Chin Augmentation Before and After

February 3, 2012

Chin augmentation can be achieved with any number of procedures to enhance the size and shape of the jawline. If you have a small or receding chin, this can make you look like a chipmunk, or a shark if it’s really bad. Permanent chin implants can be inserted under the skin and muscles to achieve a more complementary facial contour. Aside from plastic surgery, you could also shape this area with injectable dermal fillers like Aquamid and Silikon 1000. Having a nicely shaped jawline is a sign of masculinity for men and one of elegance for women.

If yours didn’t develop properly, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. There are plenty of celebrities who have made it big even with an inadequate chin (see Amy Winehouse for example). Unfortunately, it can completely ruin your looks and it can even make you look as though you have a double chin. If there is excess fat, this can be removed with liposuction. What’s the point of exercising if the chin’s just going to let you down anyway? Luckily, there are options in addition to chin surgery to save your face by improving the lower third.

Before and after photo

Chin Implants Before and After

Before surgery

The purpose of chin implants is to give harmony to the shape of your face. You may think that your chin is too small but it may actually be that your nose is too large (or both). Facial plastic surgeons are experts in striking the right balance between all the facial features. The aim is to achieve harmony and to accentuate your natural facial contours.

A thorough assessment is taken of your facial profile, underlying bone structure and your lip to chin ratio to determine which procedure(s) would best accomplish your desired look. Also, there are different types of implants to work with. Your surgeon will talk you through the options to customize your chin implant surgery to your needs.

How can I choose a look?

It would be best if you can show your doctor what you want your chin to look like before you step into the consultation room. Take the time to sift through magazines and cut out the possible candidates for your chin. Try to find faces with a similar profile, for example rounded, oval and a similar sized nose. Your pictures can help the surgeon guide you through the surgical goals at your first meeting. Many surgeons use computer imaging to show patients what they can expect to look like after surgery. Having example photos can be extremely helpful.

More chin augmentation before and after photos >>>>

Any other options?

There are two ways of enhancing the chin, surgically and non-surgically. The jawline can be strengthened with dermal fillers, which is usually a temporary method of augmentation using injections. The treatment will last anywhere between three months to a year. If you are concerned about making permanent changes to your face, you always have the option of trying the non-permanent solution first. Then, if you are satisfied with the look, you can opt for the permanent surgical procedure.

What follows the operation?

Once the operation is complete, your chin will be taped to help minimize swelling. Most of the swelling subsides within a week. Your chin may feel tight for a day or two however pain is usually not an issue. You will be given pain medication to alleviate any discomfort, however many patients rarely need them. You should get follow up appointments with your surgeon to ensure your chin is recovering well. In many cases the stitches are dissolvable so you won’t need to return to have them removed.

Will I be able to feel the implant?

Once the area heals thoroughly (which should take several weeks) you shouldn’t be able to feel the implant whatsoever. Most implants are made of solid silicone, Goretex or Medpore, which have a consistency similar to human tissue. They are inserted underneath your muscle and skin (deep enough not to be noticeable by touch). Once properly healed, the implant should not move when you run your fingers over it. The shape is customized to fit your jawline perfectly and allow a smooth transition between your tissue and the synthetic material.

Will I lose sensation?

Two nerves provide sensation to the chin and lower cheek area. These nerves are located near the lower jaw bone, close to where the implants are placed. If the nerves are bruised or stretched during the procedure your chin can be temporarily numb. This can also affect sensation in your lower lip and the lower cheek area. In rare occasions if the nerves are permanently damaged, you will have permanent numbness in these areas.


The cost of having a more pronounced chin with surgical implants can range between $2,500 and $5,600. The total cost should include the surgeon fees, anesthesia, hospital/facility fees, medication, dressings and the price of the implants themselves.


I can’t believe how much of a difference chin implants actually make. When I used to look int the mirror, I just thought my whole face was wrong. My whole head was literally in the shape of a lemon and there was no way around it. Makeup didn’t help, nor the way I styled my hair. I didn’t even know the problem was my chin. I went to a cosmetic surgeon who recommended chin augmentation. I was hesitant at first but he showed me how different I would look on his computer. I was absolutely gobsmacked. I booked in for the procedure and I never look back. I’m so happy with how I look and it was such a small change that made a huge impact.

Submitted by Kylie on March 20, 2012.

YouTube video

In this YouTube video Dr. Michael Yeremchuk performs chin augmentation with porous implant on a patient and you can see exactly how the procedure is performed. It is advised if you are sensitive to surgery videos you skip this as it shows a bit of blood and the surgeon cutting and extracting a piece of the chin which is not very sightly to everyone.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Zelma Lamarche has a chin augmentation with implants installed. You can tell from her smile the operation is a success a few weeks post surgery.

Photo #2

Zelma gets a chin augmentation with implants installed. You can immediately tell the operation is a success from the smile on her face. She went through a lot going through surgery and she is a brave woman. This photo was taken three weeks post surgery.

Before and After Photo: Lilia Goers gets a chin augmentation making her chin look more prominent.

Photo #3

Lilia gets a chin augmentation at Plastic Surgery & Medi Spa. The surgery is a success and the after photo was taken three and a half weeks following the operation. Well done Lilia for being so brave.

Before and After Photo: Melissa Stell gets liposuction on her neck and a chin augmentation making her facial features and neck more prominent.

Photo #4

Melissa gets liposuction on her neck as well as a chin augmentation making her facial features and neck look more prominent and appealing. The after photo was taken a month following surgery. There was hardly any scars left following the procedure and Melissa has healed without much pain.

Before and After Photo: Avis Longstreet got chin implants. The operation was a total success and now he is happy with his new chin.

Photo #5

Avis has had his chin implants installed and he is very happy with the outcome of the surgery and minimal downtime. The after photo was taken three weeks after the surgery took place.

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4 Responses to “Chin Augmentation Before and After”

Comment from Wendy
Time February 3, 2012 at 4:04 pm

Last year i finally made the decision to get a chin implant. my face has always looked odd due to my very tiny chin. the surgeon did an excellent job. i didn’t feel any pain and i wasn’t off work for long. it was definitely a worthwhile procedure. i feel more confident now and i actually take nice photos! a nice change in my life.

Comment from Ash
Time February 3, 2012 at 4:07 pm

Being an actor, my looks are very important to me – they’re my livelihood. I had my chin reshaped to achieve a more masculine appearance. I can’t believe how much difference the surgery has made. Plastic surgeons are truly artists.

Comment from Tyson
Time February 3, 2012 at 4:11 pm

My gf tells me I’d look hot with a more distinct jawline. Currently, i must admit my chin looks a little small and makes me look weak. i’ve thought about having surgery but I can’t stand the thought of being cut up. I might go ahead with it one day to impress the girl 🙂

Comment from Tina
Time February 3, 2012 at 4:14 pm

I need my chin to be bigger and I need my cheeks to be smaller. At the moment i feel my face is in the shape of a lemon or a light bulb. i’ve been doing research and implants together with buccal fat removal seem like the ideal procedures for me. now i need to look into financing, but once i’ve got enough, i’m definitely having surgery.

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