Dimple Implants Before and After

February 22, 2012

Dimple implants (dimpleplasty) are a cosmetic surgery procedure which enhances and adds dimples to your cheeks. Dimples are small usually natural hollow creases which show on your cheeks when you give a smile. Dimples are a genetic cheek defect but it is considered very cute by the majority. It is very rare to see dimples on an overly obese, fat or morbidly obese person as the fat engulfs the cheeks and swallows up the crease where it usually shows. Maybe after some weight loss they would show up again. Although, you may need to get rid of the nose-to-mouth lines first, since they seem to pop up after you lose a lot of weight.

Doctors have in the last couple years seen a growing demand for dimple creation and it is still steadily on the rise. With dimple creating the surgeon makes an incision inside the mouth so you have no external visible scars afterwards, then a circular core of tissue is taken out from your inner cheek (buccal mucosa) leaving skin intact. An absorbable suture is added through the cheek muscle and the dermis layer of your skin which gives the look of dimpling skin when you smile. Dimple creation surgery takes roughly thirty to forty five minutes and you will be under local anesthesia during the entire operation. Whilst some people have no dimples, others are born with cheeks that are too fat and need buccal fat removal. Others seek out cheek implants to improve the look of their cheekbones.

Before and after photo

Before and After Photo: Dimple Implants

Photo #1

Max gets dimple implants. The results are good with symmetrical dimples on each cheek.

Before dimple creation

The first time you saw dimples on somebody you may have fallen in love with their smile and couldn’t understand why everybody especially you weren’t lucky enough to have them. After that you probably tried smiling as long as possible to enhance your cheek muscles but to no avail until unfortunately you found out you needed cosmetic surgery. Upon realizing that dimples do exist you would have realized the power of the smile and the amount of value it adds to your face. Having dimple implants installed is much less invasive and more accepted than having something like a face lift procedure done.

Being attracted to dimples and wishing you had them is only natural and might make you think if only you did you might be able to impress that special someone you liked with your killer smile. Somehow it doesn’t make sense that dimples are a defect of the cheek because they look so beautiful to most people. You may have found yourself dreaming of having dimples so your smile looks so great in all the photos you’re in and you sure as hell wouldn’t avoid the opportunity to jump in front of a camera any more or less. You might think that having dimple implants created by a cosmetic surgeon is like putting a body kit on a sports car, not the best metaphor, but it’s all about improving the cosmetic look.

Tips on how to improve your smile without getting dimple implants

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Before dimple surgery guide

Make sure you wash your mouth thoroughly before going in to surgery as you could get an infection. Aim at using an antiseptic mouthwash and brushing your teeth twice in a row wouldn’t hurt; just be sure not to consume anything or smoke before the surgery as this could increase risks and cause complications during or after dimple creation surgery.

Make sure you stay well hydrated before the surgery so you don’t become dehydrated and thirsty but don’t drink too much or you will have too much saliva in your mouth. The dimple creation surgery is quite a simple procedure and doesn’t involve much so please don’t worry and look forward to the surgery.

Can I get dimples naturally somehow without surgery?

The sad fact is if you weren’t born with dimples then “No”. It is impossible to get dimples without having cosmetic surgery. Smiling as much as you can to try getting that effect by thinking your enhancing your cheek muscles will only give you wrinkles in the long run so please avoid this. Adding make-up to try give that dimple effect is a bad idea because the make-up will still be there when you are not smiling and this is what you don’t want.

You should never try making the dimples yourself by cutting a piece of your cheek out or doing something stupid. You should just be happy with how you were born but if you are serious about getting implants then aim at saving up some money so you may be happy. If you have been big or fat for a long time and don’t ever remember being skinny you should try lose some weight because you may have been blessed with what you’re looking for.

Chances are if your mother or father didn’t have dimples than there is very little chance that you will get them but there is still a possibility. Many people claim to have had dimple piercings for close to a year and then when they got them taken out their dimples stayed in place when they smiled but this is not a proven fact and everyone is different. You could give it a try if you’re willing to go through the pain and don’t mind wearing dimple piercings for a long time.

After dimple surgery

After dimple surgery you will be content because you will absolutely love your new smile. The dimples will make you a little more unique and that’s always a good thing because not too many people have dimples (wish we had some statistics here). It’s such an easy procedure, the risks are very minimal but the only thing you have to worry about is that the dimples won’t come out the same but nobody is perfect and no one will pick on you for it.

You will find yourself smiling for no reason because you know the power of your smile when you take a look in the mirror daily and no doubt you smiling in the mirror will just make you smile even harder. Be sure before you have dimple surgery you don’t tell any of your friends you’re having dimple implants installed so you see who most notices the change in your smile.

Recovery time

There is very little risk of complications and if there were any it would be minor. A tiny percentage of persons may develop a haematoma or localized swelling but this usually disappears within a week. Make sure you regularly wash your mouth using mouth wash and brush your teeth at least twice daily for a week. Rinse using chlorhexidine or betadine mouthwash.


Dimple creation ranges anywhere between $2,350 to $5,900 for the entire procedure, surgeon fees, anesthesia and after care. Quite a steep price for such a simple procedure but it’s really worth it and the majority of persons who review it online on the Internet are very satisfied with the cost and say would sit through it again if they had to


My boyfriend had dimple creation a few months ago. I must say he looks so cute, I’m never letting him go now. I’m not sure what make him think of it but he’s so adorable. He always had these chubby looking cheeks. When I look at the photos now his cheeks just looked plain before.

Submitted by Annie on March 21, 2012

YouTube video

This YouTube video is of a lady on “The Doctors” show and she wishes and gets dimples created.

More before and after photos

Before and After: Dimple Implants #2

Photo #2

Nelson’s before and after photo of dimple creation. The dimples turned out real prominent, he must surely be very pleased with the results of the surgery.

Before and After Photo: Dimple Implants #3

Photo #3

Selena gets cute dimples on her cheeks. She’s very excited about them and loves to smile all the time now.

Before and After Photo: Dimple Implants #5

Photo #4

The lady off “The Doctor’s” show getting dimples before and after photo.

Before and After: Dimple Implants #5

Photo #5

Ericka also gets dimples created.

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