Nipple Reduction (Areola Reduction) Before and After

February 1, 2012

Nipple reduction and areola reduction are a type of breast surgery focusing on the center of the breast. There are several options for making this area more aesthetically pleasing: reducing the length and/or width of the nipples or making the areola area smaller. There’s a difference between nipples and areolae. Nipples are the two knobs which protrude from the breast, whilst the areola is the brown skin which surrounds the nipple. You might be thinking “why would women bother with altering their teats” but trust me there can be some hideous ones out there. Men with gynecomastia can also have larger than normal areolas.

Some women are born with bosoms which look more like cow’s udders, you know, with the nipple sticking out more than it should (a protrusion of more than 1cm can look quite gross). This is made worse as Mr Gravity starts taking effect. At this stage, if you’re feeling more like a milk cow than a woman, you can opt for a breast lift combined with reducing your nipples. If you feel the brown areola is too wide and you are considering a breast augmentation, then hold off before getting a reduction.  You might not even need to reduce the diameter because your larger breasts may even out the proportions. Whatever you look like don’t ever feel down about yourself, you should be glad you still have your breasts and they can be changed with minor boob jobs. There are worse things out there, like having your boobs removed due to a mastectomy.

Before and after photos

Before and After Photo - Selena Mccotter gets her areola reduction and breast lift at the same time. Photo was taken two and a half months following surgery.

Photo #1

Selena gets her nipple reduction including breast augmentation giving her a breast lift so they don’t sag as much making them look more appealing. This photo was taken two and a half months following surgery. Selena is very happy with the new look of her breasts and claims she would sit through it again if she must.

Suitable candidates

You should be in good health and have realistic expectations about what can be achieved. Depending on the size and shape of your nipples, areolae and breasts, there may be limitations which can affect your potential results. You should understand the surgical limits before you go under the knife.

Before the procedure

Prominent enlarged nipples can make men and women feel self-conscious, especially during intimate play. On the other hand, some people find this feature quite pleasing and are aroused by the look of large nipples. Before you jump into surgery, try to picture what your breasts would end up looking like.

If you’re thinking about getting surgery to make yours smaller, consider which part is actually bothering you? Do they protrude too far from the breast? Are the areolae too wide? Many women consider the whole dark area to be the nipple. Technically, the part that sticks out is the nipple, whereas the round dark circle is the areola.

If you want perfect nipples with surgery, you need to prepare yourself first. At your consultation with the plastic surgeon, you will discuss your preferred sizing. The areolae and nipple size is usually measured in millimeters. The diameter and/or height are taken. Your surgeon will take you through your sizing options. They may ask you to consider a smaller size in order to take account of natural stretching. It’s better to go smaller than having to redo the procedure. In any event, if too much is taken of the areolae, this can be corrected with cosmetic tattoo.

More nipple & areola reduction before and after photos >>>>

After surgery

Once you wake up from general anesthesia, you will be sore around the incisions. You may also be drowsy. You will be required to arrange a driver to take you home. The bruising should only last about two weeks. Numbness usually persists for up to six weeks. The healing process will also make the nipple-areola area tingly for the first six weeks. Avoid scratching the area as this may cause an infection or may leave permanent scarring on your breasts.

Your surgeon will require you to wear a bra for at least six weeks after the procedure. The scars on your breasts should fade within several months to one year of the operation. You should protect them from sunlight for at least twelve months after the operation. Follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully to protect your breasts. After they’ve completely healed, your nipples should looks smaller, firmer and more pleasing.

Outcome after the operation

There are four ways a surgeon can make your nipples smaller. If your nipples are too long (stick out too far from the breast) then you may want them shortened. If the nipples are too wide or thick (but not too long) then your surgeon can reduce the circumference. If they are both too projected and overly wide, this can be addressed as well by performing both procedures. Alternatively, if the brown area around the nipple (areola) is excessively wide, then some of the tissue can be trimmed away to make smaller circles. Following the reduction, your nipples should be proportionate to the size and shape of your breasts. They should retain their sensitivity but the results will be beautiful.

Risks, complications and side effects

Apart from infection (which is an inherent risk with any surgery), you can lose sensation in your nipples permanently. This can be a devastating complication and one which you may need to prepare yourself for. For many women, nipple sensation is an integral part of arousal and losing this ability can make climax more difficult. Also, even though scarring fades to nothing in most cases, there is always a risk that you may be left with permanent scars on the breasts. Before you make a decision about the surgery, you need to be prepared to live with these side effects if they happen.


For the surgeon’s fees, you’ll pay around $2,000 to $3,700. On top of that, you need to pay for anesthesia, operating facility fees and medications.


My girlfriend had really big areolas. She was always self conscious about them but it didn’t really see the big deal. Her boobs and nipples were so cute that it didn’t really matter to me. I don’t see why women get so fussy about these things. I’m the only other person who would see them and it’s not like she’s a stripper or she flashes her tits at parties. They do look better but I’m not sure if it was worth all the hassle, pain and the cost.

Submitted by Dave on 19th March, 2012.

YouTube video


In this video Dr. Adrian Richards describes the operation being performed (areola symmetry) on the patient and then later shows a video of him providing this surgery. This YouTube video is made for over 18’s as there is some disturbing images of surgery which may disturb some people.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Ashlee Blose also gets her breast augmentation including areola reduction making her areola much smaller and sexier.

Photo #2

Ashlee also gets her breast augmentation combined with an areola reduction making her breasts more sexier. Ashlee also chose to have her nipple raised at the same time. This image was taken two months after surgery. Before the operation Mrs Blose claimed her breasts gave her depression.

Before and After Photo: Tia Linebaugh has her nipples reduced because she's feeling insecure about the way they look.

Photo #3

Tia has her nipples reduced just under half the normal size. She is happy with the surgery although her boyfriend claims her nipples before didn’t bother him the slightest bit. These photos were taken three months apart.

Before and After Photo: Nipple reduction and breast enlargement patient Allyson Yeldell.

Photo #4

Allyson before and after her breast enlargement and nipple reduction. The operation was a success as you can see from the after photo and Allyson is extremely satisfied with her breasts overall now as she almost had no breasts what so ever with too much nipple and now it’s perfect.

Before and After Photo: Liza Wynkoop has her nipple reduction photos taken.

Photo #5

Liza is a model who always wanted to do nude shots and believed she needed to have a nipple reduction in order to be successful in her modeling career. Liza is satisfied with the results following the operation and is considering a breast enlargement now. This photo as taken a month and a half post surgery.

Before and After Photo: Darcy Marenco gets her almost 3 centimeter nipple reduced to just under half the size. The operation is a success.

Photo #6

Patient Darcy has her nipple shortened by a great deal and her breasts enlarged. Funny how most women get two procedures done on they’re breasts at once. She is content with her new breasts and loves them to bits now. Photo was taken a month and two weeks following surgery.

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Comment from Samantha Ayers
Time February 1, 2012 at 3:30 am

Wow you’ve got some great information on this page, just what I was looking for. Thank you so much Jakub.

Comment from Bozza
Time February 3, 2012 at 1:55 am

Lol she really did need that breast augmentation to go along with the nipple reduction. I must say that’s way more attractive. I’m so glad my girlfriend has nice nipples, she does need a butt lift though 🙂

Comment from Petra
Time February 4, 2012 at 4:21 am

I like the size of my breasts however I have very wide areolae. I’ve often considered getting the circumference reduced, however I’m worried about the scars and also whether it will affect me breastfeeding in the future. My hubby actually likes the look of them but I think having those large dark circles looks gross. I don’t know why, but the big areola makes me feel fat.

Comment from Kia
Time February 12, 2012 at 11:47 am

wow, that’s a very big improvement. I want her areolas now! They look like the perfect size and complement her body perfectly. It also looks like the operation removed those bumps on the areola. I have those too and I think they might be montgomery glands. I didn’t know you could get rid of them with the reduction surgery. Also, the scarring around the circles are barely noticeable. Very impressive!

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