Breast Reduction Before and After

May 10, 2012

A breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) is a form of plastic surgery to reduce the size of breasts. This page focuses on women. If you are interested in male breast reduction, please visit our gynecomastia page. If you want smaller breasts, you may get some reactions like “What! You want smaller boobs!?” That’s the shock many women get when their well-endowed friend wants to reduce their breast size. What many men and women don’t realize is that oversized breasts are a pain. Firstly, they weight a lot and this can cause back issues for the woman as her spine and muscles need to constantly act as a counterweight to keep her balanced. Also, there is the difficulty of finding a suitably fitting bra and clothing. Moreover, these women attract more attention than they usually like. They are hit on by men and often perceived as dressing provocatively by both males and females, even though it’s actually hard from them to hide their huge knockers. Not much sympathy goes out to these women either, since their condition is often misunderstood.

Having a breast reduction can certainly make a woman’s life easier. Whilst the majority of women would prefer other boob jobs like a breast augmentation, there’s no shame in making yours smaller if they are bothering you. Sometimes this procedure is even medically necessary and the government agrees to pay for it through funding programs such as Medicaid or Medicare. After downgrading on the girls, you may find yourself feeling bigger or fatter in your lower body area. This is because your proportionality has changed. If you are overweight, you could try some weight loss programs to achieve more harmony, however you doctor will probably make you try this before you have a reduction anyway. Where the fat is stubborn on your abdomen, waist or hips, then liposuction can help to get some proportion back again.

Before and after photo

Before and After Photo: Breast Reduction #1

Photo #1

Simone was 41 when she had an operation to reduce her breasts. As you can see, they were quite large and stretched. This was due to several pregnancies. She’s very happy with the results and says her life is much easier after the operation.

Causes of large breasts

Being big-breasted is usually a genetic factor. Mothers with large breasts often pass this feature down to their daughters. It’s not always the case however. A mother can have a well sized chest whilst the daughter can end up scraping into a size A bra. Whether you’ll inherit nice breasts from your parent is an unknown. Being too fat can also increase the size and roundness of your boobs. This addition in girth tends to disappear as you start to slim down again. So, it’s not a very reliable or healthy way to control your breast size. According to an old wive’s tale, bulky bosoms can also be from eating a lot of chicken. Some people say that’s because the poultry is stuffed with so many hormones, it makes your knockers grow. Others say it’s because you’re actually gaining weight all over your body. Pulling on them doesn’t make them big either. Rather, this action will stretch the skin, creating sag.

Before the procedure

Making any changes to your breasts can be scary. If you’re wanting a reduction, you’ve probably been suffering with your condition for quite some time. Not many woman would like to make their boobies smaller. A reduction in size doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll end up being flat chested or a small size A cup. You still need a sense of proportion with the rest of your body. Most women actually opt for a size B. You just need to be aware that it’s difficult to achieve such an accurate result. You need to ask yourself some fundamental questions before seeing your surgeon. For example, are you wanting to reduce your breasts because of their inconvenience and social embarrassment? Alternatively, do you just want firmer and better positioned boobs. In the latter case, many women are just happy to get a size C or D cup because they aren’t bothered by their boobs other than cosmetic reasons.

More breast reduction before and after photos

Another consideration is your areolae. In most cases, they will need to be repositioned with the nipples. If you’re not happy with their size, you may also opt for a simultaneous areola reduction. You may as well get both procedures done whilst you’re having surgery to this area. Otherwise, you will need to be operated on twice and this will increase the cost and the recovery time. Some women choose to get a breast reduction to just one breast in order to correct asymmetry.


There are two main concerns women have in relation to this operation, nipple/areola sensation and breast feeding post surgery. No surgeon is able to predict whether you’ll lose sensation to your areolae and/or nipples. This complication can be reduced depending on which technique is used. The pedicle method has a good chance of maintaining function of the breast as well as sensation to these areas.  This is because blood and nerve supply is retained from various regions of the breast. Loss of sensation is more likely if your surgeon needs to perform a nipple graft (removing and reattaching the nipple).

Your chances of breastfeeding a baby will be slight if you require nipple grafting. When the nipple is lifted on a pedicle, you may still have a small chance of retaining breastfeeding function. Either way, you need to be prepared emotionally if this motherly ability is taken from you. In addition to these side effects, there’s also the risk of getting an infection (like with all other surgeries). Further, the results can fluctuate if you gain weight. So, if you put on weight your breast size may increase again. If you maintain your weight, then the results are usually permanent.

Recovery time

Most patients need to remain in hospital for two to three nights, during which time you will have some pain and discomfort. Pain relievers can be given to alleviate this. It is a substantial operation and should not be treated lightly. Most women go back to work after two weeks. It takes about a month to fully recover.

After the procedure

Once you get home, you may still be quite sore. It’s essential to get plenty of rest and follow your surgeon’s instructions. You may not be able to lay on your stomach for some time. You will need to wear a post-surgery bra 24 hours a day to help you heal and give you support. Within two weeks following the surgery, you will need to return to have your stitches taken out. Your scarring will depend on the incision pattern used. For example, the Anchor or T-scar will leave scars around the areolae, in a vertical line descending from the areolae and along the base of the breasts. The Lejour or vertical scar technique is virtually the same but without the horizontal scarring at the base.

Most of these procedures go remarkably well. It’s more usually the case that women who sought the change to lessen discomfort and social stigma are generally more satisfied with the result than those who chose to reduce for cosmetic reasons. These women breathe a sigh of relief as they can slip into more comfortable clothing without looking like a tramp. Also, not having to look for a massive bra can also take some pressure off. The most benefit is seen where the woman was experiencing back pain and postural problems due to the breasts. This patient will get the most out of changing their breasts.


The surgeon is likely to charge between $3,500 and $4,000 for their professional fees. In addition you’ll need to pay for the hospital/facility charges and anesthesia. You can expect to pay between $5,500 and $9,000. The total cost will depend on the size of your breasts, your intended size after surgery, the clinic and the surgical technique. Most health insurance companies will pay for the majority of the cost where the operation is needed to alleviate medical problems. Don’t expect any money from your plan if you just want firmer breasts. You will also need to buy a post-surgical bra and different bras to fit your new breasts. On the upside, you might save some money in not having to source larger bras or lingerie.


I remember always having has bigger than usual breasts. I decided to have a reduction when I was 22 because they were seriously getting on my nerves. They were just like balloons floating on my chest. I was hard to bend down, my back hurt and I couldn’t even give myself a pedicure. When I went clubbing, guys would just stare at them and I’d get so many comments. I can absolutely relate to women who go through the same thing. We are not slutty just because we have big boobs. With so many women now getting massive implants and flaunting their assets, it just makes guys think that all women with huge knockers want that attention. We don’t. Since my operation, I’m much less self conscious about them. Finally, I’m not int the limelight, I can just blend in with the rest of the crowd, how I like to be.

Submitted by Kath on May 7, 2012

YouTube video

In this YouTube video the patient shows a before shot of her breast which her surgeon (Dr Musto) took prior to her operation. She then shows her breasts (in a bikini) after her surgery. She went from a size F to a D. She also showcases her scars, which are barely visible. Her results look very natural and other than her “being fat” she doesn’t have any concerns.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Breast Reduction #2

Photo #2

Jodie was unsure at first whether to get the reduction. She was never really unhappy with the size, it’s just that they were uncomfortable and she couldn’t play sports as freely as she wanted. With tennis being her favorite, you could imagine how much better she can swing the racket without those big breasts in the way.

Before and After Photo: Breast Reduction #3

Photo #3

Farida’s breasts started to sag enormously when into her early forties. Being unhappy with their look and finding it impossible to squish into a bra with some decent cleavage, she decided to opt for a breast reduction. Her breasts are now perky and much more manageable.

Before and After Photo: Breast Reduction #4

Photo #4

Amita’s had excessively large, sagging breasts and very broad areolae. Her pregnancies really took a toll and the breasts started to head south. After reduction mammoplasty her bosoms still look natural. The new shape is quite fitting for her.

Before and After Photo: Breast Reduction #5

Photo #5

Shelley obviously loved to hang out at the beach and do some tanning. Her breasts weren’t excessively large. She really just wanted a little taken off and some lift. She’s very happy with her surgeon’s results. She can still surf and looks great in a bikini.


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