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May 11, 2012

A brow lift (also known as a forehead lift) is a form of plastic surgery to correct sagging skin in the forehead. If your face is starting to look tired and weary or even grumpy, then this type of surgery may be worth a thought. It can be done endoscopically, which means you won’t be left with hideous scars on your face or along your hairline. This way, no one will notice you’ve had a touch up. The length of the incision will depend on the type of browlift you have.

After this procedure the skin on your forehead will be tightened, softening the horizontal forehead lines and improving the vertical lines between your eyebrows. It can also help improve your brow shape – something which your tweezers just can’t seem to do anymore. You will look younger and rejuvenated. The techniques have advanced a little so you shouldn’t end up looking like the weirdo who’s constantly surprised. You can have more areas treated at the same time by combining the procedure with eyelid surgery or a face lift. Of course, this will lengthen the recovery following your operation.

Having the skin on your face pulled may seem quite daunting. If you’d like to evade surgery, then maybe you could try dermal fillers to soften those static lines. Anti-wrinkle injections can also put a freeze on the wrinkles which appear with movement, like crow’s feet and forehead lines. Or, you could just age gracefully and accept the fate of time.

Before and after photo

Before and After Photo: Brow Lift #1

Patient #1

Veronica from Kansas had a permanent endoscopic brow lift several months ago in order to reduce the amount of forehead lines and skin sag. The operation lasted an hour and was a complete success. She loves her new face now and says she looks youthful again. The after photo was taken 2 weeks post-op.

Why it’s so appealing

The main reason people have a brow lift is to take years off their face by tightening the skin on their foreheads. There are options which are not as permanent such as dermal fillers and such but these require constant redoing and the great thing about a brow lift is that it’s permanent. Having forehead lines adds years to your face and it would be wise to have this procedure done in your mid 30’s if you are suffering from major forehead wrinkles (lines) or sag. Weather you’re suffering from major wrinkles or forehead sag a brow lift is clearly an option for you, the only downside is that it costs so much but if you can afford it that’s great. If your eyebrows have a low position, deep horizontal creases across your forehead or furrows a brow lift procedure can correct this. The face is an important part of ones appearance as everyone looks at it when they are speaking with you, the only downside is that it is where we get our first signs of visible aging. There are different types of brow lift and your surgeon will run you through these and recommend one to you that will suite your needs and expectations.

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Before the procedure

Prior to getting major visible signs of aging on your face, especially your forehead you should be looking after your face. Use creams (even men should) and practice strengthening your forehead muscles so that you don’t get sagging skin, the only problem with this is it produces wrinkles over time, especially with age. One way of improving your forehead is to look up forehead exercises which get rid of sagging skin and wrinkles, there are plenty of them on the Internet; we will try and name a few below.

Exercise 1 – Try your hardest to produce funny faces which exercise your forehead muscles. This may feel stupid or look strange but it’s best done when you’re alone in front of a mirror so at least you can get a good laugh out of it. Practicing this several minutes a day several times a day 5 days a week for a month or two should produce visible results. Combine this with the other two exercises we will mention below to get optimal results before considering brow lift surgery.

Exercise 2 – Simply close your eyes and raise your eyebrows as high as possible and hold this for as long as you can, do this several times a day and over a month you will see positive results in front of a mirror.

Exercise 3 – Lie on your bed on your back with your head hanging over the edge, now let your head hang loosely and repeat exercise number 2. This combines the forces of gravity and helps you get even better results but it is rather uncomfortable and you may look stupid if you’re caught by someone.

At your consultation with a plastic surgeon your doctor will ask you about your medical history to get an idea if your a good candidate, there aren’t many things that can stop him treating you so don’t worry. If you seem like a good candidate your surgeon will examine you physically (your forehead) and he will check for things such as elasticity, text_imageure, skin thickness, eyelids, brow position and underlying skin and bone structure so they may recommend a specific type of brow lift perfect for you. Your surgeon then will explain to you how the procedure they have chosen will work such as where and how many incisions will be made, what it involves, how long it takes, recovery time and cost. Your surgeon will also advise you to stop smoking at least two weeks pre-op so that your body will heal as quick as possible and correctly after the procedure.


Considering this is a surgical operation then there will always be risks associated with it. We will try and list some general risks below but your surgeon will go through the entire risk list with you depending on which type of brow lift they have recommended. Of course the worst risk which comes along with any surgical procedure is death but this is extremely rare with a simple brow lift. Anesthesia is an issue if you are allergic to the type your surgeon plans to administer, they will usually do a blood test or ask you if you are allergic to the ingredients of the one they would like to use on you. Infection can become an issue if you don’t take your antibiotics before and after the op. Asymmetry is a problem if the surgeon runs in to problems and is unable to correct this, you will have to have corrective surgery if the can’t do it on the spot and have to sow you up. Bruising can occur if the skin isn’t looked after the first crucial days following surgery. Scars are possible if you end up getting an infection after the surgery. There is a possibility of injury to the underlying forehead tissue, but you should know plastic surgeons are well trained at manipulating skin and these types of tissues. If you follow the advice of you surgeon before and after the procedure well then there is very little chance of complications arising as they are statistically infrequent.

Recovery time

The brow lift recovery time is 1 week, where you will be free to return to normal daily activities as well as work. If you smoke it will take your forehead longer to recover and the scars could turn out a little more prominent.

After the procedure

You will be taken into a recovery area where a bandage will be put on your forehead and there may still be a few drains and tubes left in it to drain excess fluid that may otherwise accumulate. A nurse will monitor your heart beat, blood pressure and general health while you are recovering for the day. The surgeon will determine when it’s safe to let you go home. When you are discharged from the hospital have someone drive you home as you will be feeling a little giddy from the meds you’ve been given and until the anesthesia completely wears off. The important thing when you leave the clinic is to pace yourself and not overexert your forehead. Your treating doctor or physician will give you a list and instructions on how to take care of yourself for the first few weeks post-op. If you come across a good surgeon then they will request to call you daily to see how you are going and give you advice if you run into problems which is very nice. You will be advised to stay out of the sun for extended periods of time for the first few weeks. You may put an ice-pack on your forehead when you get home to help cool it down. Stay away from aspirin and any other blood thinking types of medication after the surgery as this thins your blood out and there is a possibility that you may start bleeding from the wounds (incisions). You shouldn’t feel hardly any pain for the next few days but you will have pain medication handy that your doctor prescribed or given you before the operation. Your plastic surgeon should supply with you a compression garment for your forehead to help alleviate swelling and pain after the operation.


The average cost of a brow lift is $7,450. The cost varies from clinic to clinic as well by the anesthesia bing administered. You should stay away from holiday surgery as major complications could arise and you may not get a chance to travel so far for corrective surgery or help, it’s best done local if possible. The cost will also depend on if you will have an overnight stay at a hospital or the clinic you had it done.


I’m a 37 year old female CEO for an Internet advertising firm and I was given a handsome bonus several months ago. I decided to have some plastic surgery to fix the forehead lines on my face that were bothering me. I feel that looking good makes you a successful person and have been raised to think that way. I dress well and am professional but I just want to stay youthful. My vertical forehead lines were very bad, they were static and I had about 6 of them that looked fairly deep. I decided to add some savings to my bonus and have a forehead (brow) lift because I didn’t want to get injected every couple of months with something like Juvederm or horrid Botox. My surgeon made me comfortable talking about the procedure and going through it. When I woke up I was in a monitoring room with a tube hanging out of my forehead and I later found out that it was some sort of drain for excess fluid. I couldn’t help but touch my forehead but realized I had bandages over it. When I was free to go a nice doctor gave me a compression garment to put over my forehead, I did so and as soon as I got home with my boyfriend I ran to the mirror and ripped it off. I couldn’t help but smile, my forehead lines were gone, the skin was smooth like it was 10 years ago. I looked for the wounds and found 4 small ones within my hairline. I know they won’t ever be visible. I went to work two days later and I swear people were looking at me a little differently like I looked different. I’m very satisfied with the job my surgeon did and I’d happily go back to him. I paid $6,700 for the op and only had to put in a few hundred out of my own money. My boyfriend says I look much nicer in the face now, when he saw me first without the garment he smiled and I always trust instincts.

Submitted by Angie on May 11, 2012

YouTube video

This YouTube video is by Chasan Cosmetic Surgery and is about the brow lift plastic surgery procedure. In the featurette by the clinic it shows a basic consultation with a surgeon at the clinic and he makes marks and instructs the patients where and how the incisions will be made. The brow lift being performed here is an endoscopic one where 4 incisions are made that heal next to invisible. The video shows actual footage of the procedure being performed and is recommended for adults only. The before and after pictures at the end of the screening are amazing to look at.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Brow Lift #2

Patient #2

Karen. J from Broadbeach, Australia was luck enough to have a plastic surgeon for a boyfriend who was nice enough to perform a complete brow lift for free for her. She states she was in very little pain after the procedure due to the medication she had received. The after photo was taken a fortnight later.

 Before and After Photo: Brow Lift #3

Patient #3

Vanessa from Portland also underwent a browlift many months ago at a local plastic surgery clinic. She paid $6,500 for the operation which was a complete success. She says she felt almost no pain following the operation. The after photo was taken several weeks after the operation.

 Before and After Photo: Brow Lift #4

Patient #4

Nick from Detroit, Michigan got a handsome bonus from a car manufacturer he worked for and wanted to improve his career prospects by having his forehead fixed up. The brow lift cost him over $6,000 and he is happy with the results. The after picture was taken a month and a half after the surgery.

 Before and After Photo: Brow Lift #5

Patient #5

Damien from Wisconsin went to a local plastic surgery clinic in order to see what they can do with his forehead before his daughters wedding. During the consultation the surgeon recommended him a brow lift which leaves no scars. He was quoted $5,350 which is quite affordable. The operation was a success with the after photo being taken 1 month later, 2 weeks before the wedding.

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