Thinspo Before and After

February 29, 2012

So you’re feeling fat and need some inspiration for weight loss? Thinspo is only an abbreviation for “thinsporation” which is means looking at pictures of skinny slender women to get inspired to lose weight. It’s become a cult around America to look at these photos and become motivated by the beauty of healthy women. The fact is being overweight is unhealthy and we all know it, being big is not beautiful and we know that when we look in all of today’s fashion magazines. Glossy magazines picture sexy women as being slender almost to the point of anorexic. If you are overweight no doubt your goal is to lose it and become thin again.

If you’ve put on weight recently you should try lose it as soon as possible otherwise you may need to have cosmetic or plastic surgery to have excess sagging skin removed. When we pack on a lot of fat we feel like failures and if we become morbidly obese that’s called an “Epic Fail”. So come on people there is only one thing to losing weight and that is “Burn more than you consume“, stick by it for three months and you will be surprised. You could make the consumption part easier with lap band surgery or a gastric bypass. If you have the money even consider liposuction, but only after you’ve tried to shed a few pounds on your own. We have added a perfect before and after photo below for you to judge which is sexier.

Before and after photos

Thinspo Before and After

Photo #1

In this example this girl put on a lot of weight in the after photo. Very sad really. Hopefully she will lose it one day and be back to a healthy weight again.

Why do we want to be thin?

There are many reasons why a person would seek to lose weight. The most important reason why we should seek to lose weight if we are obese is to get healthy so we don’t suffer from any complications that come with being overweight. This reason is usually not the first in our mind or convincing enough for us to take action. Statistics show being overweight increases your chance of many conditions and diseases like the different types of diabetes and increases the risk of death. Usually the main reason why we humans wish to lose weight is to look sexy and that’s how the term “thinsporation” was coined. Somehow looking at before and after pictures of people who have lost weight makes us think we can do the same too and look better. Don’t be fooled, losing weight is a hard long painstaking process that should be done the right way in order to avoid health issues. Looking good makes us feel good about ourselves and helps attract people’s attention.

Before using thinspo

Avoid starving yourself at all cost, this is the wrong way to lose weight and is very unhealthy for your body. Even though you may have seen pictures of prisoners of war who were almost starved to death and basically anorexic this is an extremely bad option. Be sure to drink lots of water and have a balanced diet getting plenty of fruit and vegetables. Try eating less than usual and aim for roughly 5 small meals a day. Exercise daily at least taking a 30 minute walk if you don’t do anything else, this will ultimately assist your blood circulation and increase your metabolism over time.

If you want to get serious about losing weight research exercising for weight loss online or even hire a personal trainer. Muscle weighs more than fat and is much harder to accumulate over time. If you’re out of shape a great thing to do is join some group exercises at a local club, that way you won’t be alone and your friends that you find will help you through your journey and push you to strive for better results every time while you’re having fun. One basic rule of thumb when eating is to only eat when you feel really hungry and only eat a small meal. Breakfast is very important and should not be missed even though you may not be a breakfast person.

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Coping with depression of being overweight

Many people suffer from depression all over the world and aren’t even aware of it. Being overweight and feeling bad about yourself lowers self-esteem and confidence to do something about it because it’s a task that takes a long time and we just don’t feel we have it in us to go through. The trick is to not think about it and change your lifestyle because if you always do what you’ve been doing you’ll always be who you are. Do things that make you happy and be social as we are all social creatures. Anythings possible if you only try hard enough and stick to it. If you feel you just can’t shake the depression over time and need help you may see your local doctor to give you some medication aimed at anxiety and depression like Lexapro or Cymbalta. Hang around people who bring out the best in you at all times. If you don’t try than you’ve already failed. Perhaps even say to yourself when I manage to shake 10 pounds or kilos I’m going to eat my whole favorite pizza all by myself in one sitting, trust me when it comes down to that day you won’t ever by that pizza because you know you’ll just have to lose the weight again and that will make you even more motivated.

The morbidly obese after thinspo

If you are so overweight to the point where exercise is a problem, you may want to consider having a gastric bypass. A gastric bypass tightens your stomach so you feel fuller much more quickly and don’t end up overeating. It is clinically proven to help those who suffer from either obesity or morbid obesity. Liposuction will not help you because with the amount of food you are eating at the moment you will back to your normal weight within a few months if there is no change. The only positive with being very obese is that it is quite easy to lose weight quickly, but don’t make the mistake of losing it too quickly or you will end up developing unwanted unsightly sagging skin where you will have no other choice but cosmetic or plastic surgery to remove. If you are stuck at home the majority of you time then do your best to get out and get some sun, it will make you feel better as well as give you vitamin D.

Things to absolutely avoid when on the path of weight loss

Definitely avoid starving yourself at all costs, this is not the right way to lose weight. Avoid smoking as this makes you tired and depletes you of vital energy you should be using to exercise, it also clogs up your arteries with fat and reduces blood circulation throughout the body. Stay away from all junk food, Subway is fine as long as you don’t eat a whole 12 inch by yourself in one sitting with a large coke right afterwards. Stay clear of alcohol as well, this is because it is very fattening and is give priority when it comes to metabolizing it. Don’t waste your time with people who only bring you down, this will kill your mood, self-esteem and confidence; you want to stay around positive people as much as possible. Don’t stay on your bum all day watching television, take advantage of your free time by going for a walk around the neighborhood or going for a bike ride in your local area. Don’t make an exercise plan that you will fail in a few days because it’s too much of a change for you, start slowly and increase the workload periodically. One main thing to always steer clear of is sugar.


Usually to hire a life coach to get inspired will cost you a fortune. But this type of motivation won’t cost you a cent. Just an Internet connection, or even a magazine subscription and you’re set.


I think this new phenomenon may actually work. I’m a 28 year old “sexy but big” woman. I’ve been getting into this thinspo deal lately by looking at beautiful thin women on the net. I’m not a lesbian but whoa do they give you some incentive to work out. I haven’t always been big so I guess it’s a bonus because I know I can lose the weight. I feel sorry for people that try so hard and still look huge. In the past week I’ve been walking nearly three times. I haven’t started a mass diet yet but I’ve just cut out my biscuits and chocolate. I’m a chocoholic so that was really hard. I know if I push myself too hard to start with, I won’t stick to it. So my plan is to start off slow and gradually build up my stamina. Wish me luck!

Submitted by Abbey on March 22, 2012

YouTube video

This is a documentary YouTube video of a girl with an obsession for thinsporation.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: Thinspo #2

Photo #2

In the photo above the thing girl also put on a lot of weight in the after photo.

Before and After Photo: Thinspo #3

Photo #3

This is a backwards photo of a before and after weight loss picture from an article on “Women’s Day”.

Before and After Photo: Thinspo #4

Photo #4

A picture of a skinny man putting on weight in his after photo…

Before and After Photo: Thinspo #5

Photo #5

This man also put on a lot of weight within the space of half a year.

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