Butt Lift Before and After

May 15, 2012

A butt lift (gluteoplasty) is performed by a plastic surgeon when the patient wants tighter, nicer looking buttocks. It’s not a butt augmentation, where implants are used to make the buttocks bigger. It’s also not a Brazilian butt lift, which is a means of enlargement using the patient’s own fat. So what is it then? Well, after you reach your thirties, you may find that your buttocks are not what they used to be. The cheeks are starting to sag and the fat is beginning to head south toward your ankles. This can also happen after massive weight loss.

To reverse this aging effect, the surgeon tightens the buttocks back up by removing excess skin and repositioning some tissue. In order to avoid making the butt look too flat, extra fat or tissue may be added. This can be done via a fat transfer or after liposuction to another area. After the procedure, your behind should look like new again. As a bonus, the surgery can even reduce the dimpled effect, avoiding the need for cellulite treatment. The surgery is essentially for women or men who wish to get back a normal rear, rather than for those who want to flaunt a more noticeable derrière.

Before and after photo

Before and After Photo: Butt Lift #1

Photo #1

Mel from the Gold Coast, Australia wanted a butt lift since she was in her late teens. She saved up $8,000 to have it done by the time she turned 25 and had it done by Dr. Ces Colagrande, a respected well known plastic surgeon residing on the Gold Coast. The operation was a success and Mel now has the perfect behind she always wanted. The after photo was taken a week following surgery.

Before and After Photo: Butt Lift #2

Photo #2

Vanessa from Yorkshire, England wanted a butt lift but decided she’d add implants at the same time. The implants make her buttocks stand out well and the augmentation her surgeon performed on her butt went well. She paid US$10,300 for the entire operation and she says she absolutely loves her butt now and can’t stop looking at it in the mirror. Her boyfriend Bryan also says he loves her new buttocks now. The after picture was taken several weeks post-op.

Why do women want to have it done?

The main reason why women want to have a butt lift is for sex appeal. There’s nothing worse than having a flat bottom for some women and all they want is just a little shape to their booties. A butt lifts firms while sculpting your behind and the results are permanent. Having surgery to correct your butt is an instant fix for the problem and saves you the time of toning your behind for months on end trying to get an athletes butt. If you wish to know some great exercises which tone and firm your buttocks please visit the section below on how to improve your butt. Many men find the buttocks to be the sexiest part of a womans body and are drawn to them. Having a sexy butt will surely help you attract the attention of the man you always wanted.

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Before the procedure

There are variations of the butt lift and a consultation with a plastic surgeon will let you know what is possible for your behind and can let you know if your expectations of the surgery are realistic. Before you consider going in for surgery you should think about toning your butt like an athlete if your not too much overweight. Below are some exercises you can try to give you that athletes butt that you could get without the need for surgery. The great thing about performing these exercises is that they will all help firm your butt while helping you lose weight and making your butt stand out more so it’s definitely worth a shot. Just know that it takes time and when doing each of these exercises you should take in some protein at the end of it so that your butt gets the nutrients it needs to build, the muscles anyway.

Exercises to improve your butt without surgery

Walking – There is nothing easier than walking as we do it every day. The great thing about it is that you can do it anytime during the day and anywhere you wish. Walking up steep hills will truly target your glutes. If you’re not walking up hills than a good thing to do after you take each step is to squeeze and flex the side that you’re walking buttocks muscle as hard as you can. This can hurt after a short period of time if you’re just starting out but over time your butt muscles will get firmer, harder and bigger and that’s what you want.

Kickboxing – Not only a great workout for the entire body, but awesome for your butt. Try flex your butt muscles when performing all the various types of kicks like roundhouse kicks, side kicks, back kicks and controlled front kicks. Doing kickboxing burns a lot of calories also helping you lose weight quickly.

Running – If you aren’t in good shape then this one would best be avoided as you most likely won’t run very far till you’re completely exhausted and you’re calves will hurt like hell. If you’re in good shape then that’s great. Runners experience a thing called “runners high” and it makes you feel great that you’ve pumped so much blood through your body in such a short period of time. It also helps relieve stress. Sprinting is always an option just to burn extra calories and firm up that butt.

Biking – Riding a bike is very easy and doesn’t place a lot of stress on the body as it uses the strongest muscles in your body, the thighs. Biking targets all the muscles in your hips as well as legs. If you have a gym membership than you can always try out some spin classes that are a great adrenaline rush.

Hiking – The good thing about hiking is that it burns a lot of calories while targeting your butt at the same time. Going up inclines of a mountain gets your glutes working and if this is your first or second time then it will be burning if you done a proper workout.

One-legged deadlifts – These target your butt, lower back and hamstring. They are easy to perform anywhere, well as long as you’re not doing it at work or something like that you should be fine. If you have back problems you should skip this exercise as it’s not recommended by medical persons.

Hip extensions – Targets your gluteus maximus. To increase the intensity you can always try add a dumbbell behind your knee. If you don’t know what this exercise looks like please see some images on in on Google.

Step ups – An extremely exercise helping improve your glutes. You must put all your body weight on one leg.

Lunges – Very easy to perform anywhere at anytime. The good thing about lunges is that they work so many muscles in the body at one time. There are different types of lunges and these include step by step, wheel, one-legged, low, sliding, side to side and static. Simply do a Google search to check what these look like and how they work.

Squats – Extremely easy and should be performed many times a day with at least 5 repetitions if you want good results.


As with any surgery there are risks with a butt lift too. We will list several below but your plastic surgeon will tell you them all. The worst case scenario by far would be a fatal surgery, although this is extremely rare with a butt lift. Just know if you are being treated by a board certified plastic surgeon than you are in good hands, your surgeon shouldn’t get offended if you ask to see his board certification certificate, they will be proud to show you. The number one problem you should worry about is asymmetry by far, this is where fat is injected into your butt and could come out uneven. The second most important risk is overcorrection and undercorrection, you’re surgeon will always try to aim for the best possible result for you but you may wish it was just slightly bigger/higher or less. There is also a possibility that of injected fat hardening. Adverse effects to liposuction. There is also a possibility that you will develop a scar from where the incision was made. To lessen the likelihood of infection arising you will be given antibiotics before and after surgery, please continue to take these until your treating doctor says otherwise. Swelling and bruising are also possible but they are not permanent, these can last several weeks at most.

Recovery time

The average butt lift recovery time is a few days, although you should take a week off work in case if you get swelling or bruising and so you can heal properly.

After the procedure

Have someone drive you home after the surgery as you won’t be feeling too great from the anesthesia and pain medication, you may even feel exhausted. You should feel some discomfort for about a day or two after surgery. If you are in a great deal of pain even while taking pain medication you should contact your plastic surgeon for advice or for a check up. You will be given pain medication that should last you at least a week or two if you need it. If by any chance you need more pain medication after surgery be sure to contact a doctor about it, they will be more than happy to help. Following the surgery an elastic compression garment will be placed around your body to help assist the healing process and reduce swelling. This garment must be worn all day for at least a month and a half. The garment is designed to give you a smooth symmetrical result. You should look into purchasing a few of these garments as you will be wearing them for many weeks and they will need to be cleaned. Your plastic surgeon will tell you not to sit directly onto your buttocks after surgery, they will tell you to lie on your side or stomach while the healing process takes place, you will need to do this for at least a fortnight. Be prepared to spend a lot of time in bed recovering and only going to the bathroom. You will be able to eat anything you wish following surgery but it’s advised you have a drink (not alcohol) when you first get home before having a bite to eat. Also go for regular walks (at least 30 minutes a day) to increase blood circulation and assist the healing process.


The average cost of a butt lift is $9,200 within the United States. Price varies from surgeon to surgeon. The price includes anesthesia, pain medication, one elastic compression garment, surgeon fees as well as a hospital (or clinic) stay if need be. We do not recommend you seek to have holiday surgery as many times than not some sort of complication arises and your holiday is ruined and you have to go see your surgeon again. Being in pain and recovering is no sort of holiday anyhow.


I’m 30 now and I had a butt lift 3 years ago. I always wanted a more defined butt and I love mine now, I can’t stop looking at it in the mirror and I rave about it to all my friends. When I had it done I went to show it to the boy I always wanted and told him I was in pain, he said it looked great and I started a conversation about it and he ended up asking me out a few days later; I thank my sexy butt for that. I get whistles from men all the time and although it makes me feel good I’m devoted to my man. The surgery cost me $8,499 in Wisconsin at a local plastic surgery clinic. The two weeks of moderate pain and the money is so worth it. I’d do it all over again if I had to. Definitely thumbs up from me for this type of surgery. I was lucky enough to find a surgeon that provided free initial consultations and he basically fully convinced me at how simple the procedure is and that there’s little risks involved these days with qualified surgeons. He showed me amazing before and after photos of normal and Brazilian butt lifts and I was just so drawn in I had to get it done that week. I took three weeks off work but called in after the second week, I don’t sit down at my job at all so I didn’t have a problem recovering pain free after that. I think this type of surgery is for women who absolutely love their butts, I often find myself feeling it under my pants or skirt and don’t even realize it until someone says something at work LOL. It took me two years to save up for it but I’d trade it any day over a holiday overseas because it’s permanent and it gives me confidence every day when I think about it (which is like all the time). I don’t know if I can mention this here but I get my man to massage my butt every few days and I just can’t get enough of it… I reckon if you want to have good boobs you need a great but and that’s my next goal, a boob job.

Submitted by Annie or 16 May, 2012

YouTube video

This YouTube video is a feature by Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery and is about liposuction combined with a Brazilian butt lift. It includes an interview with the patient and the doctor. The doctor makes markings where incisions will be made and it actually shows footage of the operation taking place in the procedure room. This video doesn’t show blood or raw flesh at all and is intended for all viewing audiences. There are some amazing before and after photos at the end of how the procedure turned out if you want to take a look, perhaps you can just skip to the end. The procedure is performed by Dr. David Edward Kim, great job doctor!

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Butt Lift #3

Photo #3

Martha from Venice, Italy got a butt augmentation as a Birthday present from her wealthy boyfriend because he wanted her to look hotter. The butt lift wasn’t made to make it stand out too much but just a tad and they are both happy with the results. Her boyfriend paid the equivalent of US$7,600. The after photo was taken one month later.

 Before and After Photo: Butt Lift #4

Photo #4

Courtney from Sydney, Australia always wanted to have a Brazilian butt lift and managed to save up for one just after turning 34. She absolutely adores her new behind and can’t stop showing all her friends because she’s so proud of it. She paid the equivalent of US$6,900 for the surgery. The operation went well and Courtney managed to recover in a few days and was able to return to work. The after picture was taken several week post-op.

 Before and After Photo: Butt Lift #5

Photo #5

Valerie from Tennessee, USA drove from Lebanon to Nashville to have her butt lift and implants done in 2009. She paid $9,500 for both operations and thought it was a cheap price. She recovered quickly and was able to return to in a week because she thought she’d have problems sitting down all day at her desk job so she took her time recovering. Her surgeon did a great job with both butt cheeks being perfectly symmetrical. The after photo was taken a month following surgery.

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