LightSheer Before and After

February 27, 2012

LightSheer is a laser hair removal treatment used on any part of the body and is considered to be the golden standard type of laser used for hair removal. LightSheer is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved for the removal of unwanted body hair. LightSheer has responded to the growing demand in hair removal by inventing a diode laser which is among the best in the world and is available in many spas all over the United States. Laser hair removal is the third most popular nonsurgical cosmetic surgery procedure in the United States with over 550,000 treatments performed in the year 2010.

Many patients have LightSheer with great success on various parts of the body and would consider having the treatment again along with follow up treatments. Like electrolysis hair removal, the system is designed to treat all hair colors and skin types including tanned skin after a spray tan or even following sunburn. LightSheer has a patented tip called a ChillTip designed for continuous cooling and maximize the patients comfort and safety. The treatment is fast acting and provides great results. The unit is compact and designed for easy maneuverability around the office. LightSheer has multiple uses, also being able to treat leg veins, benign pigmented lesions and also pseudo folliculitis barbae (PFB).

Before and after photo

Before and After Photo: LightSheer #1

Photo #1

Sam decided to get LightSheer because she was sick of shaving her armpits all the time. Now the hair barely grows back and is much easier to maintain. The procedure was a success and the after photo was taken the day after.

Benefits of LightSheer

LightSheer has been medically proven to successfully treat benign pigment lesions all over the body making it a great choice of laser by many day spas and cosmetic surgery clinics.

Razor bumps otherwise known as PFB is prevalent in people with curly hair and is common where regrown hair after shaving curves backwards and pierces skin resulting in papule or pastule. This medical condition affects over 80% of African men and a study has been shown to prove the number is growing in woman also. LightSheer is extremely safe and good for the skin when it comes to the treatment of PFB.

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Before the treatment

Before considering LightSheer you should have a think about what part of the body you wish to have it on because all body hair is considered unsightly by the majority and this machine is capable of removing them all. If you were born with excessive dark black hair and you are Caucasian or olive skinned than the hair on your body will be seen much more easily than on a Latino or black person and you are more likely to be embarrassed by the fact that you have hair growing in unwanted areas. Considering LightSheer as a means of removing body hair is very accepted and safe and nowhere near as invasive as most cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures. The fact is we can’t choose where hair grows on our body but we can do something about it at a price which is not too high. You may have tried all methods possible.

Methods of removing body hair besides using a laser to do the job

Common places where people want the get their hair removed (pretty much everywhere)

Results to expect after treatment

You may have had excessive body hair and now it’s all god thanks to LightSheer diode laser. Now you will feel more comfortable with yourself and free to expose parts of your body because there is not hair there anymore. It will take several treatments to have all the hair in one area removed permanently. LightSheer really works and you should be advised and promised by a physician that it will take roughly six to eight treatments to remove eighty to ninety percent of the hair in any given area. Some people claim that it hurts like hell but other say it doesn’t hurt at all, I guess it will just depend on how well you cope with pain but at the end of the day the hair needs to be removed or reduced. You may come to think that It’s the best money you’ve ever spent on your body besides creams. There should be no scarring after a LightSheer treatment at all if it is a genuine unit.

Treatment of leg veins before and after LightSheer

Approximately more than 50% of people have ugly unwanted leg veins. Sclerotherapy has always been considered the top treatment for leg veins. The problem is many leg veins may be too small to treat using sclerotherapy or the patient find it too discomforting and would rather try something else. LightSheer is an excellent alternative to try instead of the invasive sclerotherapy and is much more comfortable and sometimes even quicker. LightSheer hasn’t been designed to treat huge varicose veins but is great at targeting smaller leg veins.


You can expect to pay anywhere between $300 to $1,500 for multiple LightSheer treatments. The price will be determined on what area you have it done, where you have it done by location and which clinic you choose but you should be making sure that you are being treated by a diode laser for maximum results. The results from a real diode LightSheer laser are permanent and you should be asking your physician if he is using a genuine LightSheer unit before you put the money up otherwise the results may not be permanent and you won’t be satisfied in the long run. You can even be ask your doctor or applying surgeon if these results will be permanent and if not can they provide a guarantee or warranty in any case, they will most likely be very inclined to do so.


I have very light skin, so I was happy to find a treatment that is appropriate for my skin type and doesn’t burn. I had my underarms treated. I’ve had three sessions so far and it’s definitely growing back a lot slower. I want to get a full Brazilian next but I think it’s going to take a fare few treatments before the hair grows more slowly down there. Why are we born with pubic hairs anyway?

Submitted by Dan on March 22, 2012

YouTube video

This YouTube video is a testimonial of LightSheer by Steve. He claims that it’s 100% better than the old laser and would rate the pain out of 10 a 1.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: LightSheer #2

Photo #2

Zachary was insecure about the about the hair on his stomach and decided to get LightSheer done so he wouldn’t have to shave it and just watch it grow back quicker. The after photo was taken a week later.

Before and After Photo: LightSheer #3

Photo #3

Brent had LightSheer done on his back because his wife thought the hair looked gross. Now she’s very satisfied and not ashamed when they both go to the beach. The after photo was taken two weeks later.

Before and After Photo: LightSheer #4

Photo #4

Wesley also had hair removed from his back using LightSheer. The laser is very effective and you can see that on the after photo which was taken two and a half weeks following the procedure.

Before and After Photo: LightSheer #5

Photo #5

Lewis had unwanted hair removed from his chest and belly area. The after photo was taken a few days after the procedure. LightSheer did it’s job.

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