Gastric Bypass Before and After

February 9, 2012

Gastric bypass surgery is a weight loss procedure which involves dividing the stomach into two sections so that a person feels full much quicker after consuming food. It provides similar benefits to lap band surgery. Following a gastric bypass upper part of the stomach is divided into a smaller section leaving a larger part for the lower pouch. The small intestines are then connected to both stomach pouches.

Surgeons have developed a few ways to perform this procedure. The operation is mainly prescribed for persons who suffer from morbid obesity (people with a body mass index of over 40), hyper tension and/or sleep apnea and are unable to achieve weight loss on their own and have tried everything otherwise. Usually there are drastic changes in weight after this surgery; this is why it has become so popular among obese people. The mortality rate of people who have undergone a gastric bypass has been studied and seen to be at around 90% less 5 years following the surgery. Statistics between 2005-2007 have shown that 0.5% of patients have died from their gastric bypass due to post-operative complications.

Before and after photo

 Before and After Photo: Harriett Bohland has a gastric bypass with outstanding results as you can see on the after photo.

Photo #1

Harriett has a gastric bypass with outstanding results as you can see on the after photo. The after photo is a year after the gastric bypass was installed. She is very happy with the outcome and does not regret going in to surgery to have the bypass.

Before the procedure

Prior to your gastric bypass you may have struggled with excessive weight for years on end without results or been yo-yo dieting. You may have tried every diet out there including the Subway, Atkins, SureSlim, Optifast and Lipoban diets but to no avail. The key when having a bypass is to tell as little of your friends and relatives that you’re undergoing this operation so that when you lose a dramatic amount of weight they will think that you did it all by yourself. One of the problems obese people suffer from is emotional eating because food tastes so good and it makes them feel better about themselves when they are down not realizing they are in a state of depression and low confidence because of their weight. If you have any type of diabetes (especially type 2) or high blood cholesterol level than this is the procedure for you. All patients who are expected to undergo the operation will be examined by a physician and will be given guidance on how to prepare their body for the procedure for optimal results and to lower any chance of a complication.

Things you should do to prepare yourself

More gastric bypass before and after photos >>>>

Risks, complications and side effects

There are several complications which can result from the operation and you should be weary of how you are feeling and pick up on the slightest abnormality your body is going through. Have a doctor’s telephone number in case if any of the following happen.

Some complications may or may not include

After the operation

Post-surgery you will be prescribed medication to assist you with pain and most likely antibiotics to stave off any chance of infection. You will notice that you feel less hungry most of the day after eating and please try consuming little portions at a time until you can safely judge how much you can eat before you feel bloated so you don’t injure yourself especially following the procedure. If you stick to eating small portions at a time you should expect to see weigh loss results within the first week if you manage to stay away from junk food and other fatty foods such as deep fried goods. Within a few months more than 90% of gastric bypass patients see positive weight loss results and it really is that easy. Within two to three months it is possible for an overly obese person to lose 20kg or 45 pounds if you diet correctly.


The cost of a gastric bypass can range anywhere between $20,000 and $35,000 depending on which clinic/hospital you have it done at and whether your health insurance covers you for the entire or partial cost. In some states within the USA (United States of America) a gastric bypass operation is covered by Medicaid and it would be in your interest to do a little research for this in your state. Simply emailing Medicaid could give you a simple answer. Below is a list of fees which are included in the entire procedure.

Breakdown of surgery fees


I have always been a big guy. Ever since I can remember, I was always bigger than my friends and classmates. The family diet consisted of largely deep fried and processed foods. We are a big family. I’ve now gotten married and my wife (who is also quite large) and I decided to start living healthy and eating right. We did this for about two years and I just couldn’t shake my habits. I was doing better but not enough to really make a difference. After my gastric bypass I feel great. I’m eating much less and I’m not even hungry. It’s really changed my life and given me that much needed push.

Submitted by Michael on March 20, 2012

YouTube video

Watch the story of Corey who started his journey at a size XXXXXL. Following gastric bypass surgery, you can see a slideshow of his transformation which eventually reduced his weight down by 164lbs.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Khai Breitenstein has gastric bypass surgery and loses a serious amount of weight in 6 months.

Photo #2

Khai has a gastric bypass and within 6 months he has lost a serious amount of weight. He has almost reached a healthy weight compared to his obese weight before 6 months. Well done Khai, we hope you can hold it off.

Before and After Photo: Tia Allbright lost a massive amount of weight a year after her gastric bypass was installed.

Photo #3

Tia lost a massive amount of weight a year after her gastric bypass was installed. Good on you Tia, we hope you can hold it off and continue to lose weight becoming as healthy as possible.

Before and After Photo: Malinda Solley losing a lot of weight after installation of her gastric bypass. After photo was taken two years later.

Photo #4

Malinda lost a huge amount of weight after two years when her gastric bypass was installed. She never regrets having it done to this day and says it was one of the best things she has ever done. Well done Malinda.

Before and After Photo: Katy Carolan a year and a half following gastric bypass surgery.

Photo #5

Katy a year and a half following her gastric bypass surgery. Well done Katy for shedding so much weight. We all hope you can keep it off for as long as possible.

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3 Responses to “Gastric Bypass Before and After”

Comment from Jo-Anne
Time February 9, 2012 at 4:11 pm

After having bariatric surgery, I was surprized that I wasn’t really hungry after the surgery. Well, you’re not normally in search for food after having an operation but even months later I was finding that I wasn’t craving food as much as before the operation. Before the surgery, I was always hungry. I was constantly eating. Although I tried to eat healthy and small portions, I slowly started adding more quantity and the quality of food eventually deteriorated as well. I was using junk food to make me feel better and it was a never ending cycle. I am very grateful for my surgeon. They helped me with a post-surgery eating plan and provided me with very useful dieting tips. The surgery was necessary because I know I wouldn’t have stuck to their advices without having my stomach made smaller.

Comment from Alan
Time February 9, 2012 at 4:12 pm

It’s been a long time since I felt good about my body. I’ve always told myself if I’m stuck in a job where I’m miserable and just getting fat then it’s time to move on. My goals were to never compromise health for money and this is what I’ve done for the past few decades. On top of the weight issue, it’s this betrayal to myself that I find hard to cope with. I am seriously considering a gastric bypass to help me get out of this mess and move on with my life.

Comment from Mark
Time February 9, 2012 at 4:12 pm

My dad had gastric bypass surgery approximately two years ago. I feel sorry for him because he sits at the dinner table with such a small portion to eat. He has lost a lot of weight, but I just wonder if it’s all worth it. Whilst he doesn’t feel hungry, I bet he misses pigging out on mum’s roast dinners and fried chicken. I would be. I guess I just have to watch my weight so I don’t become like him.

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