Butt Augmentation Before and After

May 16, 2012

Butt augmentation is a surgical procedure for those who desire more rounder and projected butt cheeks. It’s a little like boob jobs, where implants are used to make this area larger and shaped nicer. If the patient’s own fat is used to augment the buttocks, this is called a Brazilian butt lift. Getting a fuller rump can make you look younger and more appealing. It makes your behind look more defined and you’ll just want to squeeze it all the time.

Most women would be horrified at the thought of making their butt look bigger. But the truth is there are many women out there who actually have a flat rear. This can be from just being too thin or following a lot of weight loss. Not only is this unflattering, it makes them look like a man. It’s not all about making huge backsides like the song ‘I like big butts and I cannot lie’ suggests. It’s mostly about getting a proportionate contour for the whole body and a nicely rounded posterior can really help achieve this. It can also be part of a body contouring makeover. To make your tush seem even bigger, you could get thigh liposuction to contour your legs, which will provide a nice contrast to your newly rounded cheeks.

Before and after photo

Before and After Photo: Butt Augmentation #1

Photo #1

Kiara is 33 years old. She felt that her buttocks looked flat and boring so she decided to get butt implants to give her a fresh round rump.

Before and After Photo: Butt Augmentation #2

Photo #2

Robyn, a 37 year old female had always been rather thin. Even though she had a small rear, she felt embarrassed to wear bikinis or even tight fitting pants because of the lack in buttock roundness. After her operation, she’s been able to flaunt her new shape with pride.

Causes of flat buttocks

Both  men and women can be unsatisfied with the small size of their butt. The shape, roundness and girth of the buttocks is largely a hereditary trait. Some people are born with small, indistinguishable glutes whilst others complain about their wide or over-protruding asses. The sizing proportion is usually proportionate to the rest of your body. It’s not uncommon to see very thin women with large derrière or large men and women with relatively tiny behinds. The unfortunate part about gaining weight is you can’t choose where the fat will build. If a woman puts on some pounds, you will typically see her abdomen and thighs grow first. The buttocks may need a few more indulging dinners before it begins to shape up a little. In men it’s usually the case that no matter how much weight they gain, the butt remains small and flat.

Aside from the main factor, genetics, a persons’ bottom can be left without shape after years of sedentary lifestyle. If you sit on a chair all day and don’t do any weights or cardio, you can expect your fanny to look unappealing. If you have a fast metabolism, it will be flat and boring.  For those of us who are not so lucky to have the digestive system on our side, your behind will probably be wide, round and full of cellulite if you kept up such a lifestyle. Then you wouldn’t really be looking at butt augmentation as a procedure, but rather some form of fat reduction.

Another reason for having a flat buttock can be your race. For example, people of Asian decent such as Japanese, Koreans and Chinese lack the full buttock projection which is more apparent in people of European and African-American decent. Many surgeons are familiar with ethnic anatomy and can create bulk in Asian as well as Caucasian and Afro-American buttocks.

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Before the procedure

Even though the main cause of deflated rumps is genetics, this doesn’t mean you need to be stuck with your parents’ behind. If done properly and regularly, diet and exercise can build your gluteus maximus muscles. If you have a personal trainer at the gym, ask them how to perk up your tush. They can suggest which machines to use, how to use them and also give you the right exercises to try. If you don’t have your own personal trainer but you pay membership fees at the gym, then do your research on the Internet as to what toning activities augment the buttocks. There are plenty of body building forums and sites to get ideas from. Non-machine exercises to build up the glutes include lunges and squats (with dun bells), hip extension, glute kickbacks and deadlifts . As for machines, look out for the butt blaster, Stairmaster, hamstring/leg curl machine, leg press, hyperextension bench (for weighted back extensions) and the thigh adductor.

There’s lots of exercises which can be done from home without the need for expensive gym equipment. Whatever your budget, you should combine your butt exercise regime with eating the right foods. Eating more calories than you burn will ensure you put on weight, but where your body distributes this extra fat will be different with every person. Just stick to a variety of buttock workouts and ensure you get plenty of protein and nutrients. If your posterior doesn’t change to the way you want in six months, then maybe you can consider augmentation surgery.

Actually if you want to avoid getting your behind surgically enhanced, there’s another option to try. Women, particularly in Asia, have been experimenting with butt inserts. They are like “chicken fillets” which women insert inside their bra to enhance their breast size and cleavage. These butt pads are relatively cheap (around $8 to $20) compared to surgery and can be inserted inside special underwear to boost the shape of a behind. Of course, this option won’t work if you’d like to show off your rump by wearing a g-string thong or lace panties.


One of the main concerns with patients getting this surgery is whether they’ll be happy with their new butt. If the implants are too small, then you may still feel like your rump is inadequate and you’ll need bigger implants to correct this. Surgery to change implants is easier and requires less downtime than the initial operation to insert them. This is because the pockets have already been created inside your cheeks. The surgeon just needs to slide the old implants out and position the new ones. This will also need to be done where the implant has broken. Breakage isn’t a common complication because the material is strong and sturdy but it can happen.

Revision surgery may be required if the implants were positioned too high or low on the buttock or if you can see the implants’ edge underneath the skin. Further cosmetic complications can occur like the skin being stretched or scarred (either temporarily or permanently). Another side effect which can occur is fluid collection. If seroma (clear fluid) or blood (hematoma) build up, then you’ll need to return to the clinic to have this drained. This isn’t really a big deal and is simply done by puncturing the skin with a needle and draining the fluid. If there’s injury to the nerves, you may end up with weird sensations in or around the area. This can also be short lived or for the rest of your life. The usual surgical risks also apply including bleeding, pain, swelling, infection and reaction to anesthesia.

Recovery time

The recovery time for butt augmentation surgery is approximately 6 weeks. Most people are able to return to work after two weeks. Normal activities are usually resumed after the sixth week. After the operation, you’ll need to be very careful about sitting on your behind. It will be out of the question for at least two weeks. You may be able to use a soft pillow if sitting is necessary. The bruising and swelling will last about 5-8 weeks. For the first fortnight, you will need to sleep on your stomach. This can be quite uncomfortable if you usually sleep on your side or back, but you’ll just need to get used to it. If you put pressure on the rear, you can thwart the results. Taking bowel movements can also be quite uncomfortable, especially when you can’t sit on your buttocks. After each stool, you will need to wash the incisions in the shower and then clean the area with alcohol, at least for the first fortnight. You may have numbness up to 6 weeks after your operation. This doesn’t mean it will be permanent.

You’ll be given full recovery instructions from your surgeon. You will need to walk around to stimulate circulation and also massage the area to aid the healing process and to help even out the skin. You don’t want it to dimple after the surgery. You’ll have a compression garment to wear, which can be taken off to shower.

After the procedure

It will be around 6-8 weeks before you will be able to see the full results of your operation. Once the swelling goes down, you can evaluate your new rear. You shouldn’t be able to feel the implants. The cheeks will  just feel like a normal butt, even when you tense. You’ll just love trying on all different types of clothing – jeans, shorts, tight fitting dresses and skirts and even gym wear. For women, the best treat will be putting on some lingerie or panties which expose part of the buttock cheeks. Whether you’re a man or woman, you are sure to get more stares at your butt after the surgery.

A bigger rounder butt for men can ensure they look and feel more masculine or just a better body contour, more like a stallion than a reindeer. For women, the bigness of her tush can enhance confidence and sexual prowess. Whilst some women just want to fit jeans or dresses better, others get a sense of pride from having a nicely shaped butt. Many women aspire to achieve bigger buttocks like those of JLo or Kim Kardashian. Whilst ‘bigger is better’ tends to be the go, the size of Nicki Minaj’s ass seems a little too big for some.


A butt augmentation usually cots around $5,000 to $7,000 on average. This includes the surgeon fees, operating room charges, anesthesia and the cost of the butt implants themselves. On their own, the buttock implants cost around $300 to $800 a set.


My girlfriend is Asian and she’s 32. She’s skinny and she’s never liked the look of her behind. It was very small and petite. I liked it, no doubt. But she just felt it wasn’t a real butt. She felt she had nothing there and that it was too short and elongated. She had butt implants inserted over a year ago. I must admit I love the look of her rear now.

Submitted by Mark on May 12, 2012.

YouTube video

This YouTube video allows you to watch a two minute sideshow of buttock augmentation before & after images while listening to some funky music. Unfortunately, the doctor behind this gorgeous artwork hasn’t come forth to identify themselves. If you know the clinic that performed these procedures, please let us know so we can post their name.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Butt Augmentation #3

Photo #3

Megan decided to get a buttock augmentation at the age of 25. As you can see, she did not have much in the way of a “butt” before the surgery. She’s now got fuller cheeks which give her a nice shape overall.

Before and After Photo: Butt Augmentation #4

Photo #4

There wasn’t much to Tara’s behind. She felt her whole body looked like a long pole rather than the curved shape of a woman. She underwent a butt augmentation at 27 years old. She’s very impressed with the results.

Before and After Photo: Butt Augmentation #5

Photo #5

Liza is a 34 year old mother of two. She felt that her buttocks were losing shape and also heading south. Her butt implants gave the cheeks more volume to fill up her jeans.

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