X-ray Before and After

February 13, 2012

Medical x-rays, radiology or radiography are computer aided diagnosis to view parts of the human body almost transparently to determine density and composition of objects within. Viewing x-ray before and after screens is used to determine how much a change there has been since the original x-ray and whether it’s a good or bad outcome. The x-ray machine uses heterogeneous beams to be projected at a body part to capture its density such as calcium (used to tell how healthy bones are) strength.
X-rays are essential in some types of plastic surgery such as craniofacial surgery, rhinoplasty or even cheekbone reduction. If the surgeon’s going to be making changes to the shape of your face, he needs to see where your tissues end and your bones start. The imaging may not be necessary in all cases, but usually where a reduction is required, that’s where an x-ray will be ordered. Other instances where radiology may be needed is if you feel you have carpal tunnel syndrome  or you want some type of weight loss surgery like a gastric bypass. It’s not really necessary for superficial treatments like wrinkle injections or dermal fillers. On a less serious note, some people get x-rays just for kicks or to prove a point (like Kim Kardashian trying to prove that her bottom is in face real and remains untouched by doctors, or Johnny Knoxville getting the doc to assess the toy car up his rectum).

Before and after photo

Before and After X-ray

Photo #1

Is having one bad for you?

X-rays are a miracle of medicine; this is because they allow doctors to see internal problems within you that they might fear you have. In some cases having an x-ray the same day your doctor asks you to can save your life. X-rays are a form of ionized radiation; this can lead to unnatural mutations and reactions inside your cells. Having an x-ray is not dangerous for you or there would be no such thing. However having a hundred x-rays a day would be harmful to your health so there is little chance of any harm if you have one per week or even day.

Some doctors stipulate there is no such thing as a risk free x-ray as even the weakest dose of ionized radiation can cause unrepairable cell mutation. Physicians understand the risks when it comes to x-rays and determine that the risks are worth it because, for example, you could have severe internal injuries that they need to see in order to provide proper care.

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Before radiology

Before getting an x-ray you should take all your jewelery off. Try getting the x-ray as soon as possible so your doctor may get the results and diagnose whether you have a problem or not or require immediate surgery.

After you get one

After having an x-ray performed you will have to visit your referring surgeon/doctor/physician to get the results of the x-ray to see if there is further treatment such as surgery required.

Different types

There are 12 types of x-rays a patient can have and for which advanced machines have been built for. The list below details and describes the most common types:

Cost for cosmetic surgery reasons

Some doctors will combine the x-ray fees with the whole quote for the procedure. However, if you end up having the imaging and don’t proceed with your surgery, you will most likely be charged for the radiology costs. This can be around $125 to $250 depending on the area being x-rayed.


I had to get an x-ray of my teeth to get my wisdom teeth out. The machine started on the left and went all around to the right of my head. After I got the documents, you could see that my wisdom teeth were growing toward my other teeth. It looked pretty weird and I could also see all the fillings. My mom told me x-rays are bad for you and can give you cancer so I hope they’ve updated technology since her days.

Submitted by Emma on March 21, 2012

YouTube video

This YouTube video shows Dr. Rich Benjamin explain to his audience that it’s important for children to get under chiropractic care as soon as possible while they are young so their bones and spine can heal if they are experiencing problems with them at the moment.

More before and after photos

Before and After Photo: X-ray

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Before and After Photo: X-ray #3

Photo #3

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Comment from Carly
Time April 26, 2012 at 2:09 pm

I had a x-ray done before I had my wisdom teeth out. I was amazed at how much the technology picks up. You could see my fillings and nerves. The weirdest thing was seeing my impacted wisdom teeth. They were actually horizontal, growing toward the others. Wish I had xray vision.

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