Having a Baby Before and After

February 15, 2012

Plenty of men and women look up “before and after having a baby” online on their favorite search engine, either because they want to see before and post pregnancy weight loss photos or information relating to how to prepare and what to expect.  Some people are just looking for Hollywood celebrity mom before and after pictures but sorry we don’t feature any of those here. Giving birth for a woman is a natural thing and it’s only natural for them to have anxieties about the ordeal if this is their first time.

Getting the timing right with cosmetic surgery and pregnancy is very important. For example, if you’re considering a breast augmentation, many doctors suggest postponing getting implants until after you have your last child. As you could imagine, being huge for nine months and then giving birth doesn’t do much justice for the body cosmetically. Attempting weight loss afterwards is easier for some women than others. That is why lots of new moms like to consider a mommy makeover after their ordeal. As for ‘down there’, you may end up being ripped and needing vaginoplasty or even vaginal tightening to make corrections.

Before and after photo

Before and after having a baby

Photo #1

Mom has a baby and loses a considerable amount of weight post pregnancy. Well done mom.

About to have a baby

Finding out you are pregnant is an overwhelming feeling and invokes much anxiety as this is a life changing decision a woman has to make whether to keep the baby or have an induced abortion. Just the fact that you’re fertile shows that your body is healthy enough to bear a child even though you may currently have some bad habits.

About babies, mothers and abortions

It’s estimated that almost half of all pregnancies in the United States are not planned and the unfortunate fact is four out of ten would-be-mothers have their child aborted before it can ever take a single breath. In the year 2008 there were over a million legal abortions. The woman and man who started this pregnancy should have been more careful as it’s never only one parties fault, unless there’s rape involved. Statistics show that more than half of all women in the United States will have an unintended pregnancy by their mid-forties. Contraceptives for women are quite cheap these days and millions of women take them every day in case they do get pregnant. These are the smart ones. Smart women also go see a doctor for a “morning after” pill the night after having unprotected sex which will kill a preborn baby before it gets a chance to grow. Birth control pills are widely used and if you’re intending to have unprotected sex you can be sure that these will work 99.99% of the time.

Early signs of pregnancy

More having a baby before and after photos >>>>

For those who have decided to keep the baby

Having decided to keep your baby whether unplanned or not is a sign of love and shows you’re a loving person and don’t mind and are happy to devote your time (it’s a long time) for the sake of another life and bringing it into the world. Whether this is your first child or not it’s all the same, becoming a mother is a stage in life. Everyone (who is able) should naturally go through with it as it’s a part of evolution and you have been given the organs for the job.

It’s obvious to say that many mothers are not at the moment fit to be mothers but everyone goes through these stages differently and when you don’t get what you want you get experience. Getting advice from other mothers is a great way to learn what to expect when this is your first time but be weary of mothers who try push their ways on you as this is your baby and you will take care of it how you feel is right. Don’t be afraid if others disagree with your choices to keep the baby as long as you will be able to provide (food and shelter) for your child everything should turn out alright. Some people even get jealous of you having a baby because they themselves never got a chance to.

Becoming a mother makes you responsible for your child and you should take care of your body and overall health so your child is not still born or dies before ever reaching an operating room. You should build a list of close people who will help you through your stages of pregnancy such as having a friend to exercise with so your health doesn’t deteriorate and someone to help drive you and help move you in case you come unstuck.

Before giving birth – guide & quick tips

Diet – Your diet before a pregnancy is said to have the power to change the sex of your baby. It is believed that a high to very high calorie/energy intake will give you a son so if you wish to have sons eat healthy and a lot. If you wish to have a daughter try not to eat as much but again eat healthy and balanced meals. Women who have always wanted a son should eat more or at least double the amount of calories consumed during meals and aim for balanced diets, try increase the amount of vitamins, calcium and potassium; bananas are also a good source of vitamin B. Aim for a large balanced breakfast every morning.

Exercise – When you find out you’re pregnant aim to increase your exercise routine as much as possible. When you get a big stomach you will want to lower your amount of exercise but still try being active and doing a lot of walking and swimming if possible. Make sure you consume plenty of water throughout your pregnancy so your baby doesn’t become dehydrated within your womb. Doing daily exercise while you’re pregnant helps improve blood circulation which lowers your chance of forming blood clots. Try avoiding television if possible and keeping active so you don’t pack on the pounds because just having a baby takes up plenty of bodily resources and requires a lot of energy in itself.

Being fit and healthy helps you in preparing for the fact that you have to carry around your baby because you will have determination and stamina. If you are already overweight and feel the need to lose weight then it is better to do this before you start planning on having a baby so you don’t get even bigger and have trouble walking or performing daily tasks. Aim for exercise that is comfortable like going for a swim in lukewarm water or going to the mall and walking around looking at things to buy in an air-conditioned mall.

Body changes – When going through a pregnancy you may experience a number of bodily changes such as aches all over the body, getting viscous veins, urinary leaking, numb hands (sometimes tingling), problems with your nose, constipation, dizziness, itching,  hemorrhoids, cramps, sleeping problems and vomiting.

The vagina – After you become pregnant your body will start pumping more estrogen and progesterone, this ends up triggering more vaginal secretions. Some women even have to change their underwear a couple of times a day if they want to stay clean. Your tissues become swollen as your body’s blood volume increases slowly by almost 45%. The enlargement of your vagina and labia during your pregnancy is almost like when you get aroused during the act of sex so you may feel a little turned on for a long time, this is a positive.

Depression – It’s easily possible to contract clinical depression prior to pregnancy. Finding out you’re pregnant might not help this whether you want to keep the child or not. In all cases you should see a doctor about this issue who may perform a blood test to see if you have elevated levels of hormones to which he might prescribe you some depression and anxiety pills like Effexor, Cymbalta, Lexapro or Bromocriptine (Kripton). Try to cut down on your destructive behavior which increases your chances of forming a form of generalized depression and anxiety disorder, anxiety comes along with depression.

Sex – Generally sex is considered safe during all stages of pregnancy. Just be careful. Even though it’s safe to have sex many women choose not to because it feels disgusting while they are pregnant and expecting a baby.

Smoking – The second you find out you’re pregnant you should aim to quit smoking if you’re a smoker. Everyone knows smoking is bad for your baby and doctors urge all pregnant women to at least try cut down as much as possible. Smoking while having a baby will ensure the child will come out a lot shorter than they would have been, do you really want your child to be small?

After childbirth

Diet – After you have had the baby you should try losing all those extra pounds you put on. You can do this by consuming balanced meals and eating less only aiming to have meat once or a maximum of twice per week. You should mainly be eating vegetables and avoid deep fried food such as chips, fish or dim-sims. Drink plenty of water to aid digestion. Increasing your exercise while eating less will help you achieve those goals.

Exercise – A week after you have your baby you are free to exercise if you get any spare time on your hands, just ask your man or a close relative to look after your baby for a few hours a day; this will do you much good as you’ve pretty much been disabled the last few weeks.

Body changes – You would have lost a lot of weight conceiving the child and this will make it easier for you to walk around. Your breast should be full of milk by now and you will be ready to breast feed.

Depression – After a pregnancy every woman is at risk of contracting postnatal depression (PND) which is a type of clinical depression affecting woman which is typical after childbirth. Be sure to see a doctor if you believe you feel depressed and he will prescribe you medication for your symptoms.

Sex – You should have a postnatal check-up about six weeks post pregnancy. During this it is up to the doctor’s discretion whether or not your body is fit and able to have sex or not without causing damage to you.

Positive and negatives

Before you decide whether or not to keep the child or whether you’re planning for a child you will be thinking of the positives and negatives of actually having the baby. We’ve provided a list below of some things which may be on your mind.

Positives of having a baby

Negatives (we don’t condone promoting this) of having a baby

Educating yourself about becoming parent

Whether you’ve decided you want to be a mother or not than educating yourself about taking successful steps is a must. Do some research on the Internet about all stages of a pregnancy because you are likely to come by other peoples’ experiences which can prepare you for what you’re about to face. Reading books about pregnancy is another helpful resource. Talking to other parents about their children and what they went through can be very informative


Becoming a mom or dad is not just about paying for the delivery, gynecologist, midwife and hospital fees. You will be paying for your child for at least the next sixteen years. Experts estimate that the cost of a child is approximately $300,000 once you add up all the food, school fees, clothing and other expenses involved. It’s not a decision to be made lightly.


I am pregnant with my fourth baby now. I had my first one at 19 and I’m now 28. None of my friends have even had one. I don’t regret a thing, except that my body is definitely larger than it used to be. Plastic surgery would be nice but I just can’t afford it. I might have some liposuction one day but the kids definitely come first. I have decided to exercise after the birth but finding time might be a struggle.

Submitted by Alison on March 21, 2012

YouTube video

A YouTube video of a mom who managed to lose the weight after her pregnancy. She goes on to give advice to moms or future mothers on how to lose the weight with diet and exercise after they have a baby.

More before and after photos

Before and after Photo: Pregnancy (Having a baby).

Photo #2

Mom returns to her normal weight after having a baby.

Having a baby (Pregnancy): Before and after photo.

Photo #3

Mom has a baby, before and after photo in same clothes and spot.

Before and After: Pregnancy

Photo #4

Photo of mom after a baby in the same cloths and part of the house.

Before and after photo of a woman who had a baby and is now holding the baby in her hands in the after photo.

Photo #5

Mom before she had a baby and a picture of the after pregnancy of her actually holding her baby in the same clothes while it is yawning. Cute photo mom.

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Comment from Tia
Time April 18, 2012 at 2:12 pm

I’m on my fourth baby now. I’m due in a week and I’m so excited. I have one girl (the eldest) and now i’m having my third son. I’ve always managed to lose the weight after my pregnancy. I don’t think it should be a problem this time but i’m getting older and a little worried.

During the pregnancy i’ve tried to eat healthy. I’m addicted to wheetbix and eating like 8 per day. I haven’t really put on that much fat, just the belly so i’m pleased. I’m 29 so i’m hoping this is till young enough for the skin to shrink back in place after the birth.

Comment from Cool dad
Time April 26, 2012 at 2:17 pm

My gf was totally relaxed whilst pregnant with our first child. I was worried she’d turn into a pregzilla but I was pleasantly surprised. She was a little too relaxed I thing, putting on a few more pounds than she should but that’s ok. She still looks amazing to me. Women shouldn’t worry about being fat whilst pregnant, it’s natural and, if she’s picked him right, he’ll love her even more when the baby comes.

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