procedure uses a special liposuction technique which is less invasive, expensive and recovery time. The video shows actual footage of the operation taking place in an operating room, if you do not like to see blood and a bit of raw flesh we suggest you avoid watching it.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Breast Liposuction #2

Patient #2

Candice from Fort Worth simply wanted smaller breasts. She says she gained a lot of weight at one time a few years ago and when she lost it she couldn’t shake her large breasts. Money and the thought of having surgery wasn’t an issue for her so she decided to go ahead with it. The after picture was taken several weeks post-op.

 Before and After Photo: Breast Liposuction #3

Patient #3

Carla from Livingston asked a local plastic surgeon if having breast liposuction would give her breast a better shape and he said it certainly would. He also told her he can try correct the asymmetry. Carla wished only to have slightly smaller breasts because she was a runner. The after picture was taken 3 and a half weeks later.

 Before and After Photo: Breast Liposuction #4

Patient #4

Veneshia from the Bronx had gained a lot of weight at one stage during her life. She lost the weight very quickly from dieting and going for regular walks, but the problem was she developed saggy skin and especially breasts. She saved up for a long time for a breast liposuction along with a reduction and was thrilled when she found out her surgeon could correct her areolas and nipples during the operation. The after photo was taken 1 month following the operation.

 Before and After Photo: Breast Liposuction #5

Patient #5

Janette from Vancouver, Canada said she had a problem with large and sagging breasts and wanted a smaller size because she was sick of the excess weight she was carrying around all day long. She says she loves her new breasts now and wouldn’t even consider trading them for breast implants. The after photo was taken a month and a half after treatment.

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