Pearl Laser Before and After

February 28, 2012

A pearl laser is a type of laser skin resurfacing used to remove age spots, fix uneven skin, treat fine wrinkles on the face and neck, sun damage and uneven text_imageure of skin and also light spots. A pearl laser treatment requires around three to four days for recovery social downtime where your face may appear pink to red and you may wish to avoid social events due to embarrassment. The pearl laser gently removes the top layer of skin of the epidermis and heats and treats the layer below it promoting the production of new collagen cells and new skin. A single full treatment takes between ten to fifteen minutes for a complete face treatment. The patient will feel a series of pinches during the procedure, there is minimal discomfort during the entire surgery. Following a pearl laser treatment a patient’s skin will appear like sunburn for a few days and they are advised to keep the skin moist with water and moisturizing cream until it has fully recovered. Women are able to put on make-up after three days following the pearl laser treatment.

Patients are expected to see results within three days when the dead tissue has peeled off leaving fresh looking new healthy skin. Most people see great results after the first treatment but it is advised to have a second one for maximum results. A pearl laser treatment is in no way as bad in downtime as traditional CO2 laser and Erbium lasers. Most lasers, besides the pearl, require many treatments like 6 to 8 to get the full effect because they don’t have such a good coverage area as the pearl laser technology. The pearl laser is also FDA approved for the treatment of skin resurfacing and wrinkle reduction. The treatment has the word “pearl” in it because it leaves your skin with a pearly youthful sheen.

Before and after photos

 Pearl Laser Before and After Photo

Photo #1

Natasha had the pearl laser done combined with IPL and the result was all her freckles peeled off her face leaving her face a nice smooth pearl color.

Before the treatment

The main reason why people have a pearl laser treatment is to rejuvenate their skin by peeling off the top layer of dead unwanted skin. The pearl laser is an awesome anti-aging treatment for any part of the body especially for the face where most people are self-conscious of. Everyone should check reviews of the pearl laser on the Internet so they can have an idea of what to expect and be weary of. Before a pearl laser treatment you must take a look at the before, during and after photo to get an idea of what you’ll look like a day after the treatment. The treated skin will start to die, peel and flake off and you might smell a sort of burning of your skin a day after the pearl laser treatment. If you do decide to go through with a peal laser on your face make sure that your cosmetic doctor is experienced and has done plenty of treatments on patients and can show you before and after photos. A pearl laser can be dangerous in the wrong hands and can leave blisters, pigment scarring, burns, eye damage, sores or more this is why you must enquire if the cosmetic doctor or physician has expertise. Most medical experts such as cosmetic and plastic surgeons consider this new laser to be very safe and not invasive as long as the person performing the treatment knows what they are doing. You should be advised by the doctor that the laser is prone to provoking acne flares if you are prone to getting them. A pearl laser has the ability to make your face look 15 years younger with a successful treatment or two. The demand for the pearl laser by cosmetic physicians in the United States was so high upon first introduction that it had to be delayed because the manufacturer struggled to meet demand. If you plan on having a pearl laser treatment you should expect at least three days of downtime and plan to be at home for that period because you may look awful for a while, this is the worst drawback of the pearl laser but the majority of patients who undergo it say they would do it again. Your surgeon/physician will advise you that you will be in pain during and after the procedure and to expect in.

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The second the cosmetic surgeon finishes the treatment and says it’s finished you’ll be so pleased it’s all over and just want to get out of there because of the pain you went through and you’ll be wondering why you paid so much money to go through pain without seeing the end result. The anesthetic hopefully wouldn’t have worn off before the end of the treatment. Your face will look red and look like there is ash on it. The doctor would have given you cream to apply regularly for optimum results and you should follow his/her instructions. The next day you look in the mirror you will look awful and hate looking at yourself. It may be painful for you to move your face and show normal expressions like smiling because it will hurt the skin around your mouth and nose. It is advised to take a few days off work so you don’t scare people and make them think you have something like leprosy. The evening after your treatment your skin will feel like it’s raw. You will wake up with the pillow being full of dead skin for a couple of days and will probably find the best position to sleep in is not face down but with your hair to the pillow because rubbing your skin on the pillow will no doubt hurt quite a lot. A few days after the pearl laser the worst is pretty much over and just be sure to know that it will only get better. A week after your treatment ninety five percent of the dead skin would have peeled off and fresh new skin would have formed. You must be sure to wear sunscreen now for a few months when being exposed to the sun because your new skin is still fragile it’s best to protect it now.


The average cost of a pearl laser treatment is around $1,100. The cost will vary of course where you have it done, what clinic you’ll have it done at and how long the treatment lasts.


After spending heaps of time surfing and sunbathing when I was in my teens, I started to develop these brown blotches on my cheeks and around my eyes. I wasn’t sure what they were at first and then discovered they’re actually brown spots from the sun. Nearly all my life I had a perfect complexion (apart from some tiny freckles on my nose), so you could imagine my surprises when something just shows up and disturbs the peace.  I had one pearl laser session and the discoloration has disappeared. Phew…

Submitted by Nicole on March 22, 2012

YouTube video

This YouTube video is off the television series “The Doctors”, it shows the effects of how the pearl laser works and is used.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Pearl Laser #2

Photo #2

Patrica had the pearl laser performed on her chest/bikini area. The treatment helped remove the freckles on her chest with great results. If she were to get another treatment they would all surely disappear.

Before and After Photo: Pearl Laser #3

Photo #3

Jolene had the pearl laser done on her cheeks, nose and forehead in hopes that it would remove the freckles in those areas. It proved to do a good job and the majority of the freckles are now gone off her face where she wanted them gone.

Before and After: Pearl Laser #4

Photo #4

Iva got the pearl laser done on her whole face in hopes that it would reduce the amount of wrinkles and rejuvenate her skin. The pearl laser proved to do a good job in the after photo which was taken a week and a half later.

Before and After Photo: Pearl Laser #5

Photo #5

Christa chose the pearl laser because she saw it on “The Doctors” show and hoped that it would make her skin look much younger. After the treatment you can see Christa’s skin is looking much younger and youthful. She loves her new face now and never regretted having the treatment done. She even gets compliments at work on looking younger than she is.

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Comment from Orlando
Time May 4, 2012 at 9:55 am

Ever since I was small, I had orange freckles all over my face. I’m a red head naturally so I guess it comes with the territory. One day my girlfriend suggested I try and get rid of them. I didn’t even think it was possible. After one pearl laser session I can see most of them have faded away and my face is so much clearer now.

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