Mons Pubis Reduction Before and After

February 28, 2012

A Mons Pubis Reduction (Monsplasty) involves the use of traditional liposuction in the area below the abdomen where pubic hair naturally grows. Usually this operation is performed for the purpose of sexual enhancement by contouring the fat area above the genitals to make it look better. A Mons pubis reduction is a plastic surgery procedure which is not too common in both males and females. Whether you’re a male getting fat removal above your penile area or a female above your labia majora, both have a demand in the United States. Don’t be confused though, it is not a tummy tuck, but can be combined with one. Unfortunately, weight loss doesn’t really help to remove the excess flesh.

Most women these days wouldn’t mind having some sort of vaginal surgery or labiapalasty rejuvenation but are afraid to admit it to others, except their plastic surgeons. The most people are willing to admit these days, is to having hair removal down there. When it comes to men, women and having sex everyone is always after improving the look of their private parts and having a fat flabby pubis area is no doubt a great turnoff for the opposite sex. Moms and dads especially know that things can turn for the worst down there after having a baby so it’s best to make the most of it (responsibly of course) whilst you’re still young and kid free. A mons reduction can make you feel better in the bedroom as well as outdoors. You will be able to zip up your pants or skirts a little easier.

Before and after photo

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Before mons reduction

Before you may ever consider getting liposuction done in your Mons pubis you should try lose weight in general and exercise your abdominal muscles to see if you can reduce the puffy look of fat in that general area. Having a puffy Mons pubis is genetic or hereditary especially if you don’t have a large figure to have a reason to want to lose fat there. The fatty tissue that covers your pubis bone is hard to lose especially if you have been extremely overweight or morbidly obese for a long time and haven’t developed any muscles down there that might tighten the skin naturally.

Reducing the fat naturally

Generally losing weight in general will help remove some fat in your Mons pubis area but if you have been overweight for a long time now and your genes are not the best than you will find it very hard losing fat there.

Should I lose weight first?

Yes it is advised you should lose as much weight as possible before considering a Mons pubis reduction because if you end up losing a serious amount of weight and overall body fat you may realize you may not even want or need the Mons reduction at all.

How long before I can have intercourse again?

Generally it is considered safe having sex or intercourse after or between one to six weeks after having the liposuction procedure. If you are a woman you may use tampons and douching after two weeks following surgery.

Exercises to try before surgery

Try doing stomach (abdominal muscle) exercises such as crunches to shape and contour your Mons pubis area and even some leg exercises will help stretch the fleshy skin surrounding the pubic area.

Recovery time

A good rest is recommended a few hours after surgery. Make sure you don’t end up driving yourself home following the operation as you will may be in a great deal of pain and the medication that you’ve been given or prescribed can make you feel dizzy or giddy and it’s just not the best idea to sit behind the wheel at the moment. Try to walk the day following surgery as this will help your circulation and help the healing process in general. You’re fine to return to exercise and normal activity within 6 days following the procedure. You may return to your desk job a few days after your surgery and you probably won’t feel any pain by then considering the medication you will be on. It is possible that you may bleed where the incisions were placed but not feel any pain, this is normal and quite common so don’t be alarmed if it happens.

When can I shower and bathe after surgery?

You should always aim at keeping incision marks clean so there is little chance of infection. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before letting them go near the incision marks. You may bathe or shower 24 hours after Mons surgery.

The surgery and temperature elevation

It is only natural to feel an elevated blood temperature up to three days following the surgery so please don’t be alarmed straight away because this is your body’s natural reaction to surgical trauma.

Risks, complications & side effects

There are dangers associated with trying to perform too many liposuction operations on various body parts in a single day, your surgeon will advise you of this and will tell you to wait at least two months before having another part of the body operated on. Do not have liposuction in the Mons pubis area with another plastic/cosmetic surgery procedure on the same day as there is a high risk that complications may arise as your body is not used to that type of trauma and may react badly. Liposuction around the world is considered generally quite safe from the experience of thousands of surgeons worldwide. Problems are rare these days with the advanced training surgeons receive and some complications and risks may include nerve injury, bleeding, infections and skin ulceration. Do not be alarmed though because the chances of complications arising are quite slim these days. There are common side effects though associated with general liposuction and these are bruising, swelling and numbness. Be sure to advise your surgeon to use microcannulas to reduce the chance of skin irregularities upon the end of the surgery.

How do I avoid fat coming back after treatment

There isn’t a big chance the fat will come back unless you go from skinny to morbidly obese this is because removing the fat makes it hard to regenerate after a liposuction operation.

After surgery

After the fatty tissue from the Mons pubis has been removed you will feel much more confident in the bedroom and taking your shorts off to reveal bikinis or swimming togs. Most men generally agree that having a Mons pubis reduction increases the size of their penis because it makes it look bigger from the fat that has been removed.


A Mons pubis reduction can cost up to $5,500 depending if there is anything else that needs to be done but it is generally much less than that for such a tiny area.


Having a fleshy hair bearing triangle area is definitely not attractive. You have to be careful with the clothes you select and when it comes to meeting a new partner, it’s definitely a part that makes me self-conscious. I’m a single mother of two children which makes finances and dating a little difficult, but a fat mons doesn’t help either. I’m thinking of getting abdominoplasty to tighten the old tummy and get some mons flesh taken out as well. After that, I can feel good about myself again.

Submitted by Sara on March 22, 2012

YouTube video

In this YouTube video Dr. Adrian Richards from Aurora Clinics UK explains what is involved in the mons pubis reduction or elevation.

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