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March 9, 2012

It’s not really a ‘light’ form of laser skin resurfacing since there is some downtime involved, but usually there’s no pain involved. After the treatment your face will be red straight away. You won’t be able to apply makeup for about three to five days and this can be daunting for some women. The redness will remain on your face for about a week after the procedure. It will look like sunburn, but it won’t be as bad as the after effects of chemical peels.  It’s another way of creating micro injuries to the skin so it will heal itself and stimulate new collagen. You will be given ointments such as Aquaphor and Cetaphil to apply on your skin in the days following your laser treatment. You will have swelling and may even peel for a few days

The benefits of this treatment can be seen long term, with the skin continuing to improve for up to six months after one session. The cost can be expensive with one session starting at around $2,500. Some clinics do the second session for half price. You should only need a second session if you have more severe damage such as deep acne scarring. Still, it’s cheaper than a face lift and if it makes you feel good, then why not right? Just beware; CO2 laser is only suitable for light skin types.

Before and after photo

CO2 Laser Before and After Treatment of a Woman #1

Photo #1

Paige had been considering the C02 laser for a few months and finally decided to have it done because she was really excited about it. Her aim was to smooth out the bumps in her skin and rejuvenate the collagen cells. Paige paid $800 for the treatment in Toronto, Canada. The laser smoothed out her skin as she wanted but the effects too a month and a half to show when new skin cells formed a new layer of skin. The after photo was taken two months following the laser treatment.

Co2 laser uses

The main use of a cosmetic Co2 laser is skin resurfacing which in turn rejuvenates skin by burning away dead layers of skin. Benefits are seen for many months following a single treatment as collagen cell production is increased. Cosmetic Co2 lasers treat many types of skin lesions especially ones that are not flat like nodules, warts, birthmarks and moles; as well smoothing out lines and even scars. A strong laser setting can even be used to cut skin or remove tissue in special circumstances. The great benefit the laser achieves is removing top layers of skin without the need for traditional surgery.

Before treatment

Before your procedure appointment you must avoid exposure to the sun at least four to six weeks before or you have a chance in developing white spots following a treatment. Stop taking self-tanning products at least a week post-surgery. Do not wear any sort of makeup when you come in to have the Co2 laser as this can cause complications and damage your skin. Consult your doctor about what you should also avoid and be preparing for like the anesthetic you’ll be given.

Risks, complications and side effects

Besides the obvious painful downtime there are very little risks associated with the Co2 laser when an experienced cosmetic surgeon does it. You must make sure to find out if your treating surgeon has had experience with the machine and what his results were, ask for before and after photos and have him explain the downtime process to you as this is the main thing you should be advised of and worry about. The downtime is the only thing wrong with having this type of treatment but it is a necessary process where dead skin leaves your body. If you’d like you can even ask the surgeon to give you a contact of one of his patients who have had it done and they can go through their entire experience with you. The laser beam may damage the eyes if protective eyewear is not worn.

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Recovery time

The Co2 laser is painful as it uses beams of light effectively vaporizing water molecules on your skin. This type of laser is more painful than other lasers out there. A local anesthetic injection or at least a cream is always administered. General anesthetics can be used for children or for adults where a large area is being performed on. Expect your skin to crust and scabs to form where the laser has been used, the important thing is to never try and peel or pick at them. If you pick the scabs it may leave permanent scars or lead to infection; just leave them alone and they will flake or fall off. Your new skin will be very sensitive so you should avoid exposing it to sun as much as possible for at least half a year. You will regret ever having the treatment until your new skin comes out, please be aware of this and not freak out when your skin starts peeling off.

After the procedure

The area which your cosmetic surgeon treated will be very red, perhaps even swollen and will be hot to the touch. Your face will look like it’s been burnt and resemble the look of abrasion. Your face may weep for a while, the fluid that comes out is called serous fluid. Having a treatment done on the face will result in you getting Vaseline ointment applied, you’ll also be asked to apply a special cream on your face for a few days. At home you should clean your face with clean water and avoid itching and touching it as much as possible. The skin is expected to heal for up to two weeks but the new skin on your face may remain red for up to a few months. You may resume using skin care products as soon as the irritation has receded. Expect to weak up in the morning and have dead skin flakes over your pillow sheets, if you do be sure to change them daily. Stay out of the sun as much as possible so your new skin doesn’t get damaged and always wear strong sunblock if you can’t help yourself.


The Co2 fractional laser treatment can cost anywhere between $1,200 to $3,000 depending on your location and the area being treated.


I’m a 51 year old Hispanic woman and I had the Co2 laser done in Chicago Illinois for $1,400 on my facial area due to minor acne scars. The treatment lasted around 20 minutes and there was little if no pain at all. My face was red for about a whole week before it started to look better. I didn’t see immediate improvements in my skin but a few month’s later I could tell I had newer healthier looking skin than before. The physician told me that the effects will last for at least several months and he was right on the ball. The only thing I’m unhappy about is that the effects took so long to come up, otherwise I’m satisfied with my choice to have the treatment.

Submitted Artura on 28th of March, 2012.

YouTube video

The above is a six minute YouTube video filmed by Dr. Slenkovich’s surgery team. The clip is a promotional video for the surgeries new laser that they have acquired. The doctor has the treatment done on himself because he has some minor acne scars and other. You can see the function of the laser clearly burning away the top layer of the doctors skin in the video. The doctor says that the pain level of the laser out of ten would be a two at worst. 12 hours after the treatment he says the skin on his face feels like it’s sunburnt. A few days later his skin has healed with him rubbing the ointment regularly over it.

More before and after photos

Before and After CO2 Laser Treatment #2

Photo #2

Rachelle had blotchy skin prior to having a Co2 laser treatment. The laser burnt away the top most layer of skin allowing new skin cells to form creating an even colored skin tone on Rachelle’s face. The after photo was taken three weeks post treatment.

Treatment Before and After a CO2 Laser #3

Photo #3

Cassie’s problem was that she was 61 and she had aged wrinkly skin from too much sun bathing throughout her life. She was also recommended the Co2 laser to resurface and rejuvenate the skin on her face. A month after the treatment her skin is looking much younger with new collagen cells showing their effect. Many of Cassie’s wrinkles have disappeared especially below her eyes and around the mouth. She paid $1,500 for the treatment in Kansas City and doesn’t regret it one bit. She says she’s definitely going in for the same treatment next year because she likes to look young and beautiful.

Deep Pours Treated Using CO2 Laser Before and After Photo #4

Photo #4

Glen paid $900 for his Co2 laser treatment in Seattle. His desire was to get rid of the acne scars on his cheeks. A month after the treatment the laser seems to have healed the scars by at least 50%. Although the acne scars are not completely gone Glen says he’s happy with what the laser is capable of and claims he will have it done again in a few months to make his skin even better.

Extreme Success Using CO2 Laser Before and After Photo #5

Photo #5

This is just a side photo of Cassie’s laser treatment shown above. Please read the description for full details on her story.

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Comment from Mario Cooper
Time May 14, 2012 at 3:31 pm

I’ve had the Co2 laser done on my facial area and I must say it hurts like hell. The after effects are just awful to look at when your skin starts peeling off, especially when you wake up and your pillow is covered with skin. I started to peel it off trying to make the process go quicker but I think I just delayed it. I know it produces great results but you just have to be ready to go through the pain. Some people say no pain no gain though and I guess I believe that.

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