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Breast Reconstruction Before and After

May 11, 2012

A breast reconstruction is the creation of natural-looking artificial breasts using plastic surgery. Having a breast reconstruction is a big decision which women face after a mastectomy (removal due to breast cancer). When you are diagnosed with cancer, it’s scary. On top of dealing with possible death, you have much to learn about the condition, […]

Breast Implant Removal Before and After

May 10, 2012

There’s a multitude of reasons why women would ask for their breast implants to be removed. Firstly, the products themselves need to be replaced. Breast implants do not have an expiry date as such, however most plastic surgeons recommend replacing them after around 15 years. Some women have been reported to leave the same ones […]

Breast Lift Before and After

May 10, 2012

A breast lift (mastopexy) is designed to elevate the position of the breast and nipple. Like the name suggests, the idea is to ‘lift the whole breast upward’. It won’t make your breasts larger or project more forward. This is what a breast augmentation does. If your boobs have lost volume and are drooping, then […]