Drugs Before and After

February 10, 2012

Before and after drugs (illicit or not) is a keyword phrase many people look up in the search engine whether they are drug addicts themselves or concerned associates of a known drug user. Most people seek to find disturbing before and after drug photos so they may be deterred from taking drugs or to help them convince themselves how bad drugs really are. There are shocking and extremely dangerous effects of taking any type of drug for an extended period of time. Most users don’t even see the change in them and don’t believe that the substances they take on a daily basis are absolutely ruining their health, mental functioning and changing their appearance. Please take a look at the photo below of a before and after drug methamphetamine user.

You will notice straight away that they have aged drastically due to their choices and you can only imagine what it has done to their internal organs not to mention their brains. Apart from aging skin and wrinkles, drug users also have problems with excessive weight loss and facial wasting. Once they stop using, the addict may be able to regain some weight and fill out their facial contour again. This will help to eliminate some sagging skin and static wrinkles. If not, permanent or temporary dermal fillers can be used to fill out these lines and depressions. Those who are still using won’t be in the mental or financial position to do anything about their looks anyway.

Before and after photo

Before and After Drugs
Photo #1
A series of mugshot photos of Annie separated by months of amphetamine abuse. You can easily see that she has aged a fair bit especially her skin.

Before you start to take drugs

Prior to being introduced to taking drugs your life may have been what is considered normal, where you didn’t know or experience what it is like being on drugs. You may have had a promising career you were looking forward to or still have been in your studies in college. Your brain cells would be healthy and you would probably have no mental disorders that are very common to drug addicts. You would certainly have different friends as drug users associate with drug users making it even harder for them to change their habits and ways. The best thing a parent can do for their children is to teach them and enforce the fact that drugs are bad from an early age. Drugs no doubt ruin your life and are a complete waste of time and money. They will drag you down until you either come to your senses after you hit rock bottom or until they kill you. You don’t want your child to even have drugs once because they may realize that drugs were the ‘thing’ that has been missing in their lives and become addicts.

After you become an addict

Most users start off being casual users of any sort of drug and many people become addicts (even though we are all addicted to something) and the cycle begins there. When users become addicts then they will be addicts for life and always want some drugs in different situations (called triggers) like rock concerts, birthday parties, while clubbing or even during sex. You will be sure to know you are at your worst when you are doing absolutely whatever is necessary to pay for your drug habit, especially with the more expensive drugs like cocaine and heroin. There are tons of users out there today that commit crimes every day to pay for their daily habit. Some people become drug dealers themselves in order to pay for their own habit and to have friends but these are not real friends and proper friendships never come out of drug addicts who are in a destructive cycle of life. You must understand that once someone becomes a drug addict than it is not really their fault because they just can’t help themselves and reality probably just bores the hell out of them and they need a kick to feel alive.

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The very addictive and powerful drug Heroin (otherwise known as Harry, Dope, Boy, He, Dragon, White Stuff, Black Tar), is an opiate class drug and the majority of heroin comes from Afghanistan where the system is corrupt and it is very cheap to produce the product. After taking the drug whether injecting (most popular), smoking or snorting the substance you will begin to feel a great and overwhelming feeling of euphoria and it will begin to take over your central nervous system immediately. Almost immediately after you consume it you’ll start to feel heavy like your body weighs a tonne and you will not want to move. This is called being “on the nod” by drug addicts. Your mental functioning will suffer and become somewhat cloudy and you’ll start to breathe slowly and there is a chance you can suffocate to death.

Some long term effects of taking heroin are contracting an virus or STD like HIV or hepatitis C if you share your needles with others. If the heroin you took is really strong then immediately after you take it you have a chance of vomiting, this is known as a good feeling among addicts but is very disgusting. It’s quite easy to overdose on heroin as you never really know what type of product you’re getting when you buy it off the dealer. You “just have to trust him” that it won’t kill you when you take it. There are plenty of other drugs that are less dangerous than this. Many heroin addicts hit their lowest in life when they start stealing to pay for their drugs and end up living on the street. That’s how powerful this drug is and it should never be underestimated.


After smoking cannabis (marijuana, pot, weed, reefer, hashish or skunk) whether through a bong or pipe you will experience anxiety and euphoria at the same time, while some people will feel less anxious than others. Your eyes will go bloodshot and your short term memory will be greatly diminished. The hit of weed after taking one will hit you at its maximum potency after about 5 minutes and will take around half an hour to two hours depending how dependent your body is. Withdrawal symptoms include drowsiness, hunger (called munchies among addicts), forgetfulness and mood swings often followed by cravings to have more cannabis.  Long term cannabis use is associated with mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, major depression (as it’s a depressant) and schizophrenia. Pot is probably the most popular drug in the world and it takes a long time for illnesses such as schizophrenia to occur but once they do they are generally for life and you will most likely end up in a mental institute and taking meds like Abilify and Invega for a long time to come. Do not underestimate the effects of taking reefer.


Ecstasy (MDMA, E, pill) sometimes called “the love drug” is popular among party goers like clubbers and people who just want to have a great time. Ecstasy is a potent stimulant which can give you an instant mental illness or even kill you if it has the wrong ingredients in it. Upon taking an MDMA pill you will start to feel your body is weightless and you will feel the need to move and have a great time (upper) and show love to everyone around you. You will feel strong and full of life and the feeling of touch becomes increasingly heightened. The effects of an E last between two to four hours depending on how strong the pills you have are. Some people choose to double drop their pills at once to get a major rush and feel like they’re moonwalking but this has often killed people and should be avoided at all costs. After you come down from the pill/s you will feel like your spinal fluid has been drained and feel very weak and scattered and notice you are clenching your jaw (chewing gum is recommended here), not a great downer feeling after you’ve just had a major upper. Ecstasy has the power to kill via overdose and is very toxic to your body and brain cells.


Methamphetamines (Speed, crystal meth, ice, goee, gear) are highly addictive and before you take these drugs you should be warned of their side effects and how dangerous they are. After consuming crystal meth whether you inject it, smoke it or swallow you will feel almost an instant increase in wakefulness (you can say awake up to a week if you keep it up), increased strength, need to keep talking, increased heart rate, a decrease in appetite and even cardiovascular collapse. Meth attacks the central nervous system and especially when coming down (wearing off) you will be irritable, could suffer from major insomnia, confusion, anxiety and uncontrollable tremors. When you’re coming down off this drug you will probably notice that you have lost a few pounds in the process and feel like the life has been drained out of you. Chronic speed use promotes extremely violent behavior among its users and could easily lead to psychotic behavior. You may start to hear voices (schizophrenia), become increasingly moody and suffer from paranoia and/or delusions.

Many crystal meth addicts become suicidal or homicidal as they lose touch with reality and fall into a state of self-destruction not comprehending that they are affecting those around them, usually the ones closest to them. Meth is one of the drugs which is very popular within the Australian bikie gangs and continues to take its toll on society daily. Hospitals are flooded with patients overdosing on meth (ice) more than any other drug there because it is so addictive. When you overdose on speed your body will heat up and it will feel like your blood is boiling and you can’t breathe. These drugs should be avoided at all costs before you harm yourself and others around you. Prolonged long term effects of taking meth will either kill you or land you in jail. Do not take this drug.

Producing clean (detox) urine tests after taking drugs

Sometimes people are asked to take drug urine tests whether at work or for a correctional system (for criminals) so they don’t get in trouble. Different drugs take longer than others to clean out of your system, cannabis being the worst. These people often come unstuck because they have used and try anything to come clean including looking up how to flush your system online but the tests are very hard to beat especially if you have been watched go to the toilet. The temperature and Ph level of your urine is taken. Criminals often try to cheat the system by flushing their system with water by drinking around 5 to 6 liters (1.3 to 1.6 gallons) but often times the person who is conducting the test sees that when the urine came out if was the color of water and had no vitamins or minerals in it whatsoever and they are asked to re-sit the urine in a couple of hours when there is or until their urine shows some color of white in it.

How long do these drugs take to clear out of your system?

Cost of rejuvenating your face after drug use

How much the treatment will cost you depends on how much damage has been done to your skin and face. You may need some skin resurfacing to eliminate those fine lines and exfoliate dead skin cells. This could cost anywhere between $200 to $1,500 depending on the depth of treatment and whether you choose to get a peel or laser. Then you may want to use fillers to add volume and reduce deep wrinkles. The cost can range between $450 and $1,300 per syringe. It’s pricey, but after the appropriate procedures, you’ll look as though you never used at all.

Post drug abuse reviews

Up until I turned 24 I had tried every drug you could think of. I liked escaping reality and drugs helped me get there. I was very skinny and out of it most of the time. My parents did an intervention (many of them). Finally, only drug court got me to stay off them. I must say using definitely changed my appearance and aged my face a lot. I’ve also put weight back on and now I’m pretty fat but I don’t care. Going back is tempting always but I’ve managed to stay away so far.

Submitted by Trent on March 21, 2012

YouTube video

This light-hearted YouTube video shows the effects of different types of recreational drugs on a spider with a nice twist at the end. Whilst humorous, the film also portrays how drugs can affect a person’s life.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Jamie Crinklaw 3 months after taking Meth

Photo #2

3 months after being on meth.

Before and After Photo: Lakisha Scarboro after being on drugs (meth) for a while.

Photo #3

This is what you’ll look like if you take Meth for a long time, especially inject it. Your teeth will start to rot and your skin will start to die.

After being on Meth for 5 years: Drugs Before and After Photo

Photo #4

Photo of a man being on Meth for five years. Not a pretty sight.

Before and After Drugs Photo: After photo of a man being on Meth for 5 years.

Photo #5

After photo of the man being on Meth for 5 years. He now has scabs and scars all over his face.

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2 Responses to “Drugs Before and After”

Comment from Stephen
Time April 26, 2012 at 2:08 pm

My son started off by taking marijuana when he was 15 years old. We didn’t find out until years later when he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. It was a very scary time for us. He believed people were after him and would constantly look out the windows. He was admitted to a psychiatric clinic, where he had to stay for a few months. He’s now on prescription medication and doing well.
I can’t imagine how he would have ended up if we hadn’t have interfered. I feel sorry for those who are addicted and living on the streets, it’s just a never ending cycle for them. It’s amazing how much drugs can ruin someone’s life (and their families too). Something must be done, it’s becoming a highly prevalent concern in today’s society.

Comment from Jacob
Time May 14, 2012 at 3:26 pm

I started taking meth and speed for a few weeks and I ended up with psychosis for a while. I had to go to a mental institute to be treated where I was put on medication like Zyprexa, Invega and Abilify. The doctors said I had paranoid schizophrenia but that’s what they got from talking to my parents. I didn’t really know what I had but I know I was ill at the time because I just wasn’t myself. Please guys stop taking drugs hey, it will ruin your lives and you’ll either end up dead, in hospital or in jail. There are no easy solutions but a rehab is a good choice. I went in to one for 6 months after I got out of the mental hospital. You’ll keep saying to yourself that it will never happen to you until the day comes and there’s no turning back.

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