Spray Tan Before and After

February 13, 2012

Spray tanning is a safe alternative to sunbathing. A spray tan is an artificial form of darkening the skin to make it look more alive, sexy and beautiful. Tens of thousands of women have regular spray tans and pay small fees to be members of spray tan salons to have their spray tans done. It is probably the quickest alternative out there in terms of making your skin look darker.

With a spray tan, you are darkening your skin with chemicals. At least this way, you won’t expose your skin to sun damage and you won’t have to put up with peeling skin after sunburn. When you sunbathe, you are aging your skin and making it prone to all sorts of blemishes such as age spots. Having the spray is also safer than a tanning bed, since these also emit UV rays, which are not good for your skin and can even cause skin cancer. After you have your whole body done, you actually feel a lot healthier (because you look it). Clothes suit you better and you turn more heads as well. Just go about it safely and research your options carefully.

Before and after photo

Before and After Photo: Selena Welte has a spray tan done with outstanding results. She shows you the after effects in the after photos.

Photo #1
Selena Has a spray tan done. You can see the amazing effects only 10 minutes after the spray tan was done. No more tanning in the sun for hours and hours to get the same effect.

Before you get one

Before getting a spray tan you may be white like chalk and just want to add some life to your skin, everyone knows having a tan looks sexy. Some people may live in cold parts of the world where the sun barely shines a few months a year and have no other alternative than to visit a tanning salon. Others work indoors behind a computer and just can’t find the time on a weekend to hit the beach and spend several hours at a time tanning which is very unhealthy for you. People should tan at intervals of up to an hour or two and no more and those who tan for longer periods of time are at greater risk of contracting any type of skin cancer like a melanoma.

Saving up for a salon membership is not so costly if you pay weekly, that way you can visit the salon after work every day and have the perfect skin you’ve always wanted. Before spray tanning you should do a little research on what the best method is for you and your needs and avoid spray on tans as these can turn out uneven and make you look orange at its worst. If you have a friend who visits a salon many times a week and you’ve seen good results you may wish to become a member too and go together, that way you can increase your relationship and have someone to go with every time.

Be sure to check salon reviews on the Internet before signing up for a weekly debit contract. Prior to having a spray tan you would have noticed you were treated normally by people and will notice the difference when of treatment after you get a tan. The best thing to do when you’re getting tans at a tanning salon is not to tell your friends beforehand so they think it’s natural and they’ll feel jealous when they see you’ve got so much free time to get some sun. Try plan on wearing as little as possible when you get your tan so it looks natural and you don’t get those easy to notice tanning lines. Make sure you are not pregnant when getting a spray tan as some of the effects on your child may alarm you.

More spray tan before and after photos >>>>

After having one

After having a tan you will feel more alive and beautiful just looking and standing in front of the mirror, the only thing now will be to keep it up which you will be happy to do. Make sure you get a photo before and after several tanning sessions so you can notice the difference and feel the need to go back again. Now you can feel comfortable attending a wedding or going out to the clubs with boys or girls and know you look great. Avoid exfoliating your skin after a spray tan as this will take away the color to the applied area and make it look really uneven.

Recovery, risks, complications and side effects

Be sure to write a  review about your spray tan salon on the Internet after you have it done so that others like you who are doing a little research can know what to expect. After getting a spray tan you will be glad you had it done because it is so quick and the dangers compared to other tanning methods like tanning machines and the suns UV rays are much more harmful to you. If for whatever reason you wish to remove your spray tan the best thing to do is to soak you whole body in baby oil, leave it on for several hours and then take as hot as manageable bath. Rubbing exfoliating gel on to it also helps.

Different types

There aren’t really any types of spray tans but there are different spray tan methods and solutions which all have different effects. Mostly you should be worried about the type of skin you have and how the spray will affect it. There are five different types of skin, olive being the most desired because there is very little chance of turning orange from the spray tan and it has the best results.

What about tanning pills?

These pills contain a color additive called canthaxanthin and are considered dangerous by doctors and physicians and should not be taken at all. If any of your friends or relatives are taking tanning pills please tell them to do some research online before they take anymore and they will be surprised at how many hazards there are to taking them.


It is possible to purchase a spray tan gun over eBay, they generally go between $100 and $300. Be aware that you also have to purchase a solution to put into the gun. A liter of celebrity tanning solution costs around $70. You can also easily have a spray tan at a tanning salon, a single session can cost between $25 to $70; you may want to have several sessions to get the perfect results you require


I bought a spray tan gun about five years ago and I absolutely love it. I use it on myself – my friends are always jealous of my tan. At first it think I overdid it and I looked a bit orange but now I’ve got it down pat. I even do my friend’s tan now for $25 each. It’s nice money on the side and I just love seeing the end results.

Submitted by Cindy on March 21, 2012

YouTube video

In this YouTube video you can see a lady getting her tan done at a tanning salon. You can see exactly how it works and see it’s best to have it done in your bikini if you’re a woman. The process is quite quick with a tan taking roughly 10-20 minutes to complete end. This saves you hours and hours in the sun tanning in dangerous ultraviolet rays.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Chandra Hinchey and her spray tan effects.

Photo #2

Chandra gets her spray tan and shows off the effects in the after photo. The after photo was taken five minutes after the spray tan was done. The spray tan only took 15-20 minutes.

Before and After Photo: Christian Frankhouser gets his great spray tan.

Photo #3

Christian gets his spray tan and shows it off a few hours after it’s done. Not bad Christian.

Before and After Photo: Ericka and Clinton have a spray tan done together. The effects are awesome.

Photo #4

Ericka and Clinton have a spray tan done together with wonderful effects.

Before and After Photo: Lakisha Korth gets a spray tan done and shows it off in her bikini.

Photo #5

Lakisha gets a spray tan and shows it off in her bikini in the after photo. Nice tan Lakisha, saved yourself hours tanning in the sun…

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Comment from Cindy
Time April 26, 2012 at 2:11 pm

I’ve been using my own spray tan gun for the past four years. I’ve even started doing my friends for $20 each. It’s a nice little income stream on the side, with benefits. At first my tans looked a bit orange and yes very obvious. Now i’ve learned how to apply them so they look natural.

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