Sunburn Before and After

March 2, 2012

Sunburn is what you get when you spend too much time in the sun either tanning or doing other activities like surfing or working. Sunburn ruins your skin and makes you look older if you get it often enough throughout your life. Sun damage causes aging skin which can develop age spots, wrinkles, sagging skin and even moles. Sunburn is caused by UV (ultraviolet) radiation from the sun’s rays. There are different stages of the condition with various healing durations but the worst thing the sun can give you is a melanoma, a type of skin cancer which can kill you. You get melanomas because the sun’s radiation has altered your DNA on your skin and caused cancer cells to develop.

People in general find a tan attractive because it says you’re an active person who gets out a lot and is considered sexy. A safer way of getting that nice golden brown tinge is to get a spray tan. Our skin hasn’t evolved to be 100% protected from the sun and even though being exposed to the sun gives you vitamin D; there is a thing as too much sun. It is still possible to get sunburn on a cloudy day. 9,000 people die from melanomas per year, considerably less than from nicotine but deaths no doubt.

Before and after photo

 Sunburn Before and After

Photo #1

Elisabeth shows bad sunburn on her shoulder from a tank top she was wearing when she was out in the sun.

Before you get burnt

Before you get sunburn you should always wear sunblock or sunscreen (either 15+ or 30+) if you plan on spending a lot (more than 15 minutes) of time in the sun. You must take care of your skin so you look younger in your later years and always know you have the option of getting a chemical tan. Even though spray tans aren’t the real thing they are much safer than being exposed to radiation. Be sure to wear sunglasses a hat and sunblock when going to the beach and tell your friends and family to do the same.

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Dealing with sunburn

After you get sunburnt no matter what stage it’s at you will find it difficult to have warm showers because you will feel your skin burning, the trick is to keep the skin as cool as possible. Apply moisturizing cream to your sunburn as the skin will be dehydrated because it is damaged and putting cream on your skin will help the healing process and reduce the likelihood of later developing wrinkles. Using after-sun cream is an even better option because it is designed to help you heal. If you have any alo vera plants at your house be sure to break the plant and spread the lotion contained within all over the sunburn effected area. Rubbing vitamin E oil will also help. Try avoid further sun damage by wearing long sleeved shirts and anything that will help protect the skin. If you experience headaches from sunburn take some Panadol or Ibubrofen which should help within 30 minutes. Be sure to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. If you skin begins to peel avoid peeling it off yourself with your fingers and just let it peel by itself. Take an aspirin if your sunburn is severe as this is an anti-inflammatory medication and will reduce swelling. If you have developed blisters avoid popping them and just let them deflate by themselves because your skin is designed to work this way and the fluid inside the blister made to heal the skin underneath. Do not scratch your skin if it is itchy at all costs as this will only cause further irritation. Lightly apply cream to blisters. If you have a large unwanted blister in the wrong place and do decide to pop it use a sowing needle or pin and gently puncture the edge on the blister to let the fluid drain. After you have broken the seal on a blister gently pat it dry with a gauze. Depending on how severe your sunburn is it may take up to a week for your skin to heal.


There are very cheap ways of effectively treating sunburn. You can buy a bottle of full cream milk (which will cost you around $1 to $3) and apply it to the affected skin. Leave it on for 15 minutes to work its magic and then wash it off with water. This helps to calm the skin and can even stop it from peeling. You can also buy after-sun aloe vera gel, which is about $5 to $15 per tube. Once the sun does its damage, treating sun damage like wrinkles, liver spots and moles can cost you hundreds of dollars.


I always try to wear broad spectrum sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses everywhere I go. I’m not taking any risks with my skin. I’ve seen what the sun does to your face and it’s not pretty. My mother spent years in her bikinis tanning under the sun and now she just looks like a leather couch. The minute I can feel the heat on my legs or whatever when I’m at the beach, I cover that area straight away. If I do get sunburnt, which is hardly ever, I use tonnes of moisturizing cream and fresh aloe vera plant.

Submitted by Shona on March 22, 2012

YouTube video

In this YouTube video two ladies show quick remedies for bad sunburn. Remedies like milk and aloe vera and other after sun creams.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Sunburn #2

Photo #2

Woman shows off sunburn on her chest and breast area. You can see where the skin isn’t and is burnt.

Before and After Photo: Sunburn #3

Photo #3

Woman badly sunburnt.

Before and After Photo: Sunburn #4

Photo #4

Woman who got sunburnt before she went to the beach again.

Before and After Photo: Sunburn #5

Photo #5

Another woman who got sunburn at the beach. you can easily see her bikini lines.

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