Hair Extensions Before and After

February 8, 2012

Hair extensions (artificial hair integrations) or rat tails is a treatment you can have done at a hair salon which is made to increase the length of human hair. There are several types of hair extensions which include clip in hair, bonding and sealing, weaves and feather extensions. You should consult a local salon about the right type of hair extensions for you. Hair extensions are not a form of hair loss treatment so it won’t help balding or a receding hairline. They can however hide a bad haircut, undercut, bald spots underneath the top layer of hair and thinning hair.

Before and after photo

Before and After Photo: Dona Hennen always wanted to get hair extensions and the other day she got her wish.
Photo #1
Donna always wanted to get hair extensions because she couldn’t wait for her hair to grow naturally. She says they look so good it almost doesn’t look natural. Good on your Donna, glad you love your extensions.

Before you get them

At the moment you might be thinking you cut your hair too short last time and would rather see yourself having longer hair. The popularity of hair extensions is extremely high (like you wouldn’t believe) and you’re definitely not the only one at this moment pondering whether to get extensions or not. If you don’t know much about hair extension you will really want to do your research so you get the results you want while paying the right amount to have the treatment done. A good source of information to seek would be a hair salon and simply ask what they can do and recommend for your hair type and color, from there you can look at before and after photos on the Internet or even at the salon before making any sort of commitment. When enquiring about hair extensions at the salon for your first time you should have a list of requirements for your hair like to ask a specialist like if you dye it often, how long you want the hair extensions to last, if you straighten your hair regularly and how long an extension you want in the first place and how much you’re prepared to fork out for them. The secret when getting hair extensions is to not tell people you’re having them done, this is because you will always be surprised to see the look on people’s faces when they notice the new you, let’s all hope the salon does a great job.

After having them done

Upon having any type of hair extension you’ll notice straight away that it’s a drastic change from having short hair. You may not notice it but most people close to you will be talking positive things about your hair behind your back. You will fall in love with your hair again and want to take care of the extensions so they last as long as possible. Your closest friends will notice them straight away before you having to tell them and they’ll love the new you. The only problem in your mind will be is that you wish it was real hair but don’t let this bother you because you just saved yourself months and months or having to wait for it at a low cost and it’s nothing serious or as invasive as having a face lift, nose job or even Botox. The wonderful thing about having longer hair is that you can play with it again and you will be sure to know more boys are attracted to ladies with longer hair and you are sure to get compliments from men who notice the new you.

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What can and can’t I do?

The best source to look for information on how-to’s with hair extensions is YouTube. There, thousands of women provide tips on what you can do and should naturally avoid after having a hair extension treatment done.

If you are seeking some instructions on how to maintain or style your hair extensions the Internet is the best and easiest accessible resource for this. Simply type in what you are looking for followed by the word “guide” or “instructions” and you should get a few great lists from your favorite search engine.


Generally you will want to have the treatment performed at a salon; there you may consult a hair specialist on which type of hair extension will be right for you and your needs. Going to an exclusive salon means you will be paying a higher price but you will definitely be getting a good product and see more natural better looking results which will match your hair in its current state and most likely last longer. There is such a thing as do it yourself hair extensions and you can buy these over eBay. The average price is between $50 and $100. You should have at least a little experience with hair extensions before applying these and it would help if you have a friend who knows what they’re doing to assist you with the task.


I got mine done about a month ago by a local hairdresser. The quality was so poor. For $600 I would expect a lot better.They’ve already started to fall out and they look obviously fake.  The color doesn’t even match. My boyfriend went to have a word with the hairdresser and ended up punching the manager in the face because he was so rude. Be very careful who you go to, do your research and get plenty of recommendations first. I just jumped on a cheap offer which I now regret.

Submitted by Jamie on March 20, 2012.

YouTube video

This YouTube video describes the process of getting dona bella hair extensions. You first need to determined what kind of looks you’re trying to achieve by focusing on length, volume or thickness and highlights or color or mixing and matching to make the extensions look natural.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Claire Flannigan goes from a sleek short hair brunette to a sexy long hair brunette.

Photo #2

Claire goes from a sleek short haired brunette to a sexy long hair brunette in the space of a single day thanks to hair extensions. She says she’s fallen in love with them and couldn’t imagine they would turn out so good.

Before and After Photo: Sofia Popovich gets volume and length with her new hair extensions. Unsure which sort but they look good.

Photo #3

Sophia gets volume and length overnight thanks to hair extensions and the beauty salon down the road from her house. She absolutely loves them and hopes they last forever.

Before and After Photo: Jeanie Pittard gets curly hair extensions installed and doesn't want short hair again after her experience.

Photo #4

Jeanie gets long curly hair extensions installed and doesn’t ever want to go back to short hair again. She says she’s currently waiting for her natural hair to grow to the length her hair is at right now.

Before and After Photo: Kathrine Utzinger gets a little length with hair extensions.

Photo #5

Katherine gets length added with hair extensions because she just couldn’t wait for her hair to grow. She is very satisfied with the results and is very happy the salon managed to match the color with her hair to make it look very natural.

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Comment from Sarah
Time February 8, 2012 at 1:01 pm

I’ve been trying to grow my hair natural for the past two years. It’s a little below my shoulders. I only get it trimmed (about an inch) every three months. I can’t seem to get it to grow. A friend recommended brushing my hair every day to help it grow, but I still feel the process is so slow. I’ve been considering hair extensions for a while. I’m not sure which to go with because I want to achieve as natural look as possible. Plus I am adamant about not having any bulky parts in the hair (I don’t want a guy to feel my extensions when he runs his fingers through my hair). I know clip in extensions and even weave ones can both be quite bulky. Even though they might look good and be the cheaper alternative, this is just not what I want. My friend also recommended getting micro links. I am wondering if anyone’s had this treatment and would it be what I’m looking for?

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