Teeth Whitening Before and After

February 17, 2012

Teeth whitening (dental bleaching) is a cosmetic dentistry procedure commonly performed in most dentist practices and clinics. An individual is often recommended to have their teeth whitened by a dentist or they may want to have the procedure performed themselves with an at home teeth whitening kit. Before teeth whitening treatment your teeth may be dark, stained or worn out. After teeth bleaching you should see a significant improvement in the color, brightness and contrast of the color of your teeth. Teeth whitening is a $700 million dollar a year industry and it’s growing every year.

There are other ways of making your teeth look whiter. For example, getting a spray tan will make your skin darker and your teeth will appear lighter in contrast. Having a beautiful smile can really make a difference to your appearance. When you see someone with an ugly nose or big forehead but with a gorgeous smile, all those other imperfections just seem to disappear. Another thing which can totally ruin your smile is a receding gum line. This is where gum repositioning can help. If the problem is not inside your mouth, but rather wrinkles on the lips or around the mouth, then lip augmentation and dermal fillers are usually recommended. People do anything for a beautiful smile.

Before and after photo

Before and After Photo: Teeth Whitening #1
Photo #1
A noticeable difference in the color of teeth from a little stained yellow to almost glowing white.

Before the treatment

People consider their teeth probably the most important part of their smile and often people hide their teeth during photos because they are embarrassed by the color of their teeth. Many people judge others by the color of their teeth because it shows how hygienic a person is at home. Having yellow teeth may seem disgusting to you but the fact is the majority of people on earth have yellow teeth; the minority have perfectly white teeth because they really take care and pride in their appearance.

It is perfectly natural for a smoker to brush his teeth twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening and still have yellow teeth, so if you feel in to this category and want to have whiter teeth you’re not alone. It is also quite normal for only a few of your teeth, especially the ones on the side to be more yellow than your front ones, not all our 32 teeth will end up being the same color as we brush teeth unevenly and for different periods of time. You may have even heard from a close friend or relative that they have noticed you have yellow teeth and you should look at taking better care for them, that’s why you’re looking for “before and after teeth whitening” to see if the procedure or treatment is right for you and how much it can possibly help.

After the procedure

Upon having teeth whitening treatment no matter what type you should definitely see an improvement in the overall color of your teeth. Having white looking teeth whether crooked or not is surely better than having yellow or discolored teeth. Most people would say the cost of teeth whitening is worth it because it’s not really an invasive procedure and it’s much better than having a face lift or a tummy tuck. You will notice when people are looking at your face and you smile then they will take a look at your gorgeous teeth and straight away feel jealous of them. While people with white teeth show hygiene, good health and character they are still considered not normal because the normal these days is yellow. A great smile says a lot about you.

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More than 30% of the population state their concern about the look of their teeth. Close to 20% of people hide their teeth when it comes down to having their photo taken because they are embarrassed about the look of their yellowish teeth. About a quarter of people would say they generally agree with the color of their teeth and wouldn’t change anything about it. More men visit their dentist than women do statistically. Ladies believe more than men that a nice smile shows great or a warm personality while more males believe it gets you success in life because people treat you differently. More than ¼ of people believe cosmetic dentistry can and will improve the quality of your life. More and more people these days are buying teeth whitening tooth paste over regular non-whitening toothpaste. Over ¾ of people believe an unattractive smile hurts your chances of having a successful career. Almost 100% of people believe having a sexy white smile is appealing to the opposite sex.

Can I whiten myself at home or stop them from going yellow?

It is possible to whiten your own teeth at home but there are limits to these practices. The best way to whiten your teeth at home is to use whitening toothpaste and brush your teeth three times a day, once in the morning once at around 3pm and once in the evening. Brushing your gums, the inside of your mouth, your upper mouth and tongue will also help get rid of any bacteria and things which may dirty the teeth. Using a mouth-wash after brushing your teeth also helps as well as using floss (the tape, not the string) help too. When you drink water rinse your mouth out and swallow too to get rid of deposits stuck on your teeth and in your mouth. Quitting a smoking habit will surely get you whiter teeth, the only problem is quitting.

Types of teeth whitening

There are five general methods of teeth whitening. We have provided a list below of them with simple descriptions. Please be sure to consult a doctor or physician to find out which one is right for you and will have the effect you want.

Britesmile teeth whitening – This method involves using a sort of special light with a gel which whitens your teeth. The procedure is performed at a dentist clinic or office followed by at home bleaching kit if needed. This procedure is generally only suitable for adults. The gel is put on your teeth and the light is used to activate the crystals absorbing energy from the light penetrating your teeth enamel increasing the lighting effect of your overall teeth complexion. The duration of this treatment depends on how yellowish or discolored your teeth are in the first place but a treatment of just over two hours is common place. Your mouth will be sore for having it open for so long for the surgeon.

Mall teeth whitening stands and stores – Custom fitted strips worn over your teeth. Results may be seen right away. It is recommended that you return to buy more to get the full effect.

Mall bought teeth whitening strips – These strips are fitted on your upper and lower teeth. You should generally wear them for up to half an hour or more once per day depending on the brand you have used. This is a very common technique because of how easy it is to use and it generally costs less than having your teeth whitened at a dentist. The strips should stay in place and shouldn’t feel uncomfortable in your mouth. Talking is a bit awkward while you’re still wearing them. Results are usually seen in several days but it may take up to a month for the full effect to take place at which point you can stop using the strips and take care of your teeth by brushing them regularly and using mouth-wash. If you have severe discoloration then this process/treatment is used in conjunction with cosmetic dentist teeth whitening treatments especially if you have internal teeth staining.

Custom tray fit bleaching – Worn over your teeth. Small amounts of bleaching gel are applied in the tray provided and worn for several brief moments during the day. This is a method used at home and not in an office of a dentist or qualified orthodontist. An impression is created from the shape of your mouth and taken home where you are expected to wear them for several hours during the day. It is usual for this method to take full effect in around two to three weeks. The treatment requires about three return visits to a dentist. It doesn’t cost that much at all either.

Laser bleaching – This is a treatment performed at an office. It requires a whitening gel applied to the teeth before the laser does its work. The translucent gel is activated by the laser and takes effect on your teeth showing almost instant results and a bright sexy smile. The quick color change is more than likely to be noticed by those close to you so it is advised to use another method if you wish to be more discreet but it’s one of the best procedures if you want a great smile straight away.

In office Britesmile teeth whitening – This procedure also uses a special light in conjunction with a special whitening gel used by dentists. The treatment is often followed by home after care to keep the awesome smile you’ve always wanted. It usually takes only one visit but costs around $550.

Precautions before undertaking a dentist treatment

Before teeth whitening treatments are applied it’s generally a good rule to clean your gums thoroughly of tartar. If you have tartar on your gums then there is a chance that you may develop sores during or after the treatment. In most cases having a teeth cleaning is not a general or routine treatment and should only be applied once a year at maximum. Avoid any kind of teeth bleaching if you have sensitivity problems as this may make it worse and you will be in a lot of pain. Restoration treatments should be carried out on your unhealthy teeth prior to having a teeth bleaching. Make sure you are not allergic to any of the products being used before you undergo teeth whitening. Teeth bleaching is not for children and adolescents as their teeth haven’t properly matured and should not have had a chance to go yellow yet.

Is teeth whitening bad for you or unhealthy?

Teeth whitening is not considered bad for you as long as you only have the procedure performed once per year. If you have sensitive teeth you should avoid teeth whitening completely. If you also have Technicolor teeth or gum irritation please also avoid whitening of your teeth.

Does it hurt?

Yes and no. Many teeth whitening techniques can leave your teeth feeling fairly sensitive to cold and warm food and liquids. You should really consult your doctor prior to undertaking any form of teeth whitening as they are your greatest source of information.


Teeth bleaching using a laser can cost around $1000 but this varies depending on which country and city you’re in so please take the time to make a few phone calls before you rush off and have it done with the first person you find. Teeth bleaching is around the $500 mark. Whitening strips bought at the mall can cost as little as $30 for the total treatment. Teeth whitening stores charge around $50 to $200 per treatment.


I had a teeth whitening tray made up by the dentist. I decided to only get one for my top teeth. The bleaching is amazing. You only need to wear the gel for a few hours a day and it makes such a difference. The only thing is, now my bottom teeth look absolutely horrid. Time to get the lower tray I think.

Submitted by Laura on March 21, 2012

YouTube video

A YouTube video of a lady called Judy showing how she makes her teeth white. Her secret is Crest white strips (advanced).

More before and after photos

Teeth Whitening: Before and After Photo #2

Photo #2

A little stained to pearl white.

Before and After Photo: Teeth Whitening #3

Photo #3

Teeth whitening strips at it’s finest. You can really tell from the before and after photo that there is a big difference in color.

Before and After Photo: Teeth Whitening #4

Photo #4

And yet another example of teeth whitening. When looking at these results everyone wants white teeth.

Before and After: Teeth Whitening #5

Photo #5

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Comment from Cameron
Time April 18, 2012 at 2:24 pm

I tried those whitening strips that you buy at the supermarket. I can’t explained the weird feeling that I got when i had them on. I guess it was like having my teeth made of metal fillings and the strips being aluminium (but not quite that harsh). It was bearable so I endured the whole treatment but i didn’t see great results. I’m thinking of going to a dentist to get the professional trays done. I just hope they don’t cause that bizarre feeling again.

Comment from Zoe
Time April 26, 2012 at 2:20 pm

Dental trays (from the dentist’s office) are definitely the way to go. I’ve tried those strips, whitening gum, toothpaste and even those teeth whitening pens. They just don’t compare to having your own tray professionally molded, being properly diagnosed and getting the right formula. I’d never go back to anything else.

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